The Funny One

Harmony is an Irish shy girl that never gets noticed. In fact, nobody really knows she exists, her parents are both dead, and she lives in an abandoned trailer. One day, she gets noticed, and so everybody recognises her face... Especially Louis Tomilson, a normal guy who she soon tutors in for Greek language. What happens when they both fall in love?


13. I've got a razor

I didn't want to apologise to Louis, and I didn't want him to do the same. I usually ignore Niall, and avoid Louis whenever I get the chance. I send him virtual tutor lessons so I don't have to go to his house. The bullying only continues with Olivia and gets more extreme, she finds things out, about my past, and teases me about me parents death. It really hurts, and it sounds like I should be okay... But really no. Before I walked into my trailer from school I heard Niall on the phone. "I don't know what's wrong... Yeah. She won't tell me...Well, she avoids everyone, and she doesn't look healthy anymore... She is extremely skinnier and her eyes are like a darker blue and they used to be like electric blue and she's paler and her hair is... No... Well she looks sick... I just told you... Ok bye." He had to be talking about me. I opened the door and walked in staring at the ground. "Hey Harmony! How was school?" Niall asked cheerily. Obviously he was trying to hide that he was just very concerned a moment ago. So I acted oblivious to what I had just heard. "Uh... It was good," I said quietly still staring at the ground. "Good, are you talking to Louis?" He asked. How did he know that I was avoiding Louis? What do I say? I didn't no so I didn't answer. "Harmony are you okay?" Niall asked. Who am I kidding? Niall knows me! And I know him! He won't stop until he finds out. I didn't respond. "Harmony what's wrong, I know something's wrong," Niall said. "NOTHINGS WRONG!" I shouted not thinking. I didn't dare look up at Niall since I could feel his sad eyes. "Okay," he said solemnly. "I'm going to go to the store," he said. I nodded but stayed silent. Why did everyone hate me? After he left I wanted to hurt myself again. I couldn't help it, I grabbed a pencil sharpener and took off the razor. Am I really about to do this? I'm not going to die, but am I going to let myself break? It's the way to let it out. I don't want to be mean to anyone, I don't need to talk with anyone... It's the only way to let myself go without anybody caring. It was only until I looked down I realised I was cutting myself from my shoulder to my elbow. Niall would come back soon so I wiped up the blood and put on a long sleeved shirt hoping no one could find out.

Thank you for the comments lately :) they make me happy :D what do you think? Unexpected right? Well at least I think it is yet I'm the one writing this. Ironic how things turn out huh? Well, see ya later candies! (What do you think about the nickname? Does it creep you out, do you care, etc.?) and I'm sorry this was shorter than expected!


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