Midnight Memories

Two girls who are like sisters go to a one direction concert and one of them is chosen to live with the boys for a month. Lisa is the one who is chosen to live with them for a month. she falls hard for Niall and Niall falls hard for her.
''I love you'' I said.
''to the moon and back'' she said.
''forever me and you'' I said
''forever and always'' she said.
will their cute relationship last or will many complications separate them? read to find out!!!


9. 8.

Chapter 8: 8.

Niall’s POV:

Today is the day that the boys and I will be leaving the girls for 6 months and I will miss Lisa so much. I felt someone kiss my cheek telling me to wake up. I knew it was Lisa so I turned onto my side and pulled her on the bed and she screamed.

‘’Niall let me go’’ she said.

‘’no I want to spend a couple of minutes in this bed with my beautiful girlfriend because I will miss her like crazy’’ I said.

‘’remind me who is your girlfriend again?’’ she said cheekily.

‘’let me see. She has lovely hazel green eyes, a cute nose, cute butt, great lips long chestnut hair-‘’ I was about to keep going when she said

‘’just shut up and kiss me already’’ so I kissed her when we heard a knock at the door.

‘’guys come on we need to leave in 40 minutes’’ Harry said.

‘’Alright we will be out soon’’ I replied and Lisa got off the bed and got changed.

‘’Babe I’ll pick you guys up in 20 minutes I have to go home and get changed’’ Lisa said because she stayed last night.

‘’ok I’ll see you soon’’ I said and gave her a kiss then she left. I got up and got changed and finished packing my bag for our tour and went down with my bag. I walked into the kitchen and Anna and Zayn were making out.

‘’hey bro where is Lisa?’’ Zayn asked.

‘’she went to her house so she could get changed and will be back to drop us at the airport’’ I replied.

‘’alright then’’ he replied.

*20 Minutes have passed*

We heard a honk outside and it was Lisa we left to heat to the airport. Lisa parked the car and there were a lot of fans and paparazzi here. We got our bags and grabbed the girls and ran into the airport.

‘’well that was something’’ Lisa said.

‘’yea that’s what it is like everywhere we go’’ I replied.

‘’I’m going to miss you Nialler’’ she said.

‘’and I will miss you my princess’’ I said and we kissed.

‘’ok you too break it up’’ Paul said.

‘’alright’’ I replied.

‘’it’s time to board the plane now guys’’ Paul said.

‘’Paul?’’ Lisa asked.

‘’yea?’’ he replied.

‘’Promise me something!’’ she said.

‘’depends on what it is’’ he replied.

‘’take care of Niall and the boys for us please’’ Lisa said.

‘’Not a problem Lisa’’ he replied. We kissed our girls one more time and then got on the plane. I miss her already.

Lisa’s POV:

I miss Niall already. We headed back to the car and were questioned a lot by the paparazzi.

‘’are you girls sad that they are gone? Do you think they will cheat on you? Do you trust them?’’ they kept asking. We just ignored them and went in the car. Anna, El, Safa and I went back to mine. I walked in the door and Mel was watching something on TV. I snuck up behind her and scared her.

‘’You bitch. You scared the living daylight out of me’’ she said and I just laughed.

‘’hi girls’’ she said to them.

‘’Get your bum off this cough right now because El, Anna, Safa, you and I are going shopping and watching a movie as well as dinner’’ I said. She groaned before getting up and getting changed. When we left it was 4pm.

‘’so shopping or movies?’’ I asked.

‘’Shopping, dinner and then movies’’ they replied.

‘’alright’’ I said and I drove to the mall. We brought a lot of things and the last store we went into was a Lingerie store.

‘’come on you too’’ El and Safa said to Mel and me.

‘’why are we going in here?’’ I asked.

‘’so when the boys come back we will have sexy clothes for them. Anna and I already have some and we want more so come on’’ El replied and so we went in there. El brought herself a pair of black lace one and white lace ones. Anna and Safa brought themselves a pair of baby blue lace ones when El picked out for Mel and I a pair for us to try on.

‘’I don’t even have a boyfriend so why do I need a pair?’’ Mel asked.

‘’Harry like you’’ El said and I butted in and said

‘’ that is true. He likes you and you like him. The way he acts around you compared to the boys is so different’’ I said.

‘’no he likes hot, beautiful celebrities like Kendal Jenner, Taylor Swift, ect. Not ugly fat girls like me. I mean Lisa you are prettier than me. All of you girls are’’ she said.

‘’Mel look at me. He was a stupid dick who didn’t deserve you. He made you feel like shit. By calling you those names. It is not true ok. I’m not just saying this because you are my best friend or my sister but because it is true. You are beautiful, smart and talented girl. I’m just an ordinary girl who after Nathen I didn’t think I was ever good enough either. You cheered me up and changed my mind. Without you I wouldn’t be happy without Niall in my life. You showed me that it is alright to love again so I’m doing the same thing for you ok please stop putting yourself down like that please’’ I said.

‘’Lisa thanks you know everything to say. Your right though it is alright to love again’’ she replied.

‘’that’s my girl’’ I said and hugged her.

‘’huh?’’ Anna, Safa and El asked.

‘’we will tell you guys later’’ I said so we tried on our outfits. Mine was a baby pink almost see through shirt with lace panties with it and a pair of place ones as well. She also gave Mel black ones. We brought them and it was now 6pm. We ended up going to dinner at nandos and then we went to the movies. We chose what movie we wanted to see which wolf creek 2 was because we wanted to go scary. We went to get our snacks and I went to find kit kats I ran into some one I never wanted to see.

‘’Jason?’’ I asked in an annoyed tone.

‘’Lisa?’’ he asked and a surprised tone.

‘’how have you been and how is Mel?’’ he asked.

‘’I am fine and you don’t have a right to call her mel anymore. You lost that privlage two years ago when you broke her heart’’ I replied.

‘’oh come on your not still made are you?’’ he asked.

‘’I am you asshole. She is much happier without you in her life. You stole the one thing from her that she can never have back. It was meant to be for someone special but you got her drunk and stole her virginity. Then you cheated on her and when w=she was about to leave you bashed her so bad that I really wanted to kill you and still do. So LEAVE her alone. Don’t even go near her. BYE’’ I said as I was about to storm off when he grabbed my arm.

‘’LET me go now’’ I said and he gripped me tighter and my arm was now killing.

‘’let me see her or you will get it’’ he said.

‘’no f*cking way. You can hurt me all you want but I’m not scared of you so bring it and get caught’’ I said and he let me go. I walked back to the girls

‘’what took you so long?’’ they asked.

‘’I couldn’t find the kit-Kats and coloured popcorn’’ I lied.

‘’ok’’ they all said and we walked into the cinema.

*skip the movie*

Lisa’s POV:

We came out of the movie and I had missed calls from Niall.

‘’hey babe sorry we I was in the movies with the girls. Lisa xx’’ I sent him a text. He didn’t reply which only means he is on stage or asleep. We went to walk to go to the car when someone grabbed Mel’s arm.

‘’Let go of me Jason’’ she said. I was so pissed off I wanted to hit him.

‘’No you were always mine’’ he said.

‘’did you net get my memo before? I said leave her alone dick’’ I said and kneed him in the balls.

We ran towards the car when he grabbed my hair. I took defence classes so I turned around and punched him in the face. And he fell to the floor. I went to get in the car when he grabbed my leg and tripped me over. I hit my head on the ground and he was on top of me and started to choke me but I need him in the balls again and keep punching him when he pushed me on to the ground and quickly dragged me to a dark alley. The girls tried to help but they couldn’t. He stopped dragging me and kept kicking me and then he ended up stabbing me when the police officers came and cuffed him and I passed out.

Mel’s POV:

I called the police as soon as he dragged her into he alley. They got there within 3 minutes and arrested him. I ran in the alley and saw Lisa on the ground not responding. Then the ambo’s came and took her to the hospital. El, Safa, Anna and I followed them to the hospital when her phone started to ring. I looked at the caller ID and it was Niall.

‘’Hey Niall’’ I said.

‘’Hey Mel, is Lisa ok?’’ he asked.

‘’yea she is why would you ask?’’ I asked.

‘’because you picked up her phone instead of Lisa’’ he replied.

‘’she fell asleep 10 minutes ago’’ I said.

‘’can you tell her to call me in the morning then?’’ he asked.

‘’not a prob bye’’ I said.

I didn’t tell Niall because Lisa wouldn’t have wanted me too because he would come back and not finish his tour. We got to the hospital and asked for Lisa Mason. She was in surgery. We waited for what seemed like for ever which was only an hour.

‘’Ms Mason?’’ the doc said and I stood up.

‘’she will be fine. She has a couple of broken ribs and she hasn’t hit any major organs from when she got stabbed just 5 stiches. She can go home in two days but she needs plenty of bed rest but she would be able to go back to school on Tuesday’’ eh said which is good cause she has classes Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

‘’ok doc thanks’’ I said and we walked in and she just woke up.

‘’are you ok Mel?’’ she asked.

‘’I’m fine thanks to you my hero and I should be asking you that question’’ I replied.

‘’I’m fine a little sore but fine. I just really miss Niall’’ she replied.

‘’he called before and I told him you were asleep and that you call him tomorrow as it is 12am’’ I replied.

‘’thanks Mel’’ she replied.

*4 months later*

Lisa’s POV:

Good thing I’m all healed from what happened months ago. I still haven’t told Niall and I won’t. Today is my graduation so I woke up and had a shower and got dresses when my phone rang and it was Niall.

[N=Niall,  M=Me]

M: hey babe I was just thinking about you.

N: I was thinking about how much I miss you.

M: Are you coming today?

N: That’s what I rang to tell you. We cannot make it I’m so sorry.

M: It’s alright babe

N: I’ll make it up to you somehow.

M: ok Ni I have to get ready I love you and I miss you.

N: Alright babe I love you and miss you too.

I am slightly disappointed but it isn’t his fault. So I got ready and it was 11am so Mel and I went. She was my support. We were called up on by one and I was one of the last people because I had to make a speech.

Niall’s POV:

She fell for it. Lisa doesn’t know that I’m seeing her today. We just got to her collage and I hid behind people. I hear her name being called and she has to make a speech.

‘’we finally made it. No more homework or assignments! We are free to go on with our lives. Congratulations to everyone we made it. Enjoy your lives and live life to the fullest. Class of 2013 we made it’’

Then everyone cheered and through their caps in the air. I was Lisa talking with some of her friends and I snuck up behind her signalling her friends to be quiet and I put my hands on her waist and she jumped and turned around. The look on her face was a classic.

‘’NIALL?’’ she said excitedly.

‘’surprise baby’’ I replied and she pulled me into a kiss.

‘’I missed you so much babe’’ she said against my lips.

‘’I missed you more and by the way happy 8 months’’ I replied.

‘’Happy 8 months baby’’ she replied.

‘’Hey Lisa you coming tonight?’’ some chick asked she looked at me and then replied


‘’ok bring as many people as you want if you come’’ and the chick left.

‘’you can go if you want. After all it is your graduation. I’ll go if you want’’ I said.

‘’I don’t care as long I spend time with you’’ she said.

‘’well then you’re going’’ I said and we walked to her car with Mel. We drove back to her house and Lisa and I went into her room and we sat on the bed talking.

‘’so how long are you here for? Are the others here as well?’’ she asked.

‘’on week and yes because we have a hole week off’’ I replied.

‘’good which means I can do this’’ she said and pushed me on the bed. I knew what she was doing.

‘’and then we do this’’ I said and started to kiss her and we took each other’s clothes off. We both let out moans and before we knew it we were both naked and I was on top thrusting into her. We laid next to each other painting. I got my phone and it was 4pm.

‘’ok we need to get don’t ’’ she said.

‘’ok babe’’ I said as she got up and I saw a scar on her stomach that wasn’t there before.

‘’hey babe what happened to your stomach?’’ I asked.

Lisa’s POV:

‘’hey babe what happened to your stomach?’’ Niall asked.

Oh shit I’ve been caught.

‘’it’s nothing babe’’ I said with a reassuring smile.

‘’no it’s not nothing tell me please’’ he asked. I just got the towel off my chair and wrapped it around myself and walked out when he grabbed my arm.

‘’tell me what happened’’ he said. I can’t he won’t finish the tour and will drag me with him.

‘’I don’t want to talk about it because it’s not mine to tell so just drop it’’ I said.

‘’please’’ he begged.

‘’Niall I said leave it’’ in an annoyed tone. I walked into the bathroom and had a shower and washed my hair and got out of the shower. I got changed and Niall, Mel and I went to the party. We got to the party and it was crazy. People were already drink and everyone was making out. I got us a drink and we drank. With in an hour Mel had too much to drink. She was slurring her words and dancing on tables. She even tried taking off her shirt before I grabbed her.

‘’Niall can you help me with Mel please?’’ I asked.

‘’Sure’’ he replied.

‘’no guys come on I’m having too much fun. Let’s stay for a little longer’’ she pleads.

‘’no your drunk so we are going now’’ I said.

‘’you are no fun’’ she said.

‘’oh yea we will see when I’m saving your ass from doing something you regret tomorrow’’ I replied. We got to the car and I put her in the back seat. We started to drive when Mel said.

‘’Guys we need to stop or I’m going to be sick in the car’’ she said so I pulled over and she got out of the car. When she finished puking she got back in the car we drove home.

‘’Lisa have you told Niall about the scar yet? I heard you guys talking about it upstairs eailier’’ Mel said.

‘’Mel now isn’t the time’’ I said and Niall looked angry. I put Mel in her bed and she fell asleep. I walked out to see one very angry Niall.

‘’what is this about that scar?’’ he asked.

‘’ok the day you left we went shopping, had dinner and watched wolf creek 2 I ran into Mel’s ex Jason who I have told you about before. I told him to leave us alone and he did I until the movie was finished and we walked back to the car. He started to grab Mel and I need him in the balls and walked away when he pulled my hair and started bashing me. At one stage I kicked his ass and the he tripped me over and dragged me into an alley way and bashed me again and stabbed me. I was going to tell you when you got back because I didn’t want you to leave the tour because I know you would have’’ I said trying to fight the tears back.

‘’oh babe I’m sorry. And your right I would have the tour cancelled’’ he said.

‘’see I told you’’ I said as I hugged him.

‘’where is he now?’’ he asked.

‘’prison with Nathen’’ I replied.

‘’at least he cannot hurt you guys anymore’’ he said

‘’are you still going back on tour?’’ I asked.

‘’only if you don’t want me too’’ he replied.

‘’good because I want to go and you’ll be back in two months but I have this whole week with you’’ I said.

‘’exactly one whole week with you’’ he said in a romantic way.

‘’so what are we going to do today?’’ I asked.

‘’well how about we call the boys and girls and see if they want to go to the beach?’’ N iall asked.

‘’not a problem. Can Mel come too please?’’ I begged.

‘’of course she is a part of my family as well as you. You two the girls and the boys are my family now’’ he said wiggling his eyebrows.

‘’you are too cute’’ I said.

‘’I know I am right?’’ he replied and I kissed him.

‘’Good morning love birds’’ Mel said.

‘’morning Melly’’ I said and gave her a hug.

‘’hey they are my hugs and only mine’’ Niall said pretending to have a dummy spit.

‘’you always get your one’s and now it is Mel’s turn’’ I said as she poked her tounge at him. Niall pretends to pout.

‘’ok now Mel pack our bag for the beach and get ready. Niall go and collect some food for us and I’ll cook breakfast’’ I said.

‘’ok good plan break’’ Niall said we laughed.

When Niall came back with a whole heap of food and Mel packed towels and everything ion a bag Niall got change and we had breakfast. Mel and I were already in our swimmers and we were ready to hit the beach. It took us 30 minutes to get to the beach and when we got there the others were late. So we choose our spot which was under a rock where no one would spot us. When we saw the others we signalled for them to come over here and they saw us. They came over and sat down with us. I took off my summer dress and sat on my towel. We had some lunch and then we played beach sports like beach football (soccer in Australia), Beach volleyball and Frisbee. Later that day Liam and Louis tried to teach me how to surf and it was funny because I kept falling off. When I gave up I ran to our spot and Niall took my towel.

‘’babe give me my towel pretty please’’ I said.

‘’nope’’ he said.

‘’please baby?’’ I begged.

‘’nope’’ he still said.

‘’well fine you’re going to regret not giving me my towel’’ I said as I sat on him dripping wet.

‘’you’re really wet babe’’ Niall said and I hit him playfully across the head. He meant that in a dirty way. I looked at the time and it was 5:30pm. I went to look for Mel to see where she is and then I saw here holding hands with Harry and I found it really cute. I quickly stepped back and sat back on Niall.

‘’babe do you wanna go for a walk along the beach?’’ Niall asked.

‘’sure thing babe’’ I replied.

Niall’s POV:

We went for a walk along the beach our fingers joined together as one. The water at our feet as well as the wet sand felt nice.

‘’come with me’’ she said as she pulled me into the water with her and we stood in the water for a bit kissing. After a while we broke apart and she playfully hit me.

‘’tag your it’’ she said.

‘’what are we 5?’’ I joked.

‘’you bet baby’’ she replied an d ran. I ran after her. I ended up catching her by getting my hands around her waist and tickled her.

‘’stop please’’ she said in between laughing. So I stopped but I picked her up bridal style and headed towards the water.

‘’no babe you wouldn’t would you?’’ she asked.

‘’yes I would love’’ I replied.

As I tried to through her in she took me down with her and I landed on top of her.

‘’thanks for catching me babe’’ I said and winked.

‘’no problem honey’’ she replied. It was getting darker and colder so we headed back towards the others and they were staring to pack up when I saw Harry’s hands around Mel’s waist. I nudged Lisa and pointed over to them.

‘’I know right? They are as cute as a couple’’ she said.

‘’no your cute and sweater’’ I said. God that was cheesy.

‘’do you know how cheesy that sounded? But doesn’t matter that was really sweet of you Ni’’ she said. It started to rain so Lisa quickly got her dress on and we ran to the car. We said bye to the others and left. I just want to spend every possible moment with Lisa.

*one week later*

Lisa’s POV:

Oh god Niall leaves again but only for two months so it wouldn’t be that bad. At least he will be back for his birthday. It is official that Harry and Mel are dating and I have already talked to harry I said

‘’if you hurt her I hurt you. She has had enough of being hurt so you better treat her right or I will kill you’’. And he replied with and

‘’ok. I promise’’.

I feel really sick so I ran to the bathroom when I heard a knock on the door.

‘’babe are you alright?’’ Niall asked.

‘’yea just a bit sick’’ I replied and he opened the door and came in and held my hair back. I flushed the toilet and brushed my teeth then we left to drop him at the airport again. I got home but before I did I stopped off at the store and got a pregnancy test. We did have protected sex last week and I’m puking everywhere. When I got home I peed on the stick and waited 3 minutes for the results and it came up with a negative. It doesn’t make sense. I’m picking a lot and I’m not pregnant so I decided to go to the doctors.

‘’you only have food poising so it is fine and you also have the flu’’ he said.

‘’ok thanks doc’’ I said before I left.

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