Little Ms. Unpopular

Ellie has worked at Carlos 'O Kelly's in Southern Illinois she had only been here about a year and a half. In Illinois she always does her best to keep her widowed brother on his toes and her niece entertained. Ellie's parents home is in northern Minnesota, every other month on the first Friday Ruby drive home to mom and dad. Each time she regrets it even more, thanks to the rude comments Ellie's mother throws at me when her dad is out of the room. Comments trashing her job, trashing Scott and Rose, constantly reminding Ellie that it doesn't matter weather they are as close as brother and sister, they are step siblings, and worst of all, telling Ruby that if she don't find a "real" job soon her mother would call the man who's helping Ellie find a job and tell him that there is no longer a need, that Ellie is working for her mother now. Ellie knows that her mother would make that happen.


1. Chapter One


Another night, another shift at Carlos 'O Kelly's. I hate this job so much but there is no other job open and quite frankly I needed the money. Even if it was just below minimum wage, I can't afford to be picky. I walked up to my best guy friend that works on the same shift as I do.

"Hey Girl." He held out the 'irl' making his comment sound girly. "You are totally rocking those black pants. They have to be new. Tell me they are. Are they?"

I laughed and nodded grabbing my apron, pen and writing pad we walked out to the front to greet people and seat them. "So, Jacob how was your date with Tyler last night?" Did I mention he was gay? Nope, I didn't well he is. I am sure you could tell though. I mean come on. What other boy would say what he said?

"Oh my god, it was horrible. I mean he was great, I really love him, but the service there was absolutely horrible. And we had to wait an extra half hour while others went in. And I forgot to bring my back up hair grease so my hair deflated. I couldn't fix it because, well Tyler is white and he doesn't need hair grease." He shook his head and rolled his eyes. "So how was your blind date? Hmmm?" He elbowed me as big men in big black suits walked in surrounding what looked to be five boys and two girls.

"How many tonight?" I asked no one specifically.

"Seven." The big man in front replied totally robotic. With no emotion at all.

"Alright. It will be a few little bit, maybe ten or fifteen minutes. The man nods and the people in the circle sit down.

"So, Ellie, the date?" Jacob asked again elbowing me.

"Like any other blind date my mother has set me up on. Except this one was new. Man on the run for 13 years. I was set up with a criminal. God I have to find some one and fast before she finds a Cereal Killer or a Rapist or something." I shake my head thinking about Daniel and what he could have done to be on the run when Jacob nudges me again. "What Jacob?"

"Do you see who that is?" He points to an incredibly good-looking girl, but she looked in pain or constipated or something. I shake my head. "That is Sophia Smith!!" He said. Oh my gosh it is. That means she is with One Direction.

"You take my shift I take yours?" I look at him.

"Excuse me. They are mine." He jokes back but I know that it was a yes. As the family that was in the only booth big enough for that group leaves I push Jacob out the door so he can clean off the table and I can meet my idols.

"It should be just a few more minutes. Jacob just went to clear the table." I smile with nothing in return. As Jacob passes by with the tub of dirty dishes, glasses and silverware he nods and I take that as my cue to seat the group. "Your table is now ready if you follow me.

I lead them to the table and watch as one by one Louis, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Perry, Liam and Sophia all sit down. "Hello, my name is Ellie, I will be your waitress this evening, what can I get you to drink?" I babble off the script that I have to say and one by one they get drinks. Niall tried to order off the alcohol menu but I caught him and reminded him that it is for those 21 years and older and he was only 20.

"Aww. Shucks. I thought I was goanna get away with it." He mutters.

"Not until September 13th Mr. Horan." I reply and he looks at me. Laughing. "What? Just cause I am 19 I can’t love you guys?” I smirk, thinking about all the times that I imagined meeting them but none of the times ended up any where close to this. “And then if it is ok, can I get your autographs later?” I ask looking at them. Again no reply and I nod and walk off to get the drinks that they ordered… I guess that is a no.



Ellie. That name alone gives me shivers. When I see her its like the whole word has disappeared and it was made for her and me. Before we leave I have to ask her on a date.

Date. That is something I haven’t been on since Eleanor and I came to an agreement that the distance was just to far when I left and she stayed home. Nether of us could stand it, we where in need of a change and that is just what happened. Sadly we haven’t talked since…

While she was gone all I could do was think about what it would be like to travel with Ellie. I know we just met and I know I shouldn’t be felling this towards someone this early, but it is hard not to. I hope to be seeing more of her more often. I will do all that I can to ensure that I will see her again.



When I came back to the table with the drinks they where all talking, as soon as I came was just in distance where I could hear their whispers they stopped talking. Well ok then. Must have been talking about their new album that is coming out again. Top secret stuff there (sarcasm) I mean it isn’t like we wont leak the album like we did midnight memories… it is always possible with our fandom.

Setting down the drinks was a hassle with all of them but I managed to get it all without spilling. “So do you all know what you are going to be having or do you need more time to look at the menu?”  I look at the clock above them. Only one more hour on my shift and then I can go home and get my brother Scott, niece Rose, and head off to visit my parents for the weekend. Joy, I just can’t wait to go back to that hell hole (again sarcasm).

“I am ready how about all of you?” Louis said looking around the table at the others. They all nodded and Niall started, ordering probably more then the other six combine.

The others ordered and then it came to Louis. “Well. I would like two things. I would like your number with the side of you current relationship status and a date.” He looks at the menu the whole time with a serious face, and then put in his real order.

As I walked back to put it in the order box Jacob grabbed my elbow while I was walking. “So how is it going?” He asked practically jumping up and down.

“He just..” I say and then fade off unable to say it.

“Who’s He?” He stopped jumping and then became serious.

“Louis…” Still mostly speechless.

“What did he do?” Jacob pushed the topic further. “Do I have to kick some British ass?” He put his hand on his hip and popped his hip out like an annoyed teenager would do.

“No… He asked me for my number.” I rush off to put the order on the order wrack, Jacob on my heals.

“Tell me everything.” Jacobs face lit up with excitement as I let out a breath.

I explained the story and went back to the table to get them more chips. Louis words echoing in my brain.



That was a close one. Ellie almost caught the boys planning how Louis was going to ask Ellie out. That would have been really bad if that happened. But it didn’t so we are good. When Lou asked though she just froze and left as soon as she could. When she came back it was just to check on us and to give us more chips. When the food came around she said a little more but only to make sure every body got the right thing. The less she said the more worried Lou became. Finally the time rolled around for the checks. Liam and Sophia got one, Niall got one, Zayn and I got one Harry got one, and then it was time for Lou’s. She picked his up and wrote something on it and then handed it to him. He looked at it and froze. His facial reaction unreadable. This could ether be good or really bad..



I can’t believe it. I am seriously 100% speechless.. She handed me back what was supposed to be a reseat but it was just a slip of paper that said ‘Dinner on me. Ellie.’ With her number. On the bottom it said. ‘P.S. Single… How does Monday night sound?


I feel mean cutting it off there but it is 1512 words… (Microsoft word has word count.)

First of off I am just going to say, Ruby, if that is not your age I apologies but I needed an age that was above 18 and below 20 so I chose the one smack dab in the middle.

Other than that I don’t have much to say. I have to go do home work and get ready for a school musical! Good luck Maddy dear, just incase I can’t come.

Also sorry if it isn't long, it was a little over three pages with size 10 font on word so...

Other than that I don’t really know what to say.

Comment what you think and check out some of my other imagines.. If you want to be a part of one check out my movellas, the one with a moon on the water with the title of “Imagine contest story’s open” check that out and let me know what one you want, along with the boy, a description of you, and some hobbies. Thank you to all of my beautiful readers!! Love you!! BIG hugs and kisses.

Callie xox

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