( AA+RW ) - Sweet Love.

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  • Published: 22 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 22 Feb 2014
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This is actually a song i wrote back in the nineties for (RW).


1. ( AA + RW ) - Sweet Love.

You've been told, 'bout  you're lovin' 

How i've felt for you, for so long

Baby - Who are they to say, How long we gonna last

'Cause you know, yes you know that my L.I.F.E is built strong by you

What we're doin' babe, is to show our love to the world,

And today - You take my hand in marriage...

We all dream of this moment ( this moment in time )

But this dream - This dream of mine is just for you,


Sweet love.

( AA )


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