Midnight Memories

Two girls who are like sisters go to a one direction concert and one of them is chosen to live with the boys for a month. Lisa is the one who is chosen to live with them for a month. she falls hard for Niall and Niall falls hard for her.
''I love you'' I said.
''to the moon and back'' she said.
''forever me and you'' I said
''forever and always'' she said.
will their cute relationship last or will many complications separate them? read to find out!!!


10. 9.

Lisa’s POV:

Today is Niall’s last concert and has been gone for two months and tonight Melanie and I are going to their concert tonight to surprise Niall and Harry. We have the front rows and backstage passes thanks to Preston who is helping us surprise them. I had a shower and got dressed in to a pair of long jeans, my short sleeve shirt that shows off my belly and heels.

Lisa’s Outfit:

And I went downstairs to see what Mel was wearing and she was wearing a nice black dress with black heels.

Melanie’s Outfit:

We called a taxi and headed to the 02 Arena. When we got there a few people reconised us.

‘’hey aren’t you Lisa Niall’s girlfriend?’’ one of them asked me.

‘’yes’’ I replied.

‘’then why are you hear?’’ she asked.

‘’because I wanted to surprise him’’ I replied.

‘’that’s so cool. By the way I love your outfit’’ she said.

‘’thanks. I love your shirt’’ I said. Her shirt said I love London.

‘’thanks’’ she replied and then left. The concert was about to start and the act before one direction was 5SOS and they were really good. After they finished one direction came on and everyone started screaming like crazy. They started with up all night then they went with Irresistible when Niall looked down and saw me. He waved and saw Melanie. He then told Harry we were here and they were amazing like always. They then went on to sing stole my heart then story of my life, right now, back for you, teenage dirt bag, back for you, happily, strong, midnight memories, best song ever, Dianna and what makes you beautiful. Then the concert finished when Niall said

‘’ok guys there are a couple of fans who we love dearly with us today. Lisa and Melanie come up please’’ so we got up there and Niall kissed me in front of everyone.

‘’this is my girlfriend Lisa everyone. My one and only’’ Niall said.

‘’aww’’ the crowd went and I was embarrassed.

‘’This is Melissa my girlfriend’’ Harry said and everyone cheered and we left the stage.

Niall’s POV:

When we got on stage and I looked down and saw Lisa that just made my night and then I saw Melanie so I said to harry

‘’hey man look in the front row in the centre’’ and he did. He winked at her and blew her a kiss.

‘’the girls are here’’ he said like a child.

When the concert came to an end harry and I decided to bring them up on stage.

‘’ok guys there are a couple of fans who we love dearly with us today. Lisa and Melanie come up please’’ and they did. I kissed Lisa and Harry kissed Melanie.

‘’this is my girlfriend, my one and only Lisa’’ her checks went red.

‘’this is Melanie my girlfriend’’ Harry said and the crowd cheered. We walked off stage and that is when I decided to pick Lisa up and spin her around.

‘’I missed you’’ I said.

‘’I missed you more. Now I feel complete with you here’’ she said.

‘’I feel better that I’m with you now’’ I replied and kissed her.

‘’ok you two break it up’’ Preston said.

‘’thanks for keeping it a secret from them’’ Lisa said to him.

‘’it’s the least I could do since he wouldn’t stop talking about you’’ Preston said and I was blushing.

‘’I hope you were surprised baby’’ Lisa said.

‘’of course I was. You spent your money on us so I have to be nice to a fan’’ I replied.

‘’oh so I am a fan now huh?’’ she replied.

‘’yes but a very cute, talented and funny fan who I’m currently dating’’ I replied.

‘’stop being so cute guys’’ Louis said as we walked back to the dressing rooms to get change.

‘’do you guys want to go out clubbing or something?’’ Zayn asked.

‘’are the girls coming?’’ Lisa asked.

‘’of course. They are our family as well as our girlfriends or in Louis case fiancé’’ Zayn replied.

‘’cool. If it is alright with them and Niall’’ Lisa replied.

‘’I have no problem with it’’ I said.

‘’great, I’ll call the girls and tell them to get ready’’ Lisa said leaving the room.

‘’so how did you like the surprise?’’ Louis asked.

‘’did you guys know about it?’’ I asked him.

‘’maybe, maybe not’’ he replied.

‘’yes it was a very nice surprise’’ I said and they grinned.

‘’ the girls are in for tonight’’ Lisa said coming back.

‘’good we will pick the girls up now and then go?’’ Zayn said and we all agreed. When we got to the club we walked straight into the club. We started off with some cocktails for the girls and beer for us. We then stared with shots. Lisa and I got up and dance for an hour and then we went back to our table.

‘’do you wanna get out of here?’’ she asked yelling over the loud music.

‘’sure’’ I replied. We said bye to the others and left the club. We were intoxicated but not drunk.

‘’so where are we going?’’ I asked.

‘’I was thinking a walk along the beach?’’ she asked.

‘’sure thing miss romantic’’ I said and I wrapped my hand around her waist and pulled her close to me. It was a beautiful night and the full moon was out.

‘’I really did miss you’’ she said taking off her heels and rolling her pants up.

‘’I missed you too. I won’t be leaving till I finish stealing every piece of your heart’’ I said and I realised that it was a lyric for one of our songs.

‘’that was really cheesy quoting from the song stand up’’ she replied and laughed.

‘’well sorry ma’am’’ I replied and tickled her.

‘’stop it’’ she said in between laughs.

‘’only if you say I’m the sweetest main alive’’ I said.

‘’ok stop so I can’’ she said in between laughs so I let her go and she ran. She was very cheeky. I ran after her and caught up to her and I grabbed her arm.

‘’ok, ok I surrender. You’re the sweetest man alive and I’m happy to have you in my life’’ she said and I was satisfied.

We continued to walk along the beach hand in hand when she asked.

‘’it is your birthday next week what to you want for it?’’

‘’nothing. I just want to spend it with my lovely girlfriend. If I have that I don’t need anything else because I have you’’ I replied kissing her.

‘’are you sure babe?’’ she asked breaking the kiss.

‘’I’m sure. I want you and only you’’ I replied.

‘’ok if you say so’’ she said.

‘’no wait actually there is one thing I want for my birthday’’ I said.

‘’and what might that be?’’ she asked.

I got down on one knee and said

‘’I’m in love with so much and I have done some thinking these past months and what I’m about to ask you I hope you say yes. So here it goes. Would you move in with me?’’ I asked.

‘’Niall I would love to’’ she replied. I was so happy she said yes.

We walked back to the car when I said

‘’that means we have to invest in a house because we cannot live with the boys and we cannot live with Mel’’ I said.

‘’doesn’t matter. We don’t have to get one right away and there is more room in Mel and my house then at your house because there is two of us and 5 of you guys’’ she replied.

‘’fine but when we get married one day we will have our own house but for now we can live at yours’’ I agreed.

‘’marriage? Who said anything about marriage?’’ she asked.

‘’yea one day we will get married if you want to’’ I replied.

‘’one day but not right away and besides we are not even engaged’’ she replied.

‘’soon’’ I mumble under my breath and we drove back to mine to tell the boys that I was moving out next week and then we told Mel and she was exited the boys were a bit sad but that soon changed when I said

‘’I’m just a phone call away and we will not change at all. Liam and Louis would understand because Liam has been with Safa for a few years and El and Louis have been together a few years as well’’ when Louis said

‘’I’m moving in with El too next week’’.

‘’Safa is moving in here with us’’ Liam said.

‘’see you lose two and gain and extra one’’ I said and we all laughed. We ended up getting take out for dinner and watched toy story for Liam. When I looked at the clock and it was 9pm.

‘’is that the time already?’’ Lisa asked.

‘’Yea’’ I replied.

‘’I have to go home’’ she said.

‘’why?’’ I asked.

‘’because I need to make sure my outfit is all good for tomorrow and I need a good night sleep’’ she replied.

‘’outfit for what?’’ Louis asked.

‘’I have an interview for the local hospital tomorrow at 9am’’ she replied.

‘’wow babe congratulations’’ I said.

‘’thanks Ni’’ she replied. Lisa was about to walk out the door when I stopped her.

‘’let me drive you home babe’’ I said and she agreed.

So when we got to the house I walked her up to the door when her door was left open.

‘’did you or Mel leave the house unlocked?’’ I asked.

Lisa’s POV:

When Niall walked me to the door it was open.

‘’Did you or Mel leave the door unlocked?’’ Niall asked.

‘’No and Mel and Harry said they were coming here while they had it to themselves’’ I replied and ran into the house when Niall grabbed my arm.

‘’you cannot go inside’’ he said.

‘’I have too it is our best friends in there’’ I replied.

‘’get behind me’’ he said and we walked in. the lights wouldn’t work so I ran to get a flash light and turned it on. The place was trashed like some kind of struggle. I saw harry on the floor so I ran over to him.

‘’Harry wake up its Lisa and Niall’’ I said and he wouldn’t wake up.

‘’Niall I’m scared. Where is Mel if Harry is here?’’ I asked him crying.

‘’shh babe it will be fine. I don’t know where she is but we have to continue looking for her’’ he said trying to comfort me. Niall got his phone out to call the police when he got hit over the head.

‘’NIALL’’ I screamed and then I heard a laugh.

‘’I told you to give me Mel but you didn’t stupid bitch and you should have never dumped Nathan either’’ Jason said and he had Melanie with a knife against her neck.

‘’Lisa please help me’’ she said.

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