Aaliyah and the 5 new kids

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3. the office


After like 20 min they called classes and I have my first one with Hannah so we walked in together and everyone was in class and the teacher was about to talk when the phone rong I found it funny and giggled

"Miss bridges what's so funny" the teacher asked me in her high pitch voice I swear to god she sounds like a Mouse on hilum

"Your voice" I said straight up and the whole class laughed

"I will deal with you in a moment" she said and glared at me while she was on the phone but I was just staring at her with a smile that just pissed her off even more

"Well miss bridges you got lucky they need you Up in the office" teach told me

"Bye bitchzzz" I yelled but only to the class

"AALIYAH what did you say?!?!?" The teach yelled at me

I smiled at her and Said "oh nothing"

And I leaved her pissed as ever any way I was walkin to the office I walked in "whatever it is I didnt do it this time" I said hands up in defense

"Well hello to you to aaliyah , and your not in trouble this time but I need you to do me a favor" the lady at the desk told me I call her mis gray cause her hair

"And that isssss" i really didn't want to do anything

"I need you to show the new boys around because 1 you have all the same classes and 2 if you do I won't call your mom and dad about what happened" she said with some attuned

"Whatever I geuss how many are there?" I asked a little nervous

"Maybe like 5" she said all cool

"5!!! Really you are going to make me be with 5 boys all damn day your crazy?!?!?!?"I yelled I Hurd some gasps but I don't care at the Moment this bitch is retarted if she thinks I'm doing this

"That or I can call Kathy and jerry(aka my mom and dad)"she said with a smirk Old hag

"Fine! Were are they" I asked pissed that she conned me into this

"Well I'm glad your happy because they ride your bus to and you will have to help them fine it" she said

I really think she just needs to shut that mouth

"OK I get it soo were are they so we can get this over with" I practically yelled

"Right this way" she said all calm I swear I think she's bipolar some times

We walked in and all I saw the 5 boys from earlier and may I say the are all very rexy

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