The Funny One

Harmony is an Irish shy girl that never gets noticed. In fact, nobody really knows she exists, her parents are both dead, and she lives in an abandoned trailer. One day, she gets noticed, and so everybody recognises her face... Especially Louis Tomilson, a normal guy who she soon tutors in for Greek language. What happens when they both fall in love?


14. Worse

"Harmony, I'm sorry," Louis said to me. But I kept walking. It's been a while since my first cutting, but I've done it many times. The top of my wrists up to my shoulders have millions of fresh slices and scars. "Please don't avoid me any more," Louis tried his voice quivering. Why did I have to lock myself inside of this prison of a life and treat people this way. I'm stupid as I've been told, so that probably why. "Harmony I want you to talk to me," he said. I couldn't face him, but I stopped walking and looked at the ground. "What is happening to you? Your so skinny and pale and you won't even look at me," he asked. I stared down. I was a lump if fat! Like a real life snowman! When my feet touch I only have the slightest thigh gap. I closed my eyes and released a tear, for it had been kept inside too long. I didn't have anything to say to anyone. Eventually Louis walked away sniffing. I was pushed against a locker and collapsed to the ground. I heard people gathering around and laughs. "I know what you've been doing in your solitary time, Harmony," Olivia said yanking my hair and pulling me to my feet. Everyone laughed and I could see Louis in the crowd, frowning. "Kill yourself, k?" Olivia laughed. She rolled up my sleeves and people laughed at my cuts. "That's nice, you want attention huh? Haven't you got enough attention?! Keep going! It's hilarious!" Olivia said encouraging my dreams lately. She pushed me and everyone movers away. I didn't even bother standing. I just laid there on the floor and stared at the ceiling wanting to die. I'm worthless. Nothing good comes from me, and ugly, selfish, girl. I imagined hanging myself and Niall coming home to see my lifeless body hovering over the ground. He could finally be free of problems. I Louis help me up and snapped out of my day dreaming. "Harmony, Harmony, why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you get your brother for help? Harmony don't do this! This makes my stomach ache!" Louis said holding me and crying slightly. I stood there and let him hug me. He didn't really care. He is just sorry, and when I'm gone, he won't have to pretend, and Niall won't have to either. Nobody wants a broken, suicidal, fat, ugly, stupid girl like me. I'm weak. I can't live like this. I'm not strong enough. Nothing can stop me now. Louis is too late. Someday I will kill myself. Someday I will kill myself. Someday I will kill myself. And I will. Someday.

Hey guys! I know this was probably a downer but... Oh well. This was short because I'm going to update a lot today. The next chapter might make me cry while writing it. So snuggle into bed with a box of tissues, and prepare yourself. Just don't worry, nothing too basis going to happen... In the next chapter. What really inspired this chapter was this song that I love called "To Build A Home, by Cinematic Orchestra," and it's beautiful so you should check it out if you have writers block, like I did. The music video is weird but not inappropriate so... Ya. But anyway thanks for reading candies!


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