Midnight Memories

Two girls who are like sisters go to a one direction concert and one of them is chosen to live with the boys for a month. Lisa is the one who is chosen to live with them for a month. she falls hard for Niall and Niall falls hard for her.
''I love you'' I said.
''to the moon and back'' she said.
''forever me and you'' I said
''forever and always'' she said.
will their cute relationship last or will many complications separate them? read to find out!!!


7. 7.

*one month later*

Lisa’s POV:

I have finally caught up with Collage and I graduate in 4 months and I have never been happier. I will be able to work in the hospital with the little children. I dragged my ass out of bed and had a shower. I heard ‘’it’s gotta be you’’ coming from my phone. I turned off the shower wrapped a towel around me and quickly ran over to answer it.

‘’hey Ni’’ I said.

‘’hey babe what are you doing?’’ Niall asked.

‘’nothing just getting changed’’ I replied.

‘’oh damn I wish I was there now’’ Niall said.

‘’oh I bet you do. What’s up?’’ I asked.

‘’I have some bad news’’ he replied.

‘’oh ok what is it?’’ I asked.

‘’well I don’t know how to say this but the boys and I are going on a six month tour in two weeks which means I will be at rehearsals a lot’’ he replied.

‘’it’s ok Ni, does that mean you won’t be back to see me graduate?’’ I asked.

‘’probably princess but I will try my hardest to get there’’ he replied.

‘’it’s alright babe. It’s your job. Just every free moment you have we will just have to make the most of it while your hear and you will be back’’ I replied.

‘’I love you no matter what and I love the fact that your very understandable’’ he said.

‘’I know. That’s why you love me and I love the fact that you care about me’’ I replied.

‘’of course I would. You my girlfriend and another reason while I called was to see if you had any plans for tonight?’’ he asked.

‘’no plans at what. What did you have in mind?’’ I asked.

‘’well the boys are not going to be home tonight. Liam is going over to Safa’s, Louis is over at El’s, Zayn is with Anna, Harry is going out’’ he replied.

‘’what did you have in mind Blondie?’’ I asked.

‘’well I was thinking me coking you dinner, we could watch some movies and just see where the night takes us’’ he replied.

‘’sounds like a plan what time do you want me their?’’ I asked.

‘’how about 5?’’ he replied.

‘’perfect. I’ll see you then. I love you’’ I said.

‘’I love you more babe’’ he said and then hanged up. I turned the shower back on and washed the conditioner out of my hair. After my shower I got changed and I headed downstairs where Melanie was cooking eggs and bacon.

‘’some one looks really happy for a Sunday’’ she joked

‘’you would too if you just got a call from your amazing boyfriend’’ I replied.

‘’ooh. Someone is blushing. Why?’’ she asked.

‘’because I think he has something romantic up his sleeve. Especially since I won’t see him for six months because he is going on tour’’ I replied.

‘’ooh babe that’s harsh. Does that mean he will not be there for your graduation?’’ she asked.

‘’yea but it’s alright because it’s his job that he loves just like if I get to go overseas to help out over there he would understand’’ I replied.

‘’well his is a good boy then so would we have time to go shopping?’’ she asked.

‘’of course we can. I’m not going over there till 5pm. It is 11am now. So if we eat and get ready and leave at 12pm we will have 4 hours to shop’’ I replied and she jumped up and down.

‘’ok let’s eat and then we should get ready’’ Melanie said and I agreed.

Melanie’s POV:

We got ready and went shopping. We got to the shopping centre and our first stop was coffee. After we had our coffee’s we brought some new clothes and some new shoes. We left and got back to the house. We brang the shopping in and then I helped her chose an outfit to wear on her hot date with Niall.


‘’alright how do I look?’’ she asked.

‘’perfect now have fun but not too much fun. Look at what I put in your purse’’ I said and she did.

‘’really condoms?’’ she asked.

‘’yes because you never know what might happen and I don’t want to become an Aunty before you start your career’’ I replied.

‘’babe I will not get pregnant trust me’’ she replied.

‘’ok, ok just have fun. Love you’’ I said.

‘’I love you too. see you tomorrow’’ I said and she left.

Niall’s POV:

Yes she ic coming over tonight. I headed downstairs when Louis said

‘’someone is really happy’’

‘’yea well since you guys are out tonight and I will not spend much time with Lisa because of our rehersal and I won’t see her for six months so I have to make it up to her’’ I replied.

‘’alright mate well what are you doing?’’ Harry asked.

‘’I was going to ask if I could borrow El for a couple of hours so she can teach me how to cook so I can cook a dinne for Lisa’’ I replied.

‘’WOW you are really going all out and sure I can learn that lession too and cook for her one night’’ he said.

‘’fantastic’’ I said and he walked away and called El.

‘’what other plans do you have?’’ Zayn asked.

‘’surprise her with dinner, watching a romatic film and we will just see what happens’’ I replied.

Louis came back with what seemed like good news.

‘’El said yes that she will help you out’’ he said.

‘’thanks Lou’’ I replied.

‘’alright I’m heading off to meet Safa bye boys’’ Liam said.

‘’yea I’m going to head off too. I’m going out with Anna night guys’’ Liam said as they both headed out the door.

‘’use protection guys’’ Harry said.

‘’real mature Haz. Real mature’’ Liam and Zayn both said. Louis hit him in the balls.

‘’what you did that for?’’ Harry asked Louis.

‘’you deserved it mate. For making inappropriate jokes’’ Louis replied and I laughed.

‘’whatever I’m out of here. I’m going out with Kendal’’ Harry said before walking out the door.

‘’I really don’t like Kendal. Harry can do so much better’’ I said.

‘’oh yea like who? I mean I don’t like her either but she makes him happy’’ Louis said.

‘’Like Lisa’s bestie Melanie’’ I said.

‘’yea but do you think Lisa would allow it? I mean check the headlines everyone is calling him a player’’ Louis said.

‘’mate he isn’t a player. He just chooses bad women like him and Taylor’’ I replied.

‘’yea but anyway El will be here soon so I better get ready’’ Louis said and I nodded. 10 minutes later El came knocking at the door with some groceries.

‘’hey El’’ I said as I opened the door.

‘’hey Niall. If you’re going to do this you’re doing this right’’ she said as she came in the door and started pulling everything out.

‘’rose petals and candles?’’ I asked.

‘’yea. I said if we are going to do this you’re going to do it right. A nice dinner with candle light and rose petals to make it more romantic’’ El said.

‘’wow’’ was all I said.

She stated pulling the food out. First we were going to make a chocolate cheesecake for dessert than we moved to Cabonara for the main course and for the appetizer stuffed Strawberries. She finished teaching me how to cook and then Louis and El left it was 4pm I had an hour till Lisa was coming so I put the rose petals everywhere and I even lighted the candles. I went upstairs and had a shower and got ready. When I looked at the time it was 5 to 5. When I heard the doorbell. I opened the door and saw Lisa. I was gobbed smacked. She looked so pretty I almost fell weak to the knees. She wore a black loose dress with little make up and black heels.

‘’hey babe’’ I said.

‘’hey honey’’ she replied and pecked her on the lips.

‘’what smells so good?’’ she asked.

‘’my cooking’’ I replied.

‘’really you cooked?’’ she asked.

‘’yes I did. I wanted to surprise you’’ I replied.

‘’you’re so cute Ni. I will miss you a lot when you’re gone especially this side’’ she said.

‘’hey let’s not think about that. Let’s just think about us and tonight’’ I said as I grabbed her hand and we walked towards the table and her eyes lit up.

Lisa’s POV:

When Niall grabbed my hand and took me to the dining table which was set up for him and me. It had two candles. I found it romantic and cute.

‘’ok here we go the appetizer is served’’ Niall said as he put a plate in front of me with Stuffed Strawberries. We ate and when we were finished he grabbed my plate and took it away.

‘’red or white wine?’’ Niall asked me.

‘’red please’’ I replied as he poured it in my glass and then brought our main which was Cabonara. It smelt so good and it tasted so good.

‘’this is amazing babe. Thank you’’ I said as we both finished our food.

‘’ would you like to dance my lady?’’ he asked me and I accepted. We dance to a few songs and he was such a terrible dancer.

‘’you know I’m a terrible dancer right?’’ he asked and I giggled.

‘’yes but that is what makes you, you’’ I replied and kissed him. The song ended and we sat back down at the table and I was waiting for dessert. I was told to cover my eyes so I did.

‘’ok now open them’’ so I opened them to a slice of chocolate cheesecake with some ice cream. Again it was really good.

‘’if you keep this up you should go for Master Chief’’ I said.

‘’thanks babe’’ he replied. After we finished our food Niall got up and got down on one knee

‘’Lisa. I know we have been going out for three months but it feels like I have known you my entire life. This is a promise ring. I promise that one day I’ll marry you and we will have a family. I promise I will protect you for as long as we live. So will you accept this promise ring?’’ he asked. I was in tears at this point.

‘’Niall I would love to’’ I said as he put the ring on my finger. I leaned in to kiss him. We kissed passionately and he told me to jump and I jumped. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he took me up to his room. He put me on the bed and took his shirt off. We then reconnected our lips and he took off my dress and he took off his pants. (I think we know where the rest leads to).

*The next morning*

Lisa’s POV:

I woke up this morning in Niall’s arms and I remembered what happened yesterday. Niall gave me a promise ring and I will miss waking up in his arms for six months. then I realised I’m not wearing any clothes so I went searching all around the room looking for my underwear and bra and slipped them on and the I grabbed one of Niall’s shirts and wore that. It looked like a dress on me so I put it on and went downstairs to make some tea when I saw Harry in the kitchen.

‘’hey we didn’t hear you come in’’ I said.

‘’yea I um kinda snuck in. Kendal and I broke up’’ he said.

‘’why did you guys break up?’’ I asked.

‘’because we knew it had an expiration date with our schedules so we didn’t fall hard into something more serious’’ he replied.

‘’oh wow harry I’m sorry to hear that’’ I said.

‘’don’t be. It was for the best’’ he replied and I patted him on the back.

‘’tea?’’ I asked.

‘’sure. That would be lovely’’ he replied. I made tea and Niall came down.

‘’morning babe’’ he said in his boxers.

‘’Morning babe’’ I replied and pecked him on the lips. I handed Harry his tea and he realised the ring on my hand.

‘’so things went pretty well last night then. So are you guys engaged after three months’’ he said all snappy.

‘’no it’s a promise ring’’ I replied.

‘’so what are we like 16 years old now?’’ Harry asked slightly pissed off.

‘’what the hell is your problem with my girlfriend Harry?’’ Niall asked.

‘’he broke up with Kendal last night’’ I said.

‘’is that why your so grumpy?’’ Niall asked.


‘’they won’t and you know what it is none of your business Harry. Just because you broke up with your girlfriend doesn’t mean you can take it out on me’’ I said as I ran up to the room and grabbed my clothes and put them on before I walked down to the door and kissed Niall bye. I opened the door and Zayn, Liam and Louis all came in I just said hi and left.

Niall’s POV:

When Lisa left I was mad at Harry.

‘’WHAT THE HELL HARRY’’ I yelled at harry.


‘’like hell they would find out’’ I replied and I puched Harry who punched me back and before we broke into a full on fight we were broken up. Liam held me back while Zayn held Harry back.

‘’what happened?’’ Louis asked. I told them what happened and Louis said

‘’Harry that isn’t right. You have to apologise to her’’.

‘’I know I feel really bad’’ Harry replied.

‘’good because you should. You had no right to go off at her like that’’ I sanpeed.

‘’Niall I’m sorry’’ Harry said.

‘’it’s not me you have to appolagise to. It is Lisa’’ I replied.

‘’alright. I’m calling her now’’ he said.

‘’no you should say it face to face’’ I said.

‘’your right. I’m going over there now’’ Harry said and I nodded.

Lisa’s POV:

I cannot believe Harry. I hate him so much. It is none of his business about me or my relationship with Niall honestly who does he think he is? I got home and opened the door to be greeted by Mel.

‘’Hey you. How did it go?’’ she asked.

‘’it was really great. He is so romantic. I have to tell you something but you cannot tell anyone’’ I said.

‘’you know me. It’s fine’’ she replied. I showed her the ring and she was jumping up and down with excitement.

‘’can I be your made of hournor please?’’ she asked.

‘’Mel of course you will but it isn’t an engament ring. It is a promise ring’’ I replied.

‘’I’m really happy for you!’’ she said.

‘’I’m glad someone is besides Niall and I’’ I said.

‘’what? Who?’’ she asked.

‘’Harry broke up with Kendal and he had the shits with me because Niall gave me a ring’’ I replied.

‘’oh I’m sorry. Don’t worry about him’’ she said when I heard the doorbell. Melanie went to answer it and I heard her say

‘’she doesn’t want to talk to you’’. I walked out there and saw Harry.

‘’it’s ok Mel. What do you want Harry?’’ I asked.

‘’look I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it and I was out of line. I’m really sorry. I was just jealous because Niall has you’’ he replied.

‘’wait back up what?’’ I asked.

‘’I’m sorry. I mean I don’t have anyone now and I’m really sorry. Please forgive me’’ he begged.

‘’look Harry I will give you another chance but my trust is earned’’ I said.

‘’ok thanks’’ he said and then left.

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