The Archer's Daughter

*WARNING there is some cussing but not much and there is some violence, but no drugs or anthing else, just people getting punched and shot at with arrows*
In Starling City there are now three heroes, Oliver, Roy and now Jade. Jade meets some new people and some old enemies resurface.


9. Sacrifice (not the killing kind)

I'm laying on the couch after the visit to the hospital. I hear some people at the door. "Momma, there's some people here." I shout weakly. Mom shouts something I can't hear, so against Doctor's orders I get up and get the door. Two men with hoods pulled over their heads stand on our porch. One asks, "Where the hell is our money and your dad, Deuce?". You've gotta be f***ing kidding me! "I don't f***ing know, Gage! I don't f***ing know!!" I shout and then slam the door. I see Shawna, who's about six, come running to me. I tell her, "You and Momma go hide somewhere. Somewhere that these people can't find you.".

I hear voices and smell antiseptic. Where the h*ll am I? I think to myself. I hope I'm not at the hospital. I hear familiar voices, but I dare not move. I hear Shawna screaming and crying, Felicity and Roy trying to comfort her. Diggle and Oliver are talking about something that I don't understand. 

I tell Shawna to hide. She grabs Momma's hand and they take off to the basement. I run to Dad's study, open the gun case, grab the .20 gauge, place about two shells in each barrel, and grab about ten or twelve more in my jeans pocket. I prime the gun, hide behind the wall and wait. About three minutes later; the door is kicked off it's hinges, the guys come in. One shouts, "Dax, where the hell did she go!?!". I wait like Dad taught me to last year. I hear them in the living room. I wait another three seconds, then I shoot once. Then I take off running.  I hear Dax shout again, "What the hell was that!". I continue to run, I double back to the gun case. I grab two .45 colts and load each to max capacity with 230gr FMJ bullets, I grab the clip belt Dad got, and put four extra clips in it. I tie a bandana are my forehead. This was going to be a f***ing all out war.

I stand in the hall and shout, "Hey a**holes, looking for me!". "Gage, that's her. Go get her!". Dax says and Gage replies, "On it, Dax!". I blow a hole in the floor the size of a quarter. Gage stops short in front of me. I put my earphones in and "Bullets in the Gun" starts playing (I left my iPod in Dad's study so I grabbed it when I went and got the .45 colts) and I take a deep breath. Gage comes at me so I start firing and deliberatley missing him. I bolted as soon as he was ten feet from me and as the last bit of "Bullets in the Gun" plays.

We continue like this until I see Dax come up from the basement with Shawna and Momma. Gage looks back at Dax and says, "Good work.".  I see Shawna "crying". I drop to my knees and try not to let Momma, Gage or Dax see that I slid one of the 45 colts to Shawna. Shawna, being only six, still hides it  behind her tiny body. I keep the other .45 I have pointed at Gage and say, "Leave them the hell alone. This is between you, me and Dax. You wanna know where the f***ing money is? Well your looking at what the f**k it went to.".

Gage says, "No, the money is still in the house.". I prime my .45 and say, "To hell it is. The f***ing money went to me for surgery. That's why my father stole it when you guys were robbing the bank.". Gage and Dax stare at me.

I hear beeping, screaming and crying. I hear Felicity say, "It's just the monitor. There fixed.".

"You're kidding right, Deuce?" Gage asks a bit irritated. Shawna has primed the .45 I slid to her, keeping it behind her. "Hell no, I ain't kidding.". I lower my right hand and make some signals to Shawna. Gage asks reall irritated, "The hell you doing, Deuce?".  I hear Shawna shout, "Her name aint f***ing Deuce! It's Jade!". Momma and I gasp. Shawna never uses bad language or points a gun at anyone. 

I fire at Gage, hitting him in the shoulder,then I fire again and hit him in the leg. Shawna mocks my actions and hits Dax in the same places I hit Gage. I tell her, "Give me the gun and then run and call 9-1-1. Remember 9-1-1.". Momma becomes sane enough to hold the other .45 to help me keep Gage and Dax down (They're  too afraid to get shot again). I hear Shawna on the phone with the 911 operator, "You need to send some police to our house. Some bad men trying to hurt us.  Yes, yes 2123 Coldberg Way. Yes, please hurry.". I can tell the operator told her to hang up, because she rejoins us. I run back to Dad's study and replace everything except the .45 colts, since they were the main weapons that were used. 

The police come and call in some ambulances. They question Shawna and I, and we each give the exact same story with different versions, mine being that they came looking for money, our father, and nearly succeeded in hurting us. Shawna's was similar starting with me telling them to hide, hiding in the basement until Dax found them, then she and I firing the pistols. I used eight bullets (including the two lodged in Gage's shoulder and leg) and Shawna used two (the ones she used to injure Dax). Momma backs up both stories, even adding in the part about her helping me and Shawna calling 911. About three weeks later Momma's mental health goes down really bad. I get up and walk down the steps. I stop in the kitchen and see Momma curled in a ball and hear her screaming, "MAMA, I'M SORRY!" and "MAMA, DON'T HIT ME PLEASE I DIDN'T MEAN TO DO IT!".  I run over to her and shake her, BAD IDEA. Momma opens her eyes and screams at me "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" then she slaps me, HARD. Fighting back tears I scream at her ,"MOMMA, IT'S ME JADE!!! SNAP OUT OF IT!". She snaps out of it and looks at me, then whispers, "I'm sorry, Baby Girl.".

I get up and find the phone number our Aunt left for us to call, her boss and the 911 operators okayed it,  if we needed an ambulance fast. I tell my Aunt that Momma needs help. Aunt Trina and the rescue crew she works for are there along with social services. The social services lady says, "My name is Ms. Knight, I'm from the social services and child protective services office.  Mind telling me what happened?". 

I say, "Two men came and were asking for money, I defended the family by using some of our Dad's guns. If the men try to press charges I won't accept them, I used the guns in self defense, aks the police if they still persist with charges. The reason I called the rescue squad because Momma needed help. Please let Shawna stay here with me.". Ms. Knight says, "I'm sorry, Jade, we have to take Shawna.You can either be placed in foster care with her or live out on the streets, those are really your only two options.". I tell Ms. Knight, "Take Shawna to a good place, I'm pretty sure I can survive on the streets.". One word hung on my mind as I packed for my new life on the streets; Sacrifice. That what I just did, I sacrificed a life living in a foster home with Shawna. I sacrificed the warmth of a home that would love me. I sacrificed everything I knew to keep Gage and Dax from hurting us.

My mind does a mini version of the court room, the alley, the first fight between Oliver and I, Oliver telling me about the island the first time, the fun time/fight at Verdant, and the final fight with the Hellfire Force. I bolt into a sitting position, breathing heavily. Shawna jumps for joy when she sees I'm awake. My first question, "Where the hell am I?".  Oliver laughs and says, "You still have a sense of humor. We're back at the club, well underneath, in the lair.". My second question, "What the hell happened?".

Roy says, "Oliver came to check in on you and Shawna, you weren't in your room, we followed Shawna, We watched Shawna be dragged by Zeus. You already knoww that I used some arrows, the ones that went by your head?, and then helped you fight. Zeus was going to do something and you tackled him. You fought him on the ground as I helped get Shawna away. Zeus shot you. You fell back and used my bow and arrow set to pin him to a tree. After that you blacked out from a huge loss of blood, Oliver came and got you, carried you to the car we used. Shawna began crying, and yes we brought her here to the lair. She said she could keep a secret as long as Thea and I watched a bunch of movies with her and it's a good thing you and Oliver have the same blood type.". Oliver says, "Long story for another time.". 

Felicity, while looking at the floor, says, "You kept saying 'Sacrifice' while you were unconscious.".  "I kept saying that because, I sacrificed what could have been for what I had done. I'm sorry, Shawna, for not going with you.". Shawna says, "It's okay, Jade. You wouldn't have become who you are today if you didn't". She hugs me gently, then goes over to Felicity. Oliver says, "You may have disobeyed orders but you saved many lives.".


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