Harry Potter's diary:KEEP OUT!*ON HOLD*

Harry's diary and a bonus point... Hermione and Ron write in it too! I'm having a contest for co authors! Read to get the details! Hope you enjoy!;)


1. Sep 1

Dear diary

Hi. My name is Harry Potter. I'm gonna tell you about my life at Hogwarts. Right now I'm in my dorm writing. You get to Hogwarts by a train. On the train I met a guy named Ron Weasley. He is nice.

Really? That's ALL you have to say?! Oh and this is Ron Weasley.

RON! Get out of my diary! Quit snooping!

It's not snooping!

Yes, yes it is*facepalm* Ron sometimes I wonder what's up there*points to Ron's forehead*

There's *hesitates* something up there! And we only JUST met! So you can't really say that!

Ok I'm tired so I'm going to bed. I'll tell you more tomorrow*yawn*

See ya!

And no touching my diary RON!

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