The Archer's Daughter

*WARNING there is some cussing but not much and there is some violence, but no drugs or anthing else, just people getting punched and shot at with arrows*
In Starling City there are now three heroes, Oliver, Roy and now Jade. Jade meets some new people and some old enemies resurface.


5. Another Chance Meeting

I left the Queen's house about 5:30 the next morning. I hate deceiving everyone, especially, now for some odd reason Oliver, it's like he's grown on me. Let me back up a bit. It's about 5:00 in the am; I have thirty minutes to get out of here and do what I need to do. I paint around my eyes blue, and then I pull a half mask over my nose and mouth and finally throw on a black hoodie with puma emblem on the front. I run as fast as I can through the yard and down the curving drive way.  I grab my bo staff, which is actually a tampering bar, my bow and a quiver full of arrows from the bushes. I think to myself, if that guy comes at me again, I'll be ready. I'm already standing on the roof of my next target; Sam's Diner.

I get ready to do what I know to do when I hear, "HELP ME! SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE! THEY'VE KIDNAPPED MY DAUGHTER!". Whatever I'm getting myself into is way more important than, ugh, stealing food for myself. I take off in the direction of the screaming, and I finally find a young woman standing or rather leaning against a tree. I say, "Ma'am, I'm.." I think for a moment to think of a hero name..then I say, "Ma'am I'm Chase Shield. Can you tell me what happened?". "M-my da-da-daughter Sh-shelia w-w-was ki-ki-kidnapped, Sh-sh-she's ju-just se-seven.".  

She collects herself enough to say this bit of information,"I think that they where driving a white van of some sort, maybe a GMC?". "Ma'am, just stay calm and I'll go get your daughter back." I say with a smile. I take off running in the direction the lady and a few others said that the van went. I head to the only place and person that drove a white GMC gardening van; Diablo. I reach Diablo's house in ten minutes. I climb up a tree to get a better view of the second story, I also hear from below me, "You think she followed?", "Nah, she wouldn't be stupid enough to come back here after he kicked her and her sister out.", "Did he tell you how she ran away crying from the court room?".

I should have figured that "Diablo" was Duncan. I hop down from the tree and make a slight noise. "What was that?" I hear one of them ask. I make my way to the roof of the house without any problems, except for one. Him, no it wasn't Duncan, it's the guy from Ginger's Groceries. I look around and whisper, "What do you want, I'm trying to save a little girl here!". "I'm trying to help you." he hisses as I try to get through the sky light. I figure out what he means as soon as I lose my grip on the window pane and begin to fall. He grabs my forearm and keeps me from falling further, then amazingly he backflips, landing on his feet and me, well let's just say I landed on top of him. I get up and brush myself off and begin scouring through the different rooms softly calling, "Shelia".

The Vigilante copies me, calling softly and checking every room. We get to the first floor when all of a sudden I push The Vigilante behind me. He starts to ask "Why" but doesn't when I say, "Shhh". I point to the living room. He probably being about 6'7" or 6'8" easily looked over my head. He saw what I saw; Duncan and Shelia, Shelia curled up in a corner and Duncan threatening her. Some how as if reading my mind The Vigilante motions for me to move behind another wall. We keep moving around until we're directly behind Duncan and his henchmen.

The Vigilante and I whisper back and forth trying to creep them out, "Should we take 'em out now?", "No.", "When?", the whispering back and forth kinda works and then we both yelled, "BOO!". Duncan and the two henchmen jump and turn around to face us, "Who are you!" Duncan demands. I say, "Your worst damn nightmare.". The Vigilante quickly says, "So am I.". I pull the tampering bar from its holder on my back and The Vigilante notches an arrow.  In the roughest voice we both can muster we say, "Just give us the girl so we can take her back home.". Duncan sneers, "Or what?". I take the tampering bar and smash a vase. Next thing I know is The Vigilante's on the ground, "barely moving, but still breathing".

"Last chance, Duncan, give up.".  He aims his weapon at me, but it doesn't go off. Duncan collapses on the floor and standing behind him, who? what? how? It's The Vigilante. "H-h-h-ow? I sa-sa-saw y-yo-ou go d-do-own!" I stammer. He tells me that it's a trick he learned from his "camp". I walk over to Shelia and crouch down, when she sees me with my hood up she tries to scoot farther back in the corner. I take my hood down to reveal my face to her. Softly I say, "Hey.". She looks at me. I softly ask her, "Do you want to go home?". She nods, then I say softly, "I have to put my hood back up, but just know I will not hurt you." she nods again. Staying in the crouching position I put my hood up and then I pick up Shelia.

The Vigilante picks up my tampering bar, and hands it to me while I try to easily shift a now sleeping Shelia. About forty minutes later we arrived at where Shelia was originally kidnapped. The Vigilante hangs back while hand Shelia to her mom.  I leave as soon as I hear sirens.  Back on the rooftop of Sam's Diner I stand there when all of a sudden I hear the Vigilante say, "Good work, Jade.". 

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