The Funny One

Harmony is an Irish shy girl that never gets noticed. In fact, nobody really knows she exists, her parents are both dead, and she lives in an abandoned trailer. One day, she gets noticed, and so everybody recognises her face... Especially Louis Tomilson, a normal guy who she soon tutors in for Greek language. What happens when they both fall in love?


12. I'm okay...

When I got home Niall was standing by the door. "You're late... Harmony what were you doing?" Niall said disgusted. "NO! I-I didn't do THAT!!! I just ate a few bites of chestnuts... And so we called the ambulance," I replied. "Really...?" Niall asked raising an eyebrow. "Niall I'm a VIRGIN and it's going to stay that way!!!!" I exclaimed. Niall just chuckled. "Easier said than done," Niall replied. "Ew you're just sick! It's not hard for ME. But for YOU I could see the problem pervert!" I said laughing. Niall just rolled his eyes and opened the door wider for me to follow in. "Well I should get to sleepin' I've got school tomorrow!" I said. Walking into the bathroom. I undid me hair and brushed it, washed me face, and dressed in a blank white tank top and pajama pants. Then I brushed my teeth. I walked over to me bed and fell asleep.

Me face swelled and me breathes were getting short as salted sweat rolled down my face. Everyone just laughed at me. "Help! I'm suffocating!!" I screamed but no words fell out. My whole body was shaking... "Harmony get up!!!" Niall's voice sounded snapping me out of me nightmare. "You were panting and it's 4:00 am you're going to hyperventilate!" "I'm okay... Just a dream..." I replied. "You might as well get up like me... I am too awake," Niall said. "Same," I replied. So I jumped out of bed and threw on a pink t-shirt and white jean shorts. I slipped on me flip flops and walked over to me bed. 5:30 am the clock read. "Well I might as well start walking," I said and Niall nodded as I stepped out of the door. I finally reached the school and it had just opened. I felt a push and fell on me face and palms of my hands. I turned around to see Olivia. "Nobody stands up to me... So you're debut you're going to pay is... Well, I'll do this everyday!" She said smirking. Well this is going to suck. I nodded but me shyness over took me so I stood there on the ground. Frozen. "Are you going to get up?" Olivia asked intimidatingly. "Very well..." She said, kicking me once. I winced. She kicked me again and this time I yelped. "Oh I just noticed your cast signed by... Who? Oh, oops... No one. I guess nobody likes you. Not even your mum is going to sign it? That's pathetic," Olivia said. Ouch, that hurt. It was always a sensitive spot when people takes about me parents... Especially an insult. "Wow, I like you... You can keep quiet," Olivia said with an on ominous smile and a sinister look in her eyes. Oh crap... What's she going to do? "Get up," she said calmly. I didn't do anything. "GET UP!" She said louder. So I scrambled up. Unfortunately, she saw me holding a book, 13 Treasures. "Ohh, you're a bookworm..." Olivia said. Where was Louis? He was the only person who cared if I was feeling upset. She grabbed me book and laughed. "Wow, seems interesting," she said evilly. When she looked at the muddy puddle at her feet I knew what would happen. "No!" I exclaimed loudly, turning everyone's head. She laughed and tossed it in. "Oh, fetch!" Olivia said pushing me in. Cold water spread throughout me clothes and I grabbed the book. She kicked me side three times. "Stop!" I said and people circled around me. Nobody was helping me? Maybe I was as hated as she said I was. "NOBODY STANDS UP TO ME! WHY DON'T YOU LISTEN?" Olivia yelled grabbing for me but I ran through the crowd with sloshing clothes. Crud! I was wearing flip flops! I heard her footsteps behind me as she got closer and I slipped on me flip flop making me collapse to the ground. I heard tons of laughs and saw camera flashes. She kicked me face and me stomach. Me vision blurred, I was beginning to feel numb, and heard nothing but ringing in me ears. I just stopped trying to open me eyes and have up. Everyone hates me! Everyone only laughed or stood there doing nothing... And Louis said he was going to see me tomorrow... Probably he did, only he had to stop and laugh. I thought he cared. I thought he cared, and I'm stupid to think he would. When I fluttered me eyes open, I saw the hallway ceiling and faces hovered over mine. Everyone was still laughing... Where was Louis? I decided to stand up but I found that I was still being beaten. I stumbled thorough the crowd when a few girls through a bucket of water on me and told me, "Weak! This'll wake you up!" I was shaking because of the cold and was shoved into a locker... My own locker. Ouch? Yes very ouch! I banged on it and peered through the lines and saw people walking away. "Help me! Get me out!" I yelled but... I wasn't very loud. When the door opened I toppled over into someone, and recognised the face as Louis. "Harmony are you okay?" He asked helping me stand. "Well I thought I would be, but you weren't there!" I said wriggling out of his grasp. "I'm sorry I wasn't here I was running late!" He said. "Yep! Because that's the thing! Every time that I make friends, they aren't here when I NEED them, but then whenever it's over, POOF! They're just there!" I said picking up me wet backpack. Everything was sloshing when I walked, and me flip flops squeaked under me weight. "I'm sorry it's not like I can just know when you need me! I had no idea!" He said. "Well that's strange because you're always here when I don't want you around!" I blurted but immediately regretted it. I saw hurt swallow Louis's face. "Well I'm sorry I annoy you so much!" Louis said. "No! I want you! I-I mean, here! I want you here! I didn't mean it!" I said. "Don't worry, I won't annoy you! Don't feel bad, it's fine... I'll just leave," he said. "Well, I guess you don't know how to forgive or except accidents!" I shot back. "Well I'm not the one making all the accidents!" He said and walked away, but this time, I didn't try to stop him. But, after school it only got worse.

I walked inside and saw Niall sitting on the couch. "How was your day?" He asked. "Terrible," I replied. "Oh do you want a hug?"he asked. "No leave me alone! I don't need anyone! Especially YOU," I snapped. "What's wrong with me?" Niall asked upset. "I've only been hurt since you've been here," I replied. Oh god, I did that again. What's going on? "Well I can just leave," Niall said. "No too many people have been doing that! Mam, Dad, Louis, and YOU! Niall please don't leave!" I said. "Well, you hurt me and need to blow off steam, I can leave," he said. Oh my god! I drive everyone away! I swear one more thing- and then me phone beeped. "Hey loser found your phone number... You'll never guess who from! Louis!" It read. I screamed and threw myself on me bed. I was so hated! Me own brother hates me! I was so angry I just kept hitting me head. I took me pencil and at bed me thigh four times. What did I do...? Did I just... Self harm? No. No. I've heard it's addictive, like a pack if gum. It sits there full and you take one. But you want another, and you just stuff your mouth. And turns out it's true. Blood surfaced me skin and I quickly wiped it off. I'm okay. I'm okay, I kept telling myself.

Ooh! She's under the spell of the razor! What do ya think about that? Comment please! Is want some feedback. I know it's weird... And this story isn't that great… but… oh well, I still have most planned, I just have to type it. Thanks! Bye... Uh... Hold on... I'm thinking of a nickname… uh… Bye Buttercups! Is that creepy lol? I'll change it. What should I do. Cupcakes, Buttercups, Sweeties, Candies, etc.


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