The Funny One

Harmony is an Irish shy girl that never gets noticed. In fact, nobody really knows she exists, her parents are both dead, and she lives in an abandoned trailer. One day, she gets noticed, and so everybody recognises her face... Especially Louis Tomilson, a normal guy who she soon tutors in for Greek language. What happens when they both fall in love?


3. Louis

I was scared of school the next day. What if Olivia was after me? What if everyone would crowd me? What if everyone hated me? Despite all of that, I just have to go to school. My education is my priority, that's the reason why I go to school. Niall would be disappointed if I ever would be one if those adults working at McDonald's or something. I just have to stay on the honour roll, even though I ditched school yesterday, but it doesn't matter. I can just make up me work and it'll be fine. When I got to school people stared like I was wearing zebra print and had bright pink hair. I got into my first class and everyone was silent when I walked in. My cheeks got hot and I walked with me head down to the back of the classroom. When I sat down I noticed I sat down by that Louis kid. "Hi," he said. Well this is almost as awkward as yesterday. I know this is strange; but my school has a Greek class. Louis is in it along with four other people. That's the class we were in. I sighed and turned me head. I heard him shift and tap his fingers on his desk uncomfortably. Our tests were passed out, and Louis didn't seem happy, in fact, the exact opposite. I smiled at my grade, 100%. "Can you help me with Greek?" He asked, clearly, Louis was glancing at my grade. "Uh, sure why not?" I said not wanting to hurt his feelings. Louis's eyes lit up and he smiled widely.

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