Amanda wakes up from a coma with amnesia, her room is full of complete strangers!!!! Will she ever regain her memory? Will her relationship with zayn survive? Which boy will she fall for? Will she ever escape this darkness or will she always be kept in confusion.


2. authors note


Hi guys vas happening? Jk!!!!! Lol. Anyways please enjoy and remember read,comment,favourite and always remember I'm open to suggestions.

Quick shout out to hedley with his new song crazy for you!!!!!!! I love that song and I love hedley!!!!!!!!

-should Amanda remember

-who should Amanda fall for

-how do zayn and Amanda have a connection

-I need a girlfriend for Harry and a BFF for Amanda so please give me your name your age your appearance your persinality and I will possibly put you in this book or one of my other books!!!!!!!!

Bye my little potatoes


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