The Archer's Daughter

*WARNING there is some cussing but not much and there is some violence, but no drugs or anthing else, just people getting punched and shot at with arrows*
In Starling City there are now three heroes, Oliver, Roy and now Jade. Jade meets some new people and some old enemies resurface.


7. Becoming Chase Shield

Roy, Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, and I hear gunshots from upstairs. In three quick seconds Oliver and Roy become Arrow and Speedy then Diggle tosses me a blue cloak and hands me a earpiece com. I hear Oliver's voice through the earpiece, "Let's suit up and go.".  The three of us go out a secret entrance that leads back up to the club. I run to a corner and take off my hood really quick, Felicity must've read my mind about the face paint, so I once again paint around my eyes blue, pull up my half mask, and pull my hood back up. I touch the earpiece and say, "Any sign of the gunman.

" I hear Oliver say, "Not yet." and Roy say, "Nothing yet, wait, I see two, no five figures standing at the DJ's area, they're standing over, shit, Thea and Shawna.". I hear Oliver say over the earpiece, "Wait, don't move yet.".  I see Oliver at another corner in the rafters, then he makes the motion for me to move. I quickly, but silently run around to where the DJ area is. I hear Roy ask over the earpiece, "What can you hear?" then I say, "They're demanding to see the owner, Thea keeps saying she's the owner, but they won't listen, Shawna is just keepin her head down, " before I continue I silently thank Shawna that she knows what to do, "They're threating to...OH GOD NO.".

Oliver's voice comes over the earpiece, "What? They're threating to do what?". I whisper, "They're threating to hurt them.". Roy and I wait for a few seconds before Oliver says, basically shouts in the earpieces, "GO!". I drop down from my spot and notch an arrow, then shout, "Leave 'em alone!". One of the five people turn around and look at me; he whispers to the leader, "Hey, um, we gotta problem, Zeus.". Shawna and Thea glance back at me, then face the crowd.

The leader, Zeus,  yells at the other guy, "What's the problem!". Behind my half mask I begin grinning like a coyote grinning at a roadrunner, then I say, "Your worst nightmare has come to life boys.". This gets Zeus's attention.  "Who are you?!?" he growls. By now Oliver and Roy join me on the "stage". Together the three of us say, "We all have secrets: the ones we keep...and the ones that are kept from us!" as I try to think of a team name, I see Shawna mouth "Three", so I say, "We are , the Arrows' Three!". I glance to my right where Roy is and catch him snickering.  "The Arrows' Three, huh, that's the stupidest name I've ever heard." Zeus says laughing, then he says seriously now, "Hey, wait..." he looks at me and Oliver, "You two are the ones that got my brother, Duncan arrested!".

Oliver whispers over the earpiece, "When I say three, you andn Roy run to the right, I'll take the left.". Oliver silently counts then whispers again into the earpiece, "Three.". Roy and I take off to the right and Oliver goes left, just in time before they opened fire. After what seems like hours but is only mere minutes, the police are there and Oliver, Roy and I have changed back to normal clothes. The police question Shawna. "Do you know who attacked you?", "No.", "Why are you here at a club, being only eight", I pray her next answer doens't land me back in court over custody, what she says surprises our little group, "I came here with my sister, Thea, Roy, and Oliver to have some fun, this club doesn't endorse drugs of any sort, so it seemed safe, when the bad guys came my sister, Oliver, and Roy went to go find one of the security guards, but they didn't, they must've passed out, cause there were three others besides the five that held Thea and I captive." I hope she doesn't say 'That's when The Arrows' Three showed up' and she doesn't.

The police mumble 'Thanks for your co-operation, Ms.' and then question Thea and get the same story. They also question Oliver, Roy and I, so we give a similar version of the story, then add that we had just woken up after being sedated, they asked 'What sedative' so I said 'Amytal' and the police said 'The only group of bandits that use Amytal is The Hellfire Force led by Zeus'. I smile at myself, now I know the name of Zeus's gang and I believe for some reason I know where they might be at.

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