The Archer's Daughter

*WARNING there is some cussing but not much and there is some violence, but no drugs or anthing else, just people getting punched and shot at with arrows*
In Starling City there are now three heroes, Oliver, Roy and now Jade. Jade meets some new people and some old enemies resurface.


11. New Friends, Old Enemies

Oliver and I trained with Roy until we heard Thea shouting, "I don't know where the hell my brother is! What does this have to do with him, Officer Lance? Are others involved in whatever the hell your accusing Oliver of?". I looked at Oliver and he nods. We calmly walk upstairs to find Thea talking to Officer Lance, Laurel, a few guys off of the force and two new people.

"What's the problem, Officer Lance? What do you need me for?" Oliver says. Officer Lance jumps when he hears Oliver.  I can see the look of distrust in Officer Lance's eyes and calmly say, "Good afternoon, Officer Lance, I'm Jade. May I ask why Thea went off on you earlier? Maybe I can be of assistance?". Officer Lance doesn't say anything, but the other two look at me and Oliver.

One has blonde hair, gray eyes, is very muscular and tall. The other one has red hair, green eyes and is similar to the blonde girl in height. The boy walks over to me ans introduces himself, "Officer Wally West, at your service, Ms. Hawkes.". I nod to Officer West and then the girl, I assume she's his partner comes up and says, "Detective Becca West, Ms. Hawkes.". I nod to Detective West, but then ask, "Are you brother and sister or..?". Detective West says, "Wally is my husband and we moved here four years ago.". I nod my head and ask again, "What's the problem?".  Officer West laughs at that comment, but is elbowed in the ribs by Becca.

Officer Lance says, "Detective Becca and Officer Wally are going to be helping with security around here and we were just wanting to know if Oliver was okay with that.".  I translate that to, 'They're going to be snooping around and helping with security'. Oliver says, "I'm fine with it as long as Jade's fine with it, Thea too.".

"I'm fine as long as Wally doesn't get in my way as a bouncer or when I'm training for kickboxing." I say. Thea says, "I'm fine as long as you two agree to Jade's conditions. Oh and Jade, your not a bouncer anymore, I thought you'd like to have a more behind the scenes job; You and my brother are heads of security.".  Oliver nods his head and tells Thea, "Thanks.". Officer Lance says, "Well that works perfectly. Now I must go, I have police work to do.". 

Once Officer Lance leaves Becca and Wally begin talking to Oliver, Thea and Roy. I look at eveybody and say, "Um, anything I should  know, like why your all friendly? Didn't we just meet Detective and Officer West?". Oliver looks at me and says, "Becca and Wally are some of our good friends.". I could tell there's something that Oliver's not telling me. I look at Oliver and then to Becca and Wally. They seem nice enough, and Oliver trust them so I trust them.

The next couple of days fly by with ease, mostly because Oliver, Roy and I have been training during the day instead of at night like we'd usually do. Becca and Wally have kept their promise and have stayed out of my way for a while. To make the kickboxing thing true, Oliver enrolled me in a few mock MMA fights. I was just finishing working with the punching bag when Roy comes in ands says, "Ya gotta fight scheduled for Saturday. Oliver is taking us to go see a movie at the theater tonight, so Shawna and Thea are coming along, as are Becca and Wally.". Landing a final kick on the punching bag I call it a day.

"What's the movie?" I ask out of curiosity.Roy looks at me and says, "The Avengers.". I look at Roy and then nearly scream with excitment, "I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO SEE THAT MOVIE SINCE LAST MONTH! WE HAVE TO GO!". Roy smiled and said, "We're just waiting on you, Jade. I really have to think of a nick name for you, too.". I punch Roy's arm out of friendliness and then run up stairs and back to the Mansion (I do this everyday now for cardio).  I open the door to find Shawna waiting for me, still in her pj's. I look at her and say, "Go get dressed, we're going to the movies, but it's rated PG-13 and your going anyway.". Shawna smiles and then says, "I'm going to race you upstairs, Sissy.". 

We both run upstairs, but I run into Oliver. He says, "Movie's not until 10:30 tonight. You'll be able to do some stuff and then we can leave. Did Roy tell you who all's coming?". I nod my head and walk into mine and Shawna's room.I grab a pair of jean shorts and an IronMan t-shirt, take a quick shower, change clothes and run back down the stairs. ONce I'm downstairs I see Becca and Wally in normal clothes. Thea, Roy, Shawna and Oliver join us.

"Are we ready to leave?" I ask. Everyone nods, but Wally says, "There are seven of us and I don't know how many cars.". I look at everyone in the group, but say nothing. Oliver says, "We can have Diggle drive us in the limo, but drop us off at somewhere near the theater.". We all nodded our heads and then left in the limo. The whole drive is quiet, so when we have Diggle pull into the nearest restaurant nobody says anything except Oliver, "Thanks Diggle.".  Once inside the theater Oliver buys everbodys tickets then the popcorn and drinks. We find seats in the back and just sit and watch the movie.

About two hours later we walk out and back towards the restaurant where Diggle is. Halfway there some guys decide to jump us. Oliver pushes Shawna and Thea behind us, while Roy, Becca and Wally stand beside us. 

"Well, well if it ain't Deuce and her band of misfits." one of the guys says. The other one says, "We're working for some friends of yours, Deuce, I believe they call themselves the Hellfire Force?".  Becca shouts, "Leave Jade be.". I think to myself, Who are these guys and why are they calling me Deuce, then Oliver pushes me behind him. Oliver shouts, "We don't want trouble, so leave.". I finally piece together who these two are; Gage and Dax.  

Gage looks at me and then says, "Deuce has to hide behind someone now, Dax, guess she's not as tough as she used to be.". Becca can see the fear in my eyes, so she pulls out her police issued gun and Wally does the same. Becca says, "Detective West and Officer West of Starling City PD. I suggest you freeze and put down your weapons.". Dax steps back and says to Gage, "Zeus and Duncan didn't say anything about police officers! Let's get the hell outta here, Bro.".

Gage doesn't say anything yet, but as he turns and leaves he says, "One of these days, Deuce, when your alone I will get you.". He and Dax take off running in the opposite direction. Gage and Dax are back, I assume that Zeus some how broke Duncan outta jail and now they're after me. As if Oliver had read my mind he says, "They won't lay a damn finger on you, my little fighter. If the do, I'll have them arrested.".

Oliver looks at Becca and Wally, then he says, "I need you to do some protection detail. Don't worry about needing back up, as I speak, The Hood is making plans to help you from a safe distance.". I stare at everybody and think, They're ready to put there lives on the line for me. Then I think, I've made some new friends, but old enemies have returned too.

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