Picture This

She was the new girl. She came in, trying to actually fit in. She faced moving around a lot, because her fathers' profession. But, what happens, when she goes to a new school, finding herself in between love and war?
Her name was Abigail. She was a highschool student. Someone who was very outgoing, and couldn't stay indoors. She loved to take photos, or draw when she was inside. It took her mind off things. But, she had to face a lot of tragic experiences through all that moving, can she deal with more?


2. First Day of Hell

Chapter Two

First day of Hell.


I clutched my bag, as I looked around the courtyard. It was filled with jocks, nerds, popular people, and other kinds of people. I was so not ready for this. My mother had left about, what? 5-10 minutes ago?

I felt so nervous, I swear my feet wouldn't budge. I soon started walking towards the two front doors. I felt like a lot of people were eyeing me, wondering who the fuck I was. Why was I so shy? Maybe because I don't know how these people would treat me? I don't even know why.

I soon pulled my way up the solid steps of the school, and glanced around. I caught few people staring, but they turned away.

I soothed my dress out, and walked right in. Be confident. I told myself. 

I soon walked down the noisy halls. Damn, how many people go to this school?! I soon glanced around, frustration started building inside of me. Where the hell was the office? This place like a fucking maze!

"You new here?" A female voice squeaked besides me. I jumped, "Uh..Y-yeah." I stuttered, laughing shyly. "Well, nice to meet you. Do you know where to head to?" She said, "Did you get your Schedule?" 

"No. I don't know where the office is." I whispered, biting my lower lip. "Oh, yeah. That was hard to find when I first came." She laughed. Why was she talking to me like she knew me for so long?

"So, what's your name?" The girl asked, as she started guiding me down the hall. 


"Cool, my names Ellie." She said, as she soon started talking about shopping. 

I let out a soft sigh, and soon found myself infront of a room door reading, Front office.

I smiled, saying goodbye to Ellie, "Thanks for showing me..kinda around - see you later." I said, as I rushed in. 

I walked to the front desk, and leaned on it, "Yes Ma'am?" this lady with a high ponytail, and was high on the make up, greeted. 

I nodded, "Abigail Veront." I said, as I saw her startng to type some shit into her desktop. "Ahh! Abigail Veront. We've been expecting you. Ahaha! Anyways, Here is your schedule, your locker number, and other stuff inside that folder. Never loose it." The lady explained. 

"Um..Thanks.." I muttered, trying to find something - like a name tag or some sort - that read her name. 

"Call me Mrs Linder" Mrs. Linder nodded, as she went back to typing. 


I walked out of the office slowly, focused on the papers. I didn't noticed the sudden guy coming towards me.

I pushed pushed to ground, my papers flying all around me. "Darn' it! I'm so sorry!" The deep, confident voice apologized. I looked up, seeing he was now grabbing my papers.

His hair was a black and curly, messy like. 

His eyes were sky blue, and his lips were a nice shape of pink. He seemed like the jocks, because he wore a jersey.

"No, No." I muttered, soon gathering the rest of the papers. "I should have  looked where I was going.." I said, as I stood up. I grabbed the papers from his hand, and slipped them into the folder.

"You're in three of my classes!" he said, as he grabbed my schedule. I looked it over, "Gym, English, and Lunch!" He joked. I playfully rolled my eyes, "Lunch is where everyone goes..right?" I said.

"Right, I was just being funny."

"Well it worked" I laughed softly. "Aw, great. You're going to see me all sweaty..ew!" I squealed, and laughed.

"Haha, nah. Everyone sweats." He laughed, as he handed my schedule back. 

"Jack! I thought I was going to watch you and your-" This blonde girl yelled, running over. She stopped when she saw me, and glanced me over. "Who..is that?" She scowled.


"I'm Abigail." I said, way to confident. "Ew. Well, hey. Ugly name for an ugly girl, eh?" She joked. 

"Susan!" Jake scolded, "Don't be rude." He grumbled, before bringing out a red pen, scribbling something on one of my papers he forgot to give back. "Text me some time." He mumbled, handing the paper back.

"Ew. No." Susan laughed, as she was dragged my Jake towards the front entrance.


It was his number..


Hey, my first day, and already got an enemy. Is that a new record?





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