Alone-justin bieberfanfic

Find out what happens when Justin Bieber takes in a Jessica and her little brother, who had came from a abusive home. Can Justin gain Jessica's trust? Read to find out


3. chapter 3


Jessica pov

Justin takes us to the movies. He actually bought out the whole movie theater cause he said he didn't want me and Jay to feel uncomfortable with all his yelling fans and paparazzi around us. We watched Ride along and during the movie Jay fell asleep. Justin put his arm around me and I rested my head on him. I actually felt happy for once, I had everything I needed Jay and Justin. When the movie was over Justin carried Jay in one hand while holding my hand with the other. I turn to him and speak

" I really like you Justin and Jay seems to like you too"

He blushes

" you guys are welcomed to stay as long as you want with me. All I want is the best for you" he says looking at me

"Are you sure I don't want us to be a burden" I say letting go

He's face expression changes.

"Stop it ur not a burden if anything you actually make me really happy, it gets lonely when ur famous. You don't know who to really trust anymore" he's face darkens.

The conversation ends there and we walk. Once we get outside we are blinded with flashes from cameras. Girls and paparazzi center us. Jay wakes up and looks around then starts to cry. I can tell his scared.

Justin's pov

Jay starts crying and Jessica looks at me worried. That's it this needs to stop.

" BACK OFF! Give us SOME FUCKING ROOM. God! Can't you see Your scaring him!" I yell turning red.

They actually back off for once and I could see some disappointed beliebers crying.

I felt bad so I went over to them and hug each of them.

We finally made it to the car.

" I'm so sorry about that Jessica" I say

"It's ok I mean your justin Bieber, just next time Jay should stay it's not good for him" Jessica says

" yeah" I say starting the car and driving off. We get to my house and start to watch tv.

" Jessica I'm going to go play video games in the other room" little Jay says

" ok have fun" Jessica smiles

Jay runs off.

I go and sit next to Jessica then kiss her on the cheek, then her neck.

" not now Justin jays in the other room" she says backing up. I love that kid but he really is a cock blocker

"Come on babe, you know you want this D" I whisper in her ear seducing her.

" No! Is no Justin" she says mushing my face.

She just really turned me on.

" ok ok gosh" I say changing the channel.

" look that's us" Jessica says pointing.

She was right a video of us was on tv from early.

" Justin Bieber yelling at his fans. For what?! Well sources and this video tells us for the mysteries girl he was with" the tv reporter says showing the video of me yelling

" wait! They didn't even show the part where you went to hug them" Jessica complains

" yeah well that's the media for you! Sick little fuckers who like to twist shit" I say back not even angry. I'm use to it already.

Jessica pov

" that's sick" I say

We move on and change the topic.

" Justin are we something?" I ask looking into his eyes.

" what do you mean?" He responds.

" like can I call you my boyfriend and you call me-"

He finishes my sentence

" girlfriend"

I nod.

He kisses me passionately.

" does that answer your question?" He smiles pecking my lips.

" yeah it does" I say.

Then we hear a knock on the door.

" get that babe " Justin says.

I feel like this is already my house, getting the door.

I smile feeling happy, nothing can ruin this day. I open the door and my smile turns to a frown. I was wrong this day can be ruined by this one person standing in front of me.

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