The Funny One

Harmony is an Irish shy girl that never gets noticed. In fact, nobody really knows she exists, her parents are both dead, and she lives in an abandoned trailer. One day, she gets noticed, and so everybody recognises her face... Especially Louis Tomilson, a normal guy who she soon tutors in for Greek language. What happens when they both fall in love?


10. Ouch 2 (full)

It was Sunday and it was 5:21 pm, almost time for me and Louis's date. "What are you gussying up for?" Niall asked. "Uh, I have... A date," I replied. "Um, why didn't I know about this?" Niall asked. "Because I didn't tell you... You'd get involved and everything would go wrong," I replied. "Fine I won't but can I at least meet... It's Louis isn't it?" He said. "Yeah..." I said. "Ok, I'll leave you to... To whatever girl thing you're going to do," he said and walked over to the couch. In the meantime I got out a pale sky blue blouse with dark skinny jeans, and for my makeup I had on mascara and light pink lip gloss and just teensy bit of grey and black shadow mixed... But you could barely see it. Then I tied my dirty blonde hair in a fishtail and slipped on me white flip flops. Then I got a text...

From: Louis

I'm in front come hop in the car :)

I smiled at how Louis always puts smiley faces on everything. What? It's cute! How many 16 year old guys do you know make smiley faces in everything?!


I know Louis is 22 and Niall is 20, but in this story Louis is 16 and Niall's 20

I stepped out of the trailer door and saw Louis and his car, and I saw he smiled cheekily at me so I did so back. "Hop in!" He said. I tried to do it carefully because me fingers have been hurting all day. "Do you think you Gould take off the wrap? He asked as we pulled up to his house for supper. "Uh... I can't because if it's bad I'll throw up of faint... But you could because you don't mind stuff like that do you?" I said. "Oh no I don't here let me help you love," he said as I turned my head away. I winced at the pain if him touching it. "Um... Harmony, I think you should go to the hospital now. I'll take you," he said. I was nervous until I realised I just saw me fingers. They were extremely swollen and dark shades of black and blue, but still had the locker door indents. Soon enough, I blacked out.

"C'mon Love, let's take you inside." I was awoken by Louis's soft voice and gentle shaking. "Hmm?" I made a tired noise rubbing my eyes. I was really lightheaded. "I'll help you, ya seem a bit lightheaded," Louis assured me. My vision was clear now, but I was still light headed. He led me through the hospital doors and I was fully conscious. "Yes?" Said a plump lady at the desk with frown lines, dark rep lipstick, and black eye shadow. Her hair was also an auburn colour with grey highlights and roots, her face obviously showed she was no young woman, and not a pretty one either. "Oh, she broke her fingers and needs a cast," Louis said for me. "Well, you should get an x-ray so the doctor can determine that," she said rudely. She wasn't very friendly, was she? "The doctor will be with you in a minute," she said standing up, and I saw her name tag, it's said, "FRANNY" on it. Louis and I sat in the waiting chairs for a while until a woman with a white coat, glasses balanced on the tip of her nose, and brown long hair tied in a ponytail. "Ok, follow me to the x-ray room please," she said in a calm American accented voice. I smiled, because I haven't really talked to an American before. "This way... What's your name?" She asked. "Harmony Horan," I replied. "Are you Irish?" She asked and I nodded. "Fascinating, you see I only usually talk to English people here. I like your accent better than theirs, SHH! Don't tell!" She said giggling. "Okay, now place your hand on this, and I'll take some pictures to see if your fingers are broken!" The doctor said in a friendly tone. She was sweet, and better... American! I placed my hand on clear glass that was attached to a white painted metal machine. And inside of the clear glass I saw a large camera lens. I didn't hear anything but in a few seconds the doctor said, "Okay! Done! You can take your hand off now!" Politely. I took me hand off and felt a sharp pain in my fingers again. "Ok... It looks like your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger, are cracked, but not completely broken... So you still need a cast," she said. After I got me cast I went out to the waiting room and saw Louis. "Oh, I see you've got a sky blue cast!" Louis said smiling. I looked down at me fingers that were plastered together and the cast trailed up to me elbow, but not anything more. "Sorry that took a while, you probably don't want to have dinner with a needy girl in a cast," I said. "No it's fine, we can still go at my house," Louis replied. "Ok," I answered.

Hey guys! Sorry this took a while... I've been having a bunch of movella problems, but it's okay. Something big is going to happen in the next chapter, and I've been planning it for weeks MUHAHAHA!!! Anyway, everyone calls their readers something, like I've heard pretties, beauties, and I need gel coming up with one please. So comment, and I would like it if you liked and favourited this... That is if you like it. Thanks! Bye!


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