Little Ms. Unpopular

Ellie has worked at Carlos 'O Kelly's in Southern Illinois she had only been here about a year and a half. In Illinois she always does her best to keep her widowed brother on his toes and her niece entertained. Ellie's parents home is in northern Minnesota, every other month on the first Friday Ruby drive home to mom and dad. Each time she regrets it even more, thanks to the rude comments Ellie's mother throws at me when her dad is out of the room. Comments trashing her job, trashing Scott and Rose, constantly reminding Ellie that it doesn't matter weather they are as close as brother and sister, they are step siblings, and worst of all, telling Ruby that if she don't find a "real" job soon her mother would call the man who's helping Ellie find a job and tell him that there is no longer a need, that Ellie is working for her mother now. Ellie knows that her mother would make that happen.


2. Chapter two


“I can’t believe I did that.” I say pacing back and fourth in my bedroom, with my niece Rose playing with her dolls on my bed.

“What did you do Aunt Ellie?” Rose squeaked putting down her dolls and walking over to where I stood.

“Aunt Ellie set up a date with a famous person.” I sigh picking her up and putting her on my hip. “Aunt Ellie really likes this person but Grandma Sue might not.” I walk out to the living room to let her watch her hour of cartoons. “Are you hungry Rose?” She shakes her head, her brown waves swooshing back and fourth. Sitting down behind her I watch the TV with her until my brother Scott got home from Schwan’s where he worked so that we could get on the road to going to my mothers house.

Some how at some point between my little ponies and the back yard agains’ I fell asleep. When I woke up again I was in my warm bed with Rose cuddled into me to keep warm. When I woke up and stretched Rose opened one eye just a little bit, trying to pretend to still be asleep. I smirked and decided to do that right back, when I was mirroring her she giggled and I picked her up.

“I would say you two have too much fun without me.” I looked up and saw Scott in the doorway smirking at the two of us.

“Well. If you weren’t gone so much at Schwan’s.” I look at him with no humor in my voice.

“Ellie, that is the only income I have, well we have. There is no way I can afford any less hours.” Scott is starting to get aggravated so I just walk off, still holding Rose.

“This is not the time or the place to talk about your job commitment. Now get ready, we are going to our dads home.” I walk off to pack Roses things and Scott is following behind me.

“We need to talk about this some time Ellie.” Scott points out.

“I agree, as your sister I think we should talk about it now, or as soon as possible. As an Aunt, I don’t think this is the best time.” I walk to Rose’s room. Thinking back to when Amanda has just passed away, years ago. I promised Scott that I would help him until he got back on his feet, now nearly five years later I am still here. This is not good for me but I have no other solution right now. Pulling out Roses little Barbie backpack. Filling it with toys and books, then I move to her mini luggage and packing that with clothes. When I had those done I rolled the bags into my room and packed my things. In my purse I had the usual things, then in my side bag I put some books, some journals and some pens and pencils. As I am packing my clothes with Rose "Helping fold" my phone flashes. I look at it and see that it is my mother.

I sigh and pick up. "Hello?"

"Honey where are you, did you get in an ascendent. Are you alright? Where are you? Why aren't you speaking?" She is in a panic. I am guessing that Scott did not call my mom last night.

"Mom, I am still at home, I fell asleep last night before Scott got home so I am packing now and will be on the road in an hour or so. I am fine and I wasn't talking because you weren't even giving me time to speak." I say all that I can before she starts again.

"That brother of yours is taking all the energy out of you. You should come back home and go back to school like you always wanted to." Here we go again. Not even 30 seconds into a call and she is already trashing my brother.

"You stop, and stop now." I huff. "Me and Rose coming to see you is a privilege. The more you talk about my brother, wether he is your biological sun or not I can and will stop coming to visit every weekend."

"Well I was just saying I mean Ellie seriously, it has been close to five years. Don't you think he is back on his feet yet?" 

"That is it. I am not coming this weekend. See you next weekend maybe." I hang up and see my phone flash again but it is a text.

Hi, it's Louis.. Just thought I would give you my number since you gave me yours.

Peace love and Kevin. ~Lou

I smile and reply

Hi Lou. Good to know your number. You free tonight? I have to talk to someone and I just can't talk to my brother about it..


Looking down I realize that I need to change out of my clothes from last night. Once I was in a tank top and gym shorts I headed out for a run, bringing Rose in her stroller. While I was running I did my best to clear my mind of everything. Clear of what happened last night, clear of the conversation I had with my mom. Only focusing on running. That was all until my phone started ringing.

"Hello?" I panted out of breath. Looking at my watch I see that I have been pushing this 50 pound stroller for almost an hour and a half.

"Hi it is Louis." I feel relief flow through my body knowing that it was not my mother. "Are you busy? Should I call back?"

"No, it is fine, I was just out for a run with Rose." I walk around the stroller and see that she has fallen asleep. Good thing I only ran around the block the whole time.

"Rose?" Louis practically choked.

"Yeah she is a sweetie. She may only be my half-brothers daughter I feel almost like she is my own." I smile to myself and wheel her stroller back home.

"Oh, so she is your half-niece." Louis restates. "So, I heard a little birdie needed to be picked up so she could talk. Does that little birdie still need to talk?" I could practically see the smirk on his face.

"Only if I can bring Rose, my brother is off to work soon." Walking in the door I see Scott shuffling to get to work on time.

"Have you seen my keys?" He mouths, knowing I am on the phone.

"Of coarse she can come. I will have Lou bring Lux over." I hear a voice in the back and he speaks again. "Harry said he could watch Rose."

"Ether way works, hang on Louis my brother needs help." I put my hand on the speaker. "Your car is at the repair shop and they have the keys, use my car, the keys are on my dresser." I turn around an remove my hand. "Alright, I am back."

"I couldn't find the keys." Scott returns.

"For gods sake Scott. Are you blind?" I get up leaving the sleeping Rose in the stroller just a little bit longer while I help my hopeless brother find my keys. "Right here." I pick them up and hand them to him."

"Were where they?" He asks shocked.

"By my perfume bottle on my jewelry box where I always put my keys." I huff and return to my phone call. "Sorry, my hopeless brother couldn't find my car keys."

"I am not hopeless." Scott yells from the door that leads to the garage.

"I beg to differ Scott." I muter and Louis laughs. "How is that so funny? He has gotten my keys many times, they are in the same spot each time and he couldn't find them."

"Just the way you act with your brother, it is kinda cute." He laughs again. "I am guessing you are going to need a ride if you want to come over and talk?"

"And a car seat, I forgot to get that out of the car before Scott left." I sigh and lift a sleeping Rose out of her stroller, with my phone on speaker on the counter.

"I can do that, tell Paul that we need a car seat, and tell Lou that Lux has a play date if she wants one." Louis is talking to someone on the other side of the phone, as he is I take this as my chance to put Rose on my hip and her head on my shoulder, then putting my phone on my other shoulder, and my head on my phone as I walked to put Rose in her bed. "Hazza please, Rose is.... How old is Rose?"

"Five years old." I whisper trying not to wake her. "She will be six in December."

"She is five Hazz." There is a small pause and by the time he speaks again I am in the living room with the news on. The top stories are a bore so I turned to Netflix and started watching Once Upon a Time, starting with the first episode. Louis talks to Harry more and more. As he does I am ignoring their conversation and watching the TV. I am so engrossed that I almost didn't hear Rose come in after her nap.

"Hi Rose. Have a good nap babe?" She nods and rubs her eyes. "You still tired honey?" She nods again and I motion for her to come over to me. She walks over and lays down next to me, laying her head in my lap. Stroking her hair I look down and she was asleep again already. Looking at my phone I put it up to my ear. It has been nearly two hours and Louis is still talking to Harry. This time not speaking of Rose, but rather me.



Well she wasn't replying when I would say her name, but I could hear noises in the background so I figured she would be back. When we were done talking about her half-niece Rose I began talking about her.

"So you really like her, yeah?" Harry elbowed me in the ribs.

"Yeah, I am really exited for her to come over, I want to meet her properly, and little Rose." I smile thinking of how much she must look like Ellie.

"What happens if El comes back, on her knees, like she did last time." Harry breaks my thoughts with Eleanor.

"She can come back but I won't be listening this time." I shake my head. The last time this happened it was right after our break up so I was desperate. This time I am not, I have someone better then Eleanor, someone that will treat me better than she ever treated me.

"I don't know mate, I mean you said that last time. And you still say 'El' in your sleep." Harry states what is on his mind.

"Sometimes I wonder if you even use your brain Harry." I shake my head, laughing. "First of all that was right after me and Eleanor broke up, second, El is what I call Ellie, I know it is strange. But I have had dreams about her every time I dream, you may think that I am just making excuses but this is the truth. I fell for Ellie. I really like her and I hope she really likes me." My phone makes a noise and we both jump.

"Hi Rose, have a good nap baby?" thank heavens that she wasn't listening, if she was that would be... well I probably would have a hear attack. She says a little more and then it goes silent again.

"Wow, mate I thought she caught us talking about her." Harry starts laughing.

"So did I." I laugh as well. "If she caught me talking about how much I like her I would... I don't know what I would do I just...." I pause and her voice comes from her phone.

"Freak out?" She giggles. I think she just caught us.

"How long have you been listening?" I speak with my voice shaking.

"Since you thought I caught you talking about how much you like me." She giggles again and I hear a small voice.

"Aunt Ellie. Who are you talking to?" That must be Rose.

"A friend, you can meet him soon. Are you done napping?" She really wants to see me again. This is the best day ever. I wish it would never end.



Lou, Louis, Harry, Lux, Rose and I all planned a time that I would get picked up and taken to the Hotel that they where all staying at. In the hall is where we all split up. Lux, Harry, Rose, and Lou into one room. Before they left I made sure I told Lou that Rose can't have too much sugar or I will have to keep her here until the effects ware off. She laughed and nodded, I could tell she knew exactly what I meant.

Once we went into Louis room, that is absolutely gigantic I may add. I walked through the kitchen / dinning room area, past the bathroom, past the beds and to the couch that was by a window. When I sat down I sat there for a bit, with out talking, with out moving, just sitting there thinking. Soon my emotions came into this and I began to cry. As soon as I did Louis came over to me, breaking the distance he was giving me to think, to worry to my self.

He wrapped his arms around me and hushed my sobs. "Are you ready to talk Ellie?" He asked me after a little while when my gasps where few and far between. I nod and he unwraps his arms from my small body. I take a few more breaths and started telling my life story. About my mother not liking my half brother, my half sister, even though I never talk to her, or their little families, about how I have helped my half-brother for a while and my mother frowns upon it, and the threat my mother has made many times, that if I don't get a real, and decent, well paid job by the end of the year my mother will make me come work with her in her sweat shop that makes over priced not so name brand clothing. As I open up to him I feel a relief that I wasn't sure I would feel until I got the job, but with Louis I felt free, I felt like this whole world was off my shoulder. I could see my future with him. Out of all the men I have met, Louis was by far the one that I would like to start a life long relationship with.



When she was done crying she opened up to me, she told me everything that was on her mind, and there was a lot, but I am glad that she trusts me enough to tell me everything like she did. I hope that this relation ship goes further than just friends, I can see my future revolving around this woman, around what she wants and what she needs. Out of all the women I have been with and have talked to she is by far the best, I can see her being my life long love. I can see myself having her as my wife for the rest of eternity. 


That my lovely readers is chapter two! I am really having fun writing this story!! I hope you all are liking this as much as I am, feel free to comment what you think is going to happen, questions you may have for me (Callie), who I am writing this for (Ruby), or any of the characters, you honestly comment anything, as long as it is kind, and I will reply with an answer to anything, unless it is for Ruby. 

But seriously, comment anything, if you all beat 60 comments. (That is the most that is on any of my other Imagines) I will answer any personal questions that you all may have. (Yes I am bribing you all for comments, that is not a bad thing is it? I don't think so)

If I write much more my authors note will be longer than the story its self! (Sorry all I am really hyper right now.. I thought what I was drinking Tea, turns out it was coffee.. and I drank over a full pot so I am practically bouncing off the walls.) So yeah. Comment anything! 

Love you all!!

Muaahhh (that one kiss sound people make.. you know what I mean? I hope so cause I hardly do)

Sooo.. that is about it.. 

Love you alll!

Callie xox

Yes these are out fits (if you are on a mobile app, you can't see them, sorry). Yes I will be doing this each chapter. I found this really cool app called Polyvore (for those with smart phones) it is really cool, you can make cute little photos like this but they don't have to be outfits. I am not here to commercialize,I am here to make a story and photos to go with them. If you like those photos feel free to check out that app thing place.

So this is seriously it. Bye my lovely readers. love you all so much.

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but again, I do really love you all!

Callie xox

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