Aaliyah and the 5 new kids

Just Read it


6. 5 chap.


I was on my way to are next class which is my fav because 1 the teacher mr hall lets me get away with everything and 2 I have this class with Josue ...

When I walked in the class was empty but mr hall Josue and some nerd I walked in and said hi to mr hall trying to get as close to Josue without looking like a stalker I was sitting in mr halls chair at his desk and my feet on his desk and he didn't say anything just then I got a text


Yo were are you the boys don't kno we're to go?


Im in mr halls class just bring them here


You staring at Josue again 😏




Yup that's what I thought anyways I'm comeing to drop the boys off


Mk whatever

And that was the end of the cov. And I was still sitting in mr halls desk and Josue was looking at me and he winked and I blushed and looked away and he smirked at me

And right when he was going to come over to me mr hall told him to sit down in his sit because class was starting and I went to set in my set because I could see Josue better and I just......kinda.......stared at him

Horans Pov.

"Ok guys come on" Hannah said

"Weres aaliyah" we asked

"Oh she's already in class" Hannah said and told us to go with her so we followed her to a class with some bald man as a teacher and there Was are aaliyah I smiled at her and the we said hi to the class and went to set with are aaliyah and she didn't even notice we were here I looked at her and she was staring at something or someone I looked at the boys to see if they are seeing what I am and we looked at what or who she was looking at and it was another fucking boy hell no! She's ares and no one can have her NO ONE we all were red with anger and I hit her arm but not hard to try to get her attention

Aaliyah Pov

I was brought out of my staring by a hit on my arm more like a poke tho I looked over and groaned it was the boys and they all smiled at me and I gave them a small one back and sat in class then all of the sodden I said "you know you guys remind me of 1D I'm going to call you little direction" and we all just laughed


I geuss I fell asleep or something because someone was shaking me awake I looked up to see horan smiling at me and I smiled at him he was so adorable

We all walked to the next class and nothing really interesting happend and before I know it they called us to buses as we were walking to the bus all the kids in the hall way were clearing us a path i don't know why they have never done it before so why now when I walked to the bus the boys following me when we got on the bus and it went quiet like this has happened all day and it's starting to piss me of alittle we walked to the back and sat down with everyone still staring at us and I was getting tired if it so I yelled

"Take a picture or turn the fuck around" and to my surprise people started taking pictures damn what the fuck?!

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