Aaliyah and the 5 new kids

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2. the new kids


I woke up to my dad comeing in my room shaking me

"Aaliyah get up it's time for you to get ready for school" he said walking back out of my room closeing the door behind him

"Uuuggghhhhh" I moaned rolling over and layed there for god knows how long before I heard me door open again

"Aaliyah grace bridges get your ass out of bed NOW" he yelled ripping my warm and comfortable covers away from my grip

"I'm up " I yelled/groaned slipping on my glasses I sure do hate this damn things

I got up and put on my closes I was wareing dark blue jean shorts that end about mid thigh with a black tank top and a black,gray,and white plaid shirt and over the tank top and did my hair well I just brushed it and let it's flow naturally then put on my black ankle Converses you may see I'm NOT a girly girl or emo I just like the color black now I was brushing my teeth but that was kinda hard because one of my older brothers was hogin the sink

"God Zack do u really have to make your hair to perfection we are just goin to school I need to brush my teeth" I said trying to push him aside to get to the sink

"Well sorry for trying to look good" he said to me I swear his a girl he takes longer then my to get ready and is so dramatic

"Ugh whatever just hurry" I said getting really annoyed he dose this every fuckin morning and I'm gettin tired of it

After like 20 min of trying to brush my teeth I finally did and was ready because I eat my breakfast at school my dad droped me off at school I walked in to school and went to the gym to wait for them to call for breakfast I was lookin for my friends when I Hurd...

"Aaaaalllliiiyyyyaaahhhh"one of my BFFS yelled

"Hhhaannaannahh was up my nigga " I yelled back

"Not much just chillin with dis bitch ova here" Han said pointing to Sam

"Your finally here" sam said

I've known Sam and Hannah since I can remember Hannah is alittle skinner then me and has blond hair with the ends dip died pink and Sam has light long brown hair with light red tips and me I have dark purple high lights

"Ya sorry I would of been ready sooner but Zack was hogin the bathroom again" I said and rolled my eyes at the thought

"Hey did u here that there is goin to be new kids today and there from England I'm pretty sure there boys" Hannah said with a smirk because she knows I have a thing for accents

"Well maybe but if there is they will probably fall for savannah" I Said

Savannah is the most popular girl in are grade and she's dated all the boys she's skinny pretty but a bitch to me and it's been that way seens 2nd grade when I came this school and nothing's changed over the past 6 years

Just then the gym went quiet and in came two boys one had curly hair and green eyes with some black skinny jeans and a white butten up shirt and the other had brown hair with blue eyes and was wearing jeans with a blue and white striped shirt with red senders hanging around his wast and fall down on his thighs I most say they were both mighty fine I didn't even relies i was staring until.....

"Earth to aaliyah" Sam said wavin a hand in front of my face

"Hun what" I said then blushed and when i blush my face turns blood red but Han and Sammy just smirked at me and I sticked my tongue out at them

They called breakfast and we all stampeded to the cafeteria me and my two BFFS got are food and sat at are normal tabale in the back corner and started talkin and laughing and let's just say we aren't the quietest people ever then as we are getting finished with are food the big two doors opened and reveled 5 boys 2 I've already seen one with blond hair and brown root and blue eyes he wore a red shirt and brownish khakis another with chocolate brown hair with eyes to match he had a pair of light jeans with a light blue shirt (neirds) and the last had dark black hair and brown eyes wareing dark blue jeans with a white shirt and a leather jacket and it was like I blocked everything out but them there was one that I was keepin my eyes on tho I was brought back to realty but Hannah hitting my arm and then laughed at me makein me blush again I looked at him again and this time he saw me and smirked at me and I blushed again makein my friends laugh even harder

After breakfast we went back to the gym to wait for them to call for us to go to class as I was walkin in to the gym I felt eyes burning into me I turned to see then one new boys starin at me I blushed once more and sat with my friends until they called us to are first class

Edwards Pov.

I woke up to my mom shaking me and telling me it's time for school normally I would be happy to see all my friends but I don't know anyone here but the boys are with me so my mom said it will be fine

I was getting ready when my older brother harry walked in

"Now remember you are not related to me and don't know me so don't say anything to anyone k? "he said

"Yeah yeah whatever I really don't see anything special about you" I said

"Ouch love you to bro" he said and walked out of my room

After getting ready mom toke me and Lou to school the others would be here later and it was wired there they all had really weird accents and then I saw a girl staring at me and she was not beautiful but pretty and not skinny but not fat either there was somethin about her that attracted me to her

Lou's Pov.

I woke up to my big bro louis wakin my up to get ready for mine and the boys new school I leaved the closest to Ed so I just rode with him to school because Louis was to busy to take me when I got there I sawl a girl that caught my eyes the min we walked in she was looking are way as everyone eles but when everyone looked away she didn't

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