Just A Click Away

Loving someone through a screen is easy... But when it become more than just that is it still that easy?


1. Him

A/N: Sorry it's so short! This is just sort of an introduction... I hope you guys like it!


Ding. My phone went off alerting me of a new update. As usual I couldn't find my phone in my sheets and piles of pillows surrounding me on my bed. I quickly threw every sheet and pillow off the bed in a desperate attempt to find my phone. It was also probably the worst way to find it. "Shit" I muttered as I heard something hit the wall. When I turned around I saw a small dent in the wall and my phone on the ground facing up as if looking at the damage it had done. 'Dad is going to murder me' I thought as I collected my phone from the ground. "What was that noise" my little sister Callie asked as she banged my door knob into the wall. 'If that makes another dent you little shit I swear' I angrily thought in my head. "OOOOOOO you're so dead!" She said examining the dent in my wall with her hand. "Get out Callie!" I yelled in frustration. As she retreated downstairs she slammed my door behind her. I didn't bother making my bed I just sat down in the pile of linens which created a surprisingly comfortable makeshift bed. Now for that message. I pressed the home button on my phone lighting it up to some twitter notifications and a few kiks from random people I didn't know. At the very bottom was a YouTube notification "ShootUsDown just posted a new video!" and next to it it read 2 minutes ago. I quickly swiped the notification across the screen and YouTube popped up. It was a "Cool Morning" Video from Austin. Those videos were always the cutest because they're just stupid little videos that Austin and his friend Alex put together. Austin and I have a strange relationship... well its not really a relationship at all. yet.

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