The Archer's Daughter

*WARNING there is some cussing but not much and there is some violence, but no drugs or anthing else, just people getting punched and shot at with arrows*
In Starling City there are now three heroes, Oliver, Roy and now Jade. Jade meets some new people and some old enemies resurface.


3. Confrontation

I've been visiting Shawna for the past few days, I've even set in on some of the family dinners. Anyway I stand on the roof top of Ginger's Groceries. I wait for the last employee to leave and take action. I use an high tech arrow, like that of what Hawkeye from The Avengers might use, to disable the security system. I get in and get out with ease, well almost with ease. Standing there leaning against one of the vents is a guy gressed like me. I sling the book bag over my shoulders and then begin walking towards the fire escape when the guy intercepts me.

"Look I don't want any trouble. I'm just trying to feed..." I stop midsentence not wanting to give away any vital information. The guy says, "Yeah, yeah. Trying to feed yourself, I get it. Just do it the legal way.". "No can do my friend.". I punch the guy in the stomach, then I pull a knife. I don't even feel the arrow pierce my skin, I stagger back and grunt. Seeing no other escape I use a smoke bomb. About thirty minutes later I pull the arrow from my shoulder, quickly change clothes, and then head to the Queen's mansion. As I close the door I'm bombarded with an attack of hugs by my sister and Thea.

Thea places her hand on my injured shoulder, not realizing it's still bleeding until she screams ,"OMG! BLOOD!". Thea backs up and tries to get the blood off of her hand. Oliver, whose kinda concerned asks, "What happened to you?". I try to think of something when Shawna says, "She was attacked by that meanie the Vigi-" she can't pronounce the last word so I help her, "Vigilante? Is that what you were going to say, Shawna?". "Yes, thank you, Sissy!" she exclaims with a smile on her face. I suddenly fall to my knee, grunting in pain again.  

Shawna is by my side in a millisecond, she starts asking questions. I'm about to answer, when Oliver bascially takes the words right out to my mouth,"Hey, Shawna. Maybe Jade wants to rest and get cleaned up before answering questions" he then gives a sly smile and says, "Maybe Thea will play outside with you, Roy too, if you ask nicely.". Shawna turns to Roy and Thea and asks them, "Will you go play outside with me?". I'm silently begging them to say yes. Roy, sensing my distress, says, "Sure, I'll go play" then he looks at Thea and then says, "Tag!" and tags her. Shawna giggles and says, "Roy, we gotta run.". Even though Shawna's like eighty maybe even a hundred pounds, Roy picks her up and they start running with Thea right behind them. Oliver helps me up and we head to the kitchen. I remove my long sleeve shirt revealing my camouflaged camisole. I hear Oliver let out a little laugh.

I laugh and say, "What?!". "Nothing." he says still laughing. He washes the blood off first then he uses hydrogen peroxide, which as soon as it touches the wound elicits a "Damn" from me. Finally Oliver finds some gauze and pressure bandages. After he finishes I ask him, "Where'd ya learn that?". He says, "I was stranded on an island after the family yacht, The Queen's Gambit sank. I spent five freaking years on that island.".

He punches the granite counter breaking it and cutting his knuckles. "Damn.". I jump off the counter and wash the blood off his  knuckles. I put some gauze over them and then tape the gauze down. He looks at me and asks the same question I asked him. "When ya live on the streets ya pick up on things. What to avoid, who to avoid.". Then surprisingly he asks me, "What happened to your parents?".

I think back or try to at least, then I say, "Dad's in jail, Mom's in an asylum. Dad went to jail for  taking money from the bank to save my ass when I had to have a major surgery to make sure my bones could never break again. Mom went bat shit crazy when she found out that I was out on the streets; taking the law into my own hands.". About then Roy, Shawna and Thea come back inside.

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