The Funny One

Harmony is an Irish shy girl that never gets noticed. In fact, nobody really knows she exists, her parents are both dead, and she lives in an abandoned trailer. One day, she gets noticed, and so everybody recognises her face... Especially Louis Tomilson, a normal guy who she soon tutors in for Greek language. What happens when they both fall in love?


4. Tutor

"Try again, say, 'Nice to meet you'," I said trying to get him to say it. "να ανταποκριθούν ωραία?" He asked. "No that means meet you nice. Say, 'Nice to meet you'," I said again. "Χάρηκα?" He asked. "No that means you nice meet," I said. "I give up!" He said. "Χαίρω," I said. "Χαίρω?" He asked. "Yes Χαίρω," I confirmed. He smiled. "Now say, 'My name is Louis'," I tried. "Louis είναι το όνομά μου?" He tried. "You've got the right idea, you said, 'Louis is my name' but try to say 'My name is Louis'," I said. He pondered for a second. "Το όνομά μου είναι Louis?" He asked. "Yes!" I said clapping my hands. Everything about me is quiet, my voice and even my claps. "YAY!" He exclaimed. Yet everything about Louis was loud. "We're not done yet! Or I should say, δεν έχουμε κάνει ακόμα," I said. He laughed. "Ok what's next?" He asked. I looked at the flash cards and held it up. He had to say, 'I am British' in Greek. "Um... What's Greek for British?" He asked. "Βρετανοί," I said. "Oh then it's, Είμαι Βρετανοί," he said. "Yes," I said tossing the card behind me. I held up another, it told him to say, 'I speak English'. "Um... Μιλώ Αγγλία?" He said. "No, you just said 'I speak England' you have to say English," I said laughing. He blushed embarrassed, "What's Greek for English?" He asked. "Αγγλικά," I said. "Ohh! Μιλάω Αγγλικά!" He said. "Great job," I said. "Ok, now you have to say, 'How are you today?'," I told him. "Πώς είστε σήμερα," he said. I nodded and he motioned a 'YAY!' Which made me laugh. "Είστε ξεκαρδιστική!" Exclaimed not realising I was speaking Greek I told him he was hilarious. "I only understood half of that but, σας ευχαριστώ!" He said. (He said thank you at the end). I laughed at how he did that. We stopped laughing and we were out of flash cards. We just sat there awkwardly. "Are you Greek?" He asked, "Well, I know that you're Irish, but are you Greek at all?" "I don't know, I just have been speaking Greek for a long time," I said. "How long?" He asked. "Since I was 6," I replied. "Do you speak it fluently?" He asked. "Yes, or ναί," I replied again. "Why do you take classes then?" He asked. "So I could get good grades on something more, as an extra credit thing," I said. "Wow you're quiet," he said. "I'm not exactly quiet just shy," I said.

"No you're very quiet,"

"I see you're not,"

"Because I'm a normal person,"

"I'm way more normal than you,"


I laughed on how quick that conversation went, and the way he said touché in his posh British accent. "You sound weird when you say that," I said.

"I bet you can say it weirder since you're Irish,"


"You do sound weirder than me,"

"It sounds weirder in Greek,"

"How do you say it in Greek?"


He laughed at that it sounded the same. "It sounds the same," Louis said. "No, instead with a Greek accent," I said. He rolled his eyes. We sat in silence. There was nothing else to say. I wasn't very social. I mean, I would only answer questions, never start a conversation. "Want some water?" He asked. "Sure," I said. Ugh, I'm so stupid, I should've been polite and said yes please. "How do you say sure in Greek?" He asked before leaving. I laughed, "Βέβαιος," I said. With that, he walked into his house. We had been sitting on his back porch on his swinging bench. It was sunny, yet brisk, because at the same time, a nippy breeze blew in the air. Later he came back with two glasses of water. "Βέβαιος," I said thanking him. He smiled. "Είστε ευπρόσδεκτοι," he said, which meant 'You are welcome'. "That was pretty good," I said. "Thanks, still working on the accent though," he said. I smiled at him. He was very funny and had an enthusiastic personality. "So what are we going to do?" Louis asked. "Uh, I don't know," I said. "Are you hungry?" He asked. "Ναί," I said. That meant yes. "We can go out to eat," he said. "Όχι, I couldn't ask you to do that, we can just snack," I said. Όχι means no. "Okay, how's a peanut butter sand which?" He asked. "I, I'm allergic to peanuts," I said. "Oh," he said awkwardly. "How about some apple slices?" He asked. "Ναί," I said. He smiled and walked back into his house. He was really sweet, and knew how to treat people right. A few moments later he came in with a bowl of apples. "Μήλα are served!" He said. Μήλα means apples. I laughed, he pronounced it wrong, just a bit. After we ate all the Μήλα, we sat and talked. "Do you have to go home?" He asked. "Well, I don't... I live by me self," I said. "So you have your own house?" He asked. "It's a trailer, and I have a job so I can eat food," I said. He looked like he didn't want to pry, so he stayed quiet. "You can come over anytime, all you have to so is ask. Here's my number," he said ripping a corner off a flash card and handing it to me. I stick it into me back pocket. "Είστε ευπρόσδεκτοι," I said thanking him in Greek. "So when do you plan to get home?" He asked. "I don't know, I go to bed at 9," I told him. "You can leave when you're ready," he said. "Cool," I said nicely. "So what do you want to do?" He asked. "Watch TV?" I asked. "What?" He asked. He didn't hear me the wind was picking up. "Can we watch TV?" I said a big louder. "Ok," he said. "This way ma'am," he said. I laughed and walked through the door he held open. We sat on his couch and watched TV when it was 8:30 I decided to leave. "I'll see you at school tomorrow," Louis said. "Bye," I said. It was nice hanging out with Louis, he was so sweet.

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