Aaliyah and the 5 new kids

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5. 4th chap.


When we got to class we were late oh well I really didn't care it's just another theacher that hates me anyways when we walked in all eyes were on us AGAIN ugh

"Well look how finally made it to class" mis.jackass I mean Jackson said

"Well sorry at lest I came today" I snapped back

"Take a sit or you will go to the offices again miss bridges" she said back

Then "you must be the new kids" she said to the boys they nodded

"Well you shouldn't by hangin out with aaliyah and her friends they are nothing but trouble" she said to them and it pissed me off even tho it's true

"What the fucks that suppose to mean" I yelled at her and the class went silent and looked at me

"NOW class today we we'll be learning how to fined the area of odd shapes" she said not answerin my question

The boy sat by me again oh joy sarcasm again

*all the boys talkin to each other*

(E=Ed j=Payne h=horan z=zan and L=Lou)

J: is it just me or is she hot

Z: y do u think that

J: because she has a backbone

H:L:Z: good point

E: I like her

H: yeah she's the first girl that is not scared to tell the teacher or any student off

J: I think it's sexy

E:Z:L: whatever man

H: I'm with Payne on this

Aaliyah's Pov.

The boys we're talkin while I say there and stared into space


We all were going to lunch and the boys were still following me can't they go hang with they jokes or something after getting my lunch I sat at my normal table with Hannah and sammy and I didn't think the boys would set with me because the preps were all pretty much moving so the boys would set next to them and when I thought I lost them and I could just hang with the girls they all sat at are table

"Ugh" I moaned under my breath

All they preps were giving me glares and dirty looks and I smiled at them and winked pissing them off and I giggled at them

"What's so funny" trin and Hannah asked I pointed at savannah and they laughed to

Savannah was red with anger just because she couldn't get the boys to set with her

We told the boys and the laughed to we talked and wanted to get to know each other so we played 20 questions

I was first my answers:

Fav colors: black,purple,green, and blue

Age : 12 goin on 13

Birthday: May 9th 2002

To cool facts about me: I'm adopted and when I eat hotsauce I burp

How many siblings : 4 older brothers

Who do you live with : my mom and dad that adopted me and my brothers and my 4 brothers

Fav bands: 5sos

Wish : to go to a real consert

Shoe size : 8 1/2 in girls 6 in boys

Likes: SnapBacks, tattoos, Converses, football, softball, music, loud music,and crazyness

Dislikes: gummys , mint, cheap candy, sniches,school, neirds , and the preps

After my question it was time to go to are next two classes oh fun

This next class is the one class with me crush his name is Josue

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