Aaliyah and the 5 new kids

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9. the fun has just started

*in my room*

"sorry it's such a mess guys" I apologize

Malk looks at me and says"I like your room it's blue"

"Why thank you young one" I said in my fancy voice

""you kno what I just realized " Lou said out of the blue (A/N hehe that rimed)

"What"we all said

"your being really nice" Lou answered looking at me

"oh....um yeah is that bad" I asked looking down at my feet

"no no no I actually like it but why?" Asked Lou

"well I always am like this but at school I'm a different person in a way I have more confidence and can do what ever"

"Makes since" says ed

"let's play a game" I say sitting on my bed

"Like what" asked mailk


"Hell yeah" they all shouted but not to loud so only the people in the room could hear it

Payne started "aaliyah truth or dare"

With out thinking I say "dare"

He smirks at me and then says something I never thought he would say

"I dare you to kiss me on the lips"

I was shocked but didn't want to be a wimp so

"ok" u said getting up walking over to him And picked him on his lips and then backed away and his face was priceless and I just burst out laughing at it and he was about to say something when I said

"ok um horan truth or dare"


"um ok do you like anyone" I asked curiously

"ya......" He says and blushes looking at his hands

"who is it" I asked scooting closer to him

"any way truth or dare Malik" he says dogging my question

"dare"He said with pride

"I dare you to kiss some one on the lips in here"

What's it with theses boys and kissing

"ok ummm I pick aaliyah"

"all right fine come here"

And then I kissed him to before dinner I had kissed all of them on the lips and they are the only boys I have ever kissed in my life but I didn't intend to tell them that

"DINNER IS READY" yells mom

"WE ARE COMEING" I yell back getting up and opening my door we all ran down the hall and into the kitchen and I felt eyes on me I turned to see the boys brothers looking at me I smiled at them a then got my food and went in the living room so I could watch tv while I ate the next thing I knew all the boys (ed,little horan, little Payne,little malk, and Lou) we're sitting all around me and they all had bigger smiles then when the first got here and everyone was looking at me

"What" I asked

They didn't say anything they just smiled and then turned back to what they were doing

*harrys Pov*

"Hey lads can I talk to you for a sec" I asked

"Sure mate" Niall replied

We all walked to the other room when I said

"You guys know how the little guys were all upset that they had to come and couldn't stay home and play video games so they were pouting"

"Yea"they all said

"Then why are they all happy now" I asked

"I think I know why" zayn said with a smirk

"And so do I" I said in the same tone

We all got a smirk and then made a plan to embarrass them just because

When we walked back in and we told Aaliyah's brothers the plan and they agreed that it would be funny we all got are food and went to the living room to see aaliyah watchin how I meet your mother and the boys looking at her from the corner of there eyes I smiled this is going to be fun

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