The Archer's Daughter

*WARNING there is some cussing but not much and there is some violence, but no drugs or anthing else, just people getting punched and shot at with arrows*
In Starling City there are now three heroes, Oliver, Roy and now Jade. Jade meets some new people and some old enemies resurface.


8. Disobeying Orders and Saving Lives

It's been a couple of days since the incident at Verdant, and Thea beefed up security with yours truly  as one of the new bouncers. I've already kicked atleast fifteen people outta here. Another perk is that Felicity agreed to come and work as Shawna's "babysitter" since Oliver and Thea's mom couldn't and Roy's working. I'm about to throw another guy out when he says, "I've got information on The Hellfire Force.". I look to see if Thea's watching and I leave my post, dragging the guy with me. I slam him against the wall and growl, "Whadaya know?!?!". He says, "The hideout is at 1245 Harlem Drive, it's an abandoned warehouse, Zeus doesn't think anyone will find it.". I do my coyote smile and say, "Thanks." finally I walk back to the entrance and throw him out. I turn around and see Thea standing there. "Why did you leave you post?" she asks. "A guy wouldn't leave so I..." I think and then make a fist and say, "...had to rough him up abit. Hope you're not too mad.". "I'm not mad, just becareful in "roughing up" people that don't belong here." she says. I nod. Then Thea says, "You've worked hard enough this week, you can have the rest of the night off, and I think Oliver needs some help with something.". "Where is Oliver by the way?". "Back at the house...don't worry he took Shawna home after she and Felicity went shopping. I believe Shawna picked out some jewelry for you.". "Thank you, Thea, for everything.".

I arrive at the mansion thirty minutes later. Oliver and Shawna are in the kitchen, so I stand in the door frame and listen, they were doing the question game that I taught her, I heard, "What's your favorite color?" (Shawna), "Green." (Oliver) and it continues until Shawna hears me laugh. She gets a big smile on her face and runs over to me. "Sissy! Sissy! Your home!" she says. "Where you a good girl for Felicity while you went shopping? An more importantly did you have fun?". "Yes, Felicity and I had a great time! We got clothes and jewelry, I even got a stuffed bear! Oh we got you something to.". She releases me from her hug and runs off to our room.

Oliver quickly says, "I know what your thinking, this is an order; STAY AWAY FROM THE HELLFIRE FORCE HIDE OUT.". Shawna comes back with a bag from my favorite store, Claire's, and says, "This is for you.". I look in the bag and find, a set of earrings, a necklace, a purpurle bracelet and...a green one? I look and the jewelry and Shawna quickly says, "Oliver said for Felicity to pick something out that he wanted to give you, for your hard work at the club.". "Thank you, both." I say with a smile. Shawna leaves as soon as Roy walks in the door. He takes Shawna to the living room to watch the latest Scooby Doo movie that I taped on the DVR.

Roy comes back in and asks, "Do we have popcorn?". I reply, "Top cabinet, second shelf; there's microwavable, those tin cans with like four different kinds, also there's stove top and kettle corn types.". Oliver stares at me then he asks, "How did you know that?". "In my spare time, I explore the house and grounds." I say, but mean, I scope out the place for enemies, and/or enemy tech. "Okay just remember you order, Jade.". It's midnight when I bolt into a sitting, damn nightmares.

I look over to Shawna who's curled up and sleeping on the other side. I toss the covers off me and swing my legs over my side and let my feet touch the floor. I look at the otepad on my phone; the numbers 5-8-6-2 are written in bold. That's my code to lock and unlock the door to the Lair. I swap out pj's for a shirt, hoodie, jeans and combat boots. I pull the hood up and drop out the second story window.  I head out to Harlem Drive after retrieving some supplies from the Lair.

(Shawna's POV*

I felt the covers be thrown back. I also hear Jade get up and jump out the window. I should get Roy or Oliver up, but I walkl out the bedroom door. I begin to run as fast as my eight year old legs will let me. I can see Jade  sprinting out to Harlem Drive. She stops at an old warehouse. Three or four guys surround her. She begins talking to them. I want to scream but a hand covers my mouth and then the person drags me to where Jade is.).

I see someone dragging Shawna over to me. He says, "Who the hell is this?!?" then shoves Shawna to the ground. I grab the tampering bar from its holder on my back. I scream at the guy, "LEAVE HER THE HELL ALONE! SHE'S JUST A KID!". Shawna gets up and runs behind me. I hear an arrow go by my head. I grab Shawna and pull her down as I hear another arrow go by my head.  "Stay down!" I hiss at her. I get back up and use the same fighting style I used at Verdant, with a few extra moves I've learned as a bouncer.

I knock out a guy as one of our saviors reveal themselves and begins fighting with me. I glance over at him to see he's wearing red; Roy. I hear Shawna scream; shit it's Zeus. I run full force and tackle him. We wrestle on the ground and then I hear a BANG. I fall back, my breathing becomes heavier.  I grab my shoulder, and feel blood. Roy has set his bow and arrows down to help get Shawna away. I notch an arrow, aim it at Zeus's hood, and let it fly. The arrow snags his hood and pins him to a tree.

I drop to my knees, exhausted from the fight. The last thing I see is Oliver as Arrow running over to me.


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