Aaliyah and the 5 new kids

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4. 3 chap.


"You guys this is aaliyah she's in all your classes and rides your bus so you will be spending a lot of time together" the hag said

"Aaliyah this is James Payne , Lou Tomlinson , zan Malik , James horan , and Edward styles" the hag spoke again and with that she just left me there well what the fuck am I suppose to do now

"So two James Hun? Well I'll just call you horan because I don't think he would want my to call him Payne " I said pointing at them but when pointed to James Payne he smirked and said "welllllll I wouldn't mind that"

"Ya well I really don't care now come on" I said

"Oh I will come" he smirked fucking perv.

"God this is going to be a long day" I said

Then they all smirked I laughed "you guys may not be that bad now let's go to class before the bitch yells at my again" I said pointing to the hag

The all laughed and followed me

"Now I worn you this teacher hates me well they all do but one any way you can sit were ever but there is a prep named savannah and she will try to get with you because you guys are ......will yeah .......any ways" they smirked at me at the last part and when I open the door the whole class looks at us at I hate it when people star at me

"Hey you can turn the fuck around now" I yelled at them they all turned around and the teacher yelled at me to sit down and gave me deAttention witch I'm not gonna go to

And me being the smart ass I am I said "thax teach" and smiled at her because I know that pisses her off then she said to the boys

"Nice to meet you now take a sit some were" she said nicely

And every one wanted them to sit beside them and the preps were trying to get there attention but they to my surprise they came and sat with me and we did work well I just sat there after class I got my stuff and went in the hall forgetting the British boys following me and went to find sammy and Hannah so I waited out side there class

"So what are we doing" horan asked

"Well waitin on my friends you don't have to you can go to class or you can wait" I said a little hrush

"Well someone on her-" I glared any him befor he could say anything eles

We waited for what felt like hours and then they finally came out of the stupid class room

"What took you so long bitch" I said in a friend way

"Well that dickhead teacher made us clean the whole fuckin room till he said stop" Hannah said and rolled her eyes

"What you do now" I said giggling

"She told cused out Martin" Sammy said

"What the hell did he say about me now" I asked pissed

"I'll tell you later....lia who are they and why are they following us there hottys" the girls squealed

"Oh yeah I forgot to introduce you guys.....ok guys this is Payne , Horan , Malik, Lou , and styles and this is Hannah and Sam " I said then turned starting to walk down the I felt cool because 5 hot British guys are followin me around and they didn't even show any attention to savannah and her prep squad which i thought was funny I was brought out of my thoughts by a arm being put on my shoulder it was Lou and he smiled at me and I smiled back but Ed was giving Lou a glare I don't know why I just thought he was trying to be friendly as we were going to the sixth grade hall way all the older kids were staring at us all there daws on the floor

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