Alone-justin bieberfanfic

Find out what happens when Justin Bieber takes in a Jessica and her little brother, who had came from a abusive home. Can Justin gain Jessica's trust? Read to find out


2. chapter 2

Chapter2- Alone fanfic-

"are you Justin Bieber?!?" I scream

"Yes! Relax let me explain" he says placing his hand on my shoulder

"No! Don't fucking touch me! I don't even know you. Come on Jay were leaving" I yell pulling Jay.

" No! I like it here!" He yells hugging Justin.

"What..... Wait what Jay come here. Where going" I say reaching out to him.

" it's safe here. I like it" he say still holding on to Justin.

I look at Justin then back to Jay. What is going on.

" let me explain Jessica" Justin says.

He knows my name! What else's does this boy know about me.

I nod and sit back on the bed, ready to listen.

"Jay why don't you go and play in the other room" Justin tells Jay. Jay goes

" ok go on" I sat crossing my arms

" ok well I was driving back home from a party and saw you and Jay on the bench. It was raining and I just couldn't leave you guys out there." I interrupted him

" SO YOU JUST TOOK US! you know you could have woke me up!" I yell

" Just LISTEN!" He yells back.

I get tense when he yelled it scared me. I sat and listened.

" like I was saying. So I tapped your brother and he woke up he explained everything and told me not to wake you up because you needed to rest. So that's what I did. I took you guys home and me and Jay stood up all night playing." He smiles then laughs " he reminds me of my own little brother. His lucky to have you" he looks in my eyes.

" no I'm lucky to have him" I respond back

" so are you mad?" He says looking at me with puppy eyes

"No I guess you did give me a warm bed. Actually thanks" I say hugging him and he hugs back the hug was so warm. I needed that hug.

" come I'll make you breakfast" he says grabbing my hand pulling me out the room.


" how about Jay?" I ask

" he already ate babe don't worry" He says taking out the food.

I blush he just called me babe?

He takes out a microwave breakfast sandwich.

I start to crack up.

"What's so funny?" He says looking at me placing the food in the microwave.

" well when you said breakfast I thought it involved a pan and fire" I laugh more

" you wanna see something funny?"

" sure. Whatev-" my talking was Interrupted by his soft lips.

His lips felt like heaven. I got butterflies In my stomach. I haven't been kissed that well in a while. Damn I wanted him and I wanted him now!

He lifts me up and grabs me by my ass. My back was against the fridge. He starts to feel up on me while I start to take off his pants.

"Jess! Jess" I hear my little brother call me.

Justin drops me on the floor.

"Ouch! What the fuck Justin!" I yell I fell hard on my ass.

" sorry!" He whispers putting his pants back on.

Jay walks in little cock block.

" what happen Jess? Are you ok. What where you guys doing?"

He ask looking curious.

" um we where just...." I start off.

" playing pirate buddy it's ok she just fell" Justin says looking at me with a face that said go along with it.

I giggle " yeah we were" I say getting up.

" come on buddy let's get you ready where going somewhere" he says carrying Jay.

" wait don't we need clothes?" I ask

" you guys can borrow my brothers and moms clothes for now" he smiles kissing me on the cheek. I smile

"Oooooooooooooo Justin and Jessica sitting on a tree" Jay sings.

"Save it" I say to him.

" I'll meet you in the living room my moms clothes is in the room your staying in" Justin says

" ok" I say.

I think I'm going to like it here. Maybe me and Justin can have a thing, just maybe. I smile at the thought.

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