Aaliyah and the 5 new kids

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8. surprise

My mom opened the door and you are never going to believe who I saw....

I saw 5 boys and there parents they were

Harry styles

Louis Tomlinson

Zayn Malik

Liam Payne


Niall horan

I almost screamed but I would never fangirl like that in front of them so I just smiled and shyly said hi and everyone was looking at me weird because well I'm usually not shy when it comes to talking I'm usually the loud and crazy one that you can never shut up then my mom spoke

"Well I think I need to introduce my family this is my sons zack,josh,Nathan,Tyler ,and my daughter also my youngest aaliyah who is a big directioner" she said and I really wish she did not say that last thing

"Mmoooooommmm" I moaned and everyone laughed and I was really embarrassed and my face turned red BADLY

"Awww no need to be embarrassed love" Harry said and I just smiled and nodded

And then out of nowhere the 5 boys from earlyer popped up in the door way and they all said

"Did someone say aaliyah"

Everyone looked at them and they all had big smiles on there faces and Liam asked "you guys know aaliyah?"

Then ed said "ya we all have the same classes and we ride the bus together" and after that they pounced on me with a huge group hug and I giggled and hugged them back even tho I was on the floor I saw a camera flash and my mom had toke a picture of us and there brothers laughed and my brothers were makeing noise like "ooooohhhh aaaallliiiiiyyyyaaaahhhh" or "awwwwwwwww" and I laughed and said "hey let's go play a game do y'all like FIFA?" I asked them "can you get any better?" Asked zayn I just look at him "OF COAURE WE LIKE FIFA!" They yell

"I bet I could bet you all" I said with some sass

"Is that a challenge bridges?" Lou sasses back

" I think it was" I said running to my room and I heard 10 feet runing after me

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