The new me *sequel to~The New Girl in School*

(Sequel to new girl in school)

Melissa and Rachel have never had luck with making friends but what will happen when they moves to London and starts to become popular to five boys? might just have to read.


3. Chapter 3

Niall's POV:

I can't believe that's her! We lost her because of something stupid and now she's back. But seriously why does she want me to keep it from the guys. I mean her family just gave up on trying to find her. They moved away. They are in hiding and I can't believe they just gave up like that. They are supposed to be looking for her. We have been looking for her way longer. The guys and I have been looking for her even to this day. I found her and now I can't tell the guys?! I have too! I mean this is a big deal. I just can't leave it like this. Btw she is soo hot like seriously I loved her before but now she is just like holly shiz! How is this possible?! "So Liam. Would you like to come with me to pick up some lunch?" Melissa asked. "But Melissa we just ate lunch!" Simon yelled. "I'm still hungry! Is that so wrong?!" Mel whined and pretended to fake cry. "god Melissa. Just go." "YUS!!" Liam yells. "I want to ride in that car soo bad!!!" Liam yelled already running to the door. "Who else wants to come with and ride the bat mobile?" *everyone raises their hand* "oh what the heck lets go. Simon we are gonna go shopping after. Bai" "bye mel. Bye boys."

Louis pov:

Meld face looks so familiar. It's just the blue high lights. She looks so mature. God I wish I knew who she was. I feel like I've known her forever but how could I? We just met. Hmm I wonder who she's dating. Maybe I've seen them tighter or something?

"Hey mel?"

"Yea super carrot?"

"What? How do you know what my best friend called me?!"

" Lucky guess?" It came out more of a question. Then it hit me.

"STOP THE TRAFFIC!" I screamed.

"Lou what the heck! The boys are in the bath room all the way over there and I bet they heard you!"

"Sorry carrot queen". I say with excitement shown on his face.

I saw mels face go from annoyed to a Well crap kind of face.

"I'm sorry Louis" she says and hugs me crying.

To be honest I'm crying myself. She was my best friend. And I lost her. We've been looking forever and we finally found her.

"I love you so much!" I say into her hair.

"I love you to. Louis I need you to do something for me. You can't tell the boys till I say I'm okay with it. Niall already knows cuz he figured it out but please don't say anything to the boys. Or I will never be able to forgive you. I haven't exactly forgotten about the whole thing. And I'm not ready to forgive anyone yet."

"Okie mel I won't tell but don't take to long. The boys have missed you so much and it would kill them to know that you won't tell them and that they didn't know."

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