Harry Potter's diary:KEEP OUT!*ON HOLD*

Harry's diary and a bonus point... Hermione and Ron write in it too! I'm having a contest for co authors! Read to get the details! Hope you enjoy!;)


6. sep 4 Hermione

Ok so I have one entry so far but I kinda sorta forgot how to add a co author so plz plz plz comment and tell me how. I am sooo forgetful! Anyway if no one else enters then Hufflepuff three will become my co author! Ok so know for the actual chapter:)


I am the super awesome Hermione! I know I'm awesome because I am stole Harry's diary! (This is also my property now so it's me and Harry's diary) ok Ron gets to use it too but I'm still awesome! Ron's just plain stupid though.:) okay so we("we" is Harry, Ron and MOI!!!!!!!!)all agreed to help with telling the story of Harry's life here at Hogwarts along with our lives. But nobody's allowed to read me and Ron's entry's unless they ask and we get to read Harry's because we already read LOTS so there's no point and it's also so that we know what to write for Harry's life. Nobody is allowed to read my entries cause I'm a girl and I need my privacy! Speaking of which, should you be reading this? I don't trust you... Ok whatever as long as you don't use what you read against us...YOU BETTER NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok so we got the owl post and we got a hold of the Daily Profit(which is the wizarding newspaper) and on the front page it said that there was a robbery at Gringotts.(the wizarding bank) And nothing was stolen! They tried to steal from the vault 713. Apparently it had been emptied just before the robbery. Harry said that he and Hagrid were at that vault. I got to go I have to do homework. Ron will tell you more tomorrow. See ya! I still don't think you should be reading this...well,what's done is done.


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