Harry Potter's diary:KEEP OUT!*ON HOLD*

Harry's diary and a bonus point... Hermione and Ron write in it too! I'm having a contest for co authors! Read to get the details! Hope you enjoy!;)


4. sep 3


Ok this time we're NOT gonna get interrupted cause I lectured Ron and Hermione. From now on we are sharing my diary and we can't interrupt each other. Glad we had that talk... Anyway my sorting! So there are 4 houses and the houses are Slytherin(eck),Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and GRYFFINDOR! The way you get sorted is that you have to sit on the stool and put a ugly hat that talks on your head. Then the hat thinks about it and when it knows which house to sort you in it screams (literally screams) out the the house you belong in. I got in Gryffindor!!!!:) so did Hermione and Ron...so anyway yesterday we started lessons. Our potions teacher is slightly rude...slightly? Majorly rude! He picked on me for like,80% of the class. I just wish I knew why…

Ok gotta go!


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