Harry styles fan fiction


2. More tears....

Adilienes P.O.V

" Omg I'm so sorry" he said in reply. " Yeah, me too, Is the others here.?" I ask. " Yea. There coming soon, but how are you doing" he asked. " I'm good my sister is actually in the hospital,there trying to bring her back, but right now she's gone" I cry even harder. " Don't cry, if you don't mind why did she do it" he said hugging me. " Well she has been bullied since first grade, I made one mistake and everyone bullies my sister she's like this for a reason and it's because our " best" friend told everyone" I let go from the hug. " I'm so sorry, if you don't mind can the Boys and I go to the hospital with you". " I don't see why not.." while I say that 4 Boys walk up. " Who is this HazBear" one with a sweet voice said " her name is Adliene" he said in reply. " If you want to you can call me Adile, it may make it easier". " What's wrong" he asked me. " I'm sorry" I say running away. " Wait" Harry runs after me. " I'm sorry Harry, just seeing y'all reminds me of Skylin" I fall on the ground and cry. " were here for you" he said picking me up from the ground. " I'm sorry" we walk back. " I'm sorry you guys" I fake smile. " It's ok we'll my name is-" I cut them off. " I think Niall,Louis,Liam,and Zayn". " Yeah, how did you know" Louis asked, " My sister she loves y'all" I tear up. " is she here" Zayn asked, " umm she is but shes either fighting for her life or dead". " What's happened" Liam asked, " we'll today I woke up and walked on her room and she cut herself". " I'm so sorry" they said, " I told her that we would go to the hospital, and see her sister" Harry said. " Ok this actually weird, but we're twins, so she may look like me" I laugh." so she's beautiful" Harry said. " She's is very beautiful" my phone starts to ring " Hello" I said. " Hey sweety, guess what" my mom said. " Yeah" " your sister made it, she's ok shes alive" she said happy. " Omg really" I say extremely happy. " yeah, I'm coming to get you to see her". " I have a few friends to come with Is that ok" I asked. " Of course you already made friends that's amazing" she said." Yea. Well see ya soon love you bye" I hang up. " You guys she made it" I jump up and down and screw.

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