Amanda wakes up from a coma with amnesia, her room is full of complete strangers!!!! Will she ever regain her memory? Will her relationship with zayn survive? Which boy will she fall for? Will she ever escape this darkness or will she always be kept in confusion.


3. Out of the hospital

Amanda's POV:

It has been three weeks since I got out of the hospital. The doctors never told me what had happened. I now live with the boys. They are all very sweet. They treat me like family, well except Zayn. He can't even look at me. I think he hates me. When I walk into the same room as him he stiffens as if I murdered his mother, he ignores everything I say, he sends me death glares through the corner of his eye, he completely pretends I'm not there when we are alone, I even found him ransacking my room looking for god knows what. It hurts the most that he doesn't like me because I thought that we haas a special connection. I thought we could be best friends. But that's all they were ... thoughts. Instead I became really close with Niall. He is my best friend. He and the other boys have told me a little more about myself and them. Likely name is Amanda Elizabeth Em but my nickname is Amy. I have a brother and three sisters. I also have a kitten named sir fluffy bottom the third. Apparently I was an honer student and graduated early. I started therapy for my memory a week ago but I still can't remember anything. I wonder what my family looks like. Do they know what happened to Me if so why didn't they come. Did I do something to make them upset with me. Also three sisters and a brother. It's going to be weird considering I don't remember any of them. Wow I know they'll be beautiful, ongoing to love them.

Zayns POV:

I feel terrible, I avoid her I ignore her and she doesn't even know why. I can see the hurt in her eyes when I do but she just doesn't understand the anger, frustration, hurt, sadness, and regret I feel when I see her face. The boys don't understand either. No one knows why she was put in the hospital in the first place, well except me. I know why. She is too innocent for it to have happened to her, it shouldn't have happened to her. But it did. It happened. She now has scars and bruises everywhere. She now can't remember anything. She can't even mourn over her fiancé because she doesn't even remember getting engaged. I know I should tell her why. Why everything happened. What. What happened. Who. Who did it. Mouth I can't do it. It hurts to much. How can I tell my little sister I put her in a hospital?

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