Alone-justin bieberfanfic

Find out what happens when Justin Bieber takes in a Jessica and her little brother, who had came from a abusive home. Can Justin gain Jessica's trust? Read to find out


1. chapter 1

Chapter 1- "Alone"

My head is pounding. I lay on my bed motionless not moving a muscle. My body shoots with pain. I just can't wait to turn 18 so I can get out of this hell hole. My door swings open in fear I jump up yet it was only my lil brother. He comes crying to me telling me what he tells me almost every night. That daddy gave him a boo boo. I hold him wishing I could change the fact that my dad was a drunk and drug addict who let his anger out on his own kids. This was he's way of dealing with moms death. She died when I was 13 just after Jay was born. I put my brother to sleep and go back to bed.

I close my eyes and tears start to form but I hold it back, then sleep.

I wake up and get me and Jay ready for school.

"What do you feel like eating, Jay?" I ask brushing his hair.

" nothing I'm not hungry Jess" he says looking down

"You have to eat something. Cheer up I'll buy you a breakfast sandwich, let's go" I say holding he's hand and grabbing my book-bag. My father lays on the couch sleeping, that asshole. We walk out and go to school. School like always boring passes by so fast and it's already time to go home. I wish I didn't have to. I pick up Jay and as we are walking he pulls on my shirt and with tears in his eyes says

" Jess I don't wanna go back there, can we go some where else . Somewhere that's safe"

I start to cry and hold him. He's right we can't go on living there.

" ok where going Jay, somewhere safe"

We get home, the plan is to pack and try to walk out with out dad noticing.

As soon as we walk in my dad stands in front of the door drunk almost like he was waiting for us.

" hey little dicks! How was school"

" fine" I say walking by holding on to Jay

Thankfully he didn't try anything.

We start to pack and once we are done. I hug Jay

" everything's going to be alright I promise"

Just then dad slams the door open with a belt in his hand. He looks around and realizes what's going on.


I grab Jay and we run towards the window. I push Jay out the window and then myself, but then I feel a pair of arms on my leg. My father with range grabs my leg and isn't letting go.


I finally kick him in the face and get blood on me.

"IM GOING TO FIND YOU JESSica! I PROMISE" he yells out the window.

We run and run until we can't anymore. We make it to a bench and sit. We just sit for about 3 hours and it gets dark. Here in La it isn't safe to be out this time. It's about 1:00 am and we still have no place to go. I soon fall asleep with Jay in my arms.

I wake up and turn to the left side of the bed. Wait what! I open my eyes and realize I was in a bed and a really nice one. The room was white and looked amazing. WAIT WHAT THE FUCK. where I'm I?? Where's Jay!??!

"JAYJAY!" I scream getting up looking around

"JAYYY!!!" The door opens and Jay walks in he run towards me and I hug him tight, but he wasn't alone another person walks up behind him and push Jay to the side. I look close wow he was cute, wait

"are you Justin Bieber?!?" I scream

*omg I'm so sorry theres little to no bieber in this chapter!Sorry the next chapter for sure! 5 comments and 20 likes gets a new chapter. Comment what you think*

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