Midnight Memories

Two girls who are like sisters go to a one direction concert and one of them is chosen to live with the boys for a month. Lisa is the one who is chosen to live with them for a month. she falls hard for Niall and Niall falls hard for her.
''I love you'' I said.
''to the moon and back'' she said.
''forever me and you'' I said
''forever and always'' she said.
will their cute relationship last or will many complications separate them? read to find out!!!


6. 6.

*two months later*

Lisa’s POV:

Today is Niall’s and my 3rd month anniversary and we are celebrating. It has been two months since my last encounter with Nathan. I still flinch everytime I get a text but it’s normally either Niall, the boys, El, Anna, Safa or even Mel. I woke up to Melanie walking me up.

‘’what? It is Saturday’’ I said.

‘’get your ass up now it is 9am’’ she said.

‘’it’s too early for a Saturday’’ I said.

‘’you have work in 30 minutes’’ she said.

‘’why didn’t you wake me up sooner?’’ I said and shot right up. Every Saturday I sing in a local café for entertainment. I got changed into a pair of shorts, shirt and put my converse on and ran out the door. I got to the café and took my position with the guitar.

‘’hello everyone today I’m singing Skyscraper by Demi Lovatto’’ and with that I started singing. When I was almost finished with the song I saw Niall walk in. after the song everyone clapped even Niall.

‘’ok this sing goes out to a special someone of mine. Here it goes and this is Little Things by One Direction’’ I said and started singing. After I was finished Niall didn’t stop staring at me the whole time. Everyone clapped and I collected my pay check and put the guitar down. I ran over to Niall and hugged him.

‘’Babe you didn’t tell me you could sing’’ Niall said

‘’only because it was nothing’’ I replied

‘’you are really good’’ he said.

‘’not as good as you’’ I said and pecked him on the lips.

‘’what are you doing here anyway?’’ I asked him.

‘’I stopped off at your house and Mel told me that you were at work. I wanted to surprise you’’ he replied.

‘’aww you so cute’’ I said and giggled.

‘’this is why I love you. You always give me great complements’’ he replied and kissed me. Since my flat with Mel was 5 minutes away from work we walked back. When we got inside I went upstairs to change for my date with Niall. It was 3:30pm when we left.

Niall’s POV:

When it was 3:30pm we left to go out on our date. It was going to be really good.

‘’put this on’’ I said and handed her the blind fold.

‘’alright’’ she said and put it on. I helped her in the car and we left.

‘’are we there yet Ni?’’ Lisa asked.

‘’almost just chill’’ I replied.

‘’oh alright’’ she replied. We came to a stop and I took off her blind fold.

‘’open your eyes’’ I told her and she did.

‘’Niall it is really sweet but I cannot ice skate’’ she said.

‘’easy. I’m your teacher for the entire day’’ I replied and she agreed. We walked inside and grabbed skates from the lockers. When I put them on I lost my balance and Niall rushed to me and held me up as we made our way to the ice rink. I held onto the railing as he skated around in circles.

‘’here take my hand and trust me’’ Niall said so I took his hands and let go off the railing. I was a bit wobbly and I almost fell again but Niall catched me.

‘’good now just slide your left foot and then slide your right foot just like me’’ Niall said so I did what he said. so I glided my foot one at a time with Niall facing me and held me steddly so I wouldn’t fall.

‘’your getting the hang of it babe’’ Niall said.

‘’thanks babe. I think I can do it on my own’’ I said and he let go off me. I went around on my own and yelled

‘’I’m doing it. I’m actually ice skating’’. Niall laughed. We skated for a bit longr and then I yurned around to him and said

‘’I’ll race you to the end and back’’.

‘’ok you can have a headstart’’ he replied.

‘’ok ready. Set. Go’’ I said and I skated. He catched up to me and was a head of me. I was on my second lap and so was Niall. He ended up beating me to the other end. I slipped on my bum. We both laughed.

‘’here let me help you up’’ he said so I grabbed his hand but I puled him down and he landed on his bum too. I laughed.

‘’oh you think that was funny?’’ he said.

‘’yes I do’’ I replied and that is when I slowly got up and skated away from him. The next minute I felt his hands around my waist and picked me up.


‘’no can do my love’’ he replied. He ended up putting me down. I then skated away from him again when he catched me and fell on top of me. We laughed and the he leaned down to my face and we kissed. After a few minutes he helped me up because it was cold.

‘’ow’’ I yelped.

‘’where are you hurt?’’ he asked with concern in his eyes.

‘’my ankle’’ I replied.

‘’can you walk?’’ he asked and I put pressure on it and I screamed in pain.

‘’let’s get you to the hospital’’ he said and he carried me out to the car and drove to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital and he carried me inside. I went in to the doctor’s office with Niall and he did some X-rays on my foot. When the doctor left to get the results Niall instantly said

‘’I’m so sorry baby’’.

‘’it’s ok. What did I say before? I’m a clumsy person. I get hurt all the time so don’t worry about it’’ I replied and pecked his check.

‘’ok I have some good news and some bad news’’ the doctor said coming in from the door.

‘’ok good news first please’’ I said.

‘’alright. Your ankle is not broken’’ he replied.

‘’and the bad news?’’ Niall asked.

‘’you have badly sprained your foot. You are to be on bed rest for a week and then come back’’ he replied.

‘’but I cannot. I’m in my last year of collage and I graduate in 5 and a half months. I cannot afford to miss out on work’’ I said.

‘’I’m sorry Ms Mason but if you walk on it you can break it’’ he replied.

‘’alright’’ I replied.

‘’here are some crutches so you can move around a bit and use the rest room if you need to but no school. Only bed rest for a week’’ he said and I nodded. I hopped out of his office and Niall helped me into the car. We drove to my house and he helped me out of the car and I got inside.

‘’Lisa what did you do now?’’ Melanie asked.

‘’well we went ice skating and I tripped and I took Niall down with me. It was pretty funny and it’s not his fault’’ I said.

‘’yea but she isn’t happy because she can’t go to school for a week’’ Niall added.

‘’I can get your work you missed out on so don’t sweat about it’’ Mel said.

‘’thanks Mel I can trust you with my life. I love you’’ I said as she gave me a hug.

‘’I love you too Li’’ she replied.

‘’aww I love you guys too’’ Niall said and joined our hug.

‘’Group hug. Ok now Niall carry her up the stairs and to her room. I’ll make you dinner and bring it up to you. I’ll also get you some movies when I go out shopping’’ Mel said.

‘’you’re the best Mel’’ I said and Niall picked me up bridal style and took me to my room and put me gently on the bed.

‘’what movie do you want to watch babe?’’ I asked Niall.

‘’anything you want!’’ he replied.

‘’ the heat?’’ I asked.

‘’sure’’ he replied.

Niall’s POV:

We were watching the movie the heat and it is actually funny. Half way through the movie Melanie came in to bring Lisa food and even me too.

‘’you did have to cook my anything to eat Melanie’’ I said.

‘’Mel and it’s fine. You re part of my family because Lisa is part of my family now’’ she replied. She is so sweet.

‘’thanks Mel’’ I said.

‘’thanks Mel for this yummt food’’ Lisa said.

‘’it’s alright’’ she replied and was about to walk out when I said

‘’Mel wait. Do you want to watch the movie with us?’’

‘’it’s ok. I’ll leave you two alone’’ she replied and walked out. I turned to Lisa and said

‘’Mel is really nice’’.

‘’yea she is my family, my sister, my mum, my everything before I met you. Now I have sisters and brothers and a wonderful boy in my life’’ she replied.

‘’and who might he be?’’ I asked.

‘’well he is in a band with his four best mates called One Direction. He is cute, handsome and charming, he is Irish and is blond with nice blue Crystal eyes’’ she replied as we finished our food.

‘’you know how much I love you?’’ I asked.

‘’nope no idea at all’’ she replied being cheeky.

‘’well than I will just have to show then’’ I said as I leaned in to kiss her.

‘’ok then show me’’ she replied and kissed me back. I pulled her closer to me and things got pretty hot and heavy if you know what I mean.

*the next day*

Lisa’s POV:

I woke up in Niall’s arms and I still feel really safe. I turned over to his beauty and I slipped out from his grip and headed downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and put the kettle on to make Niall, Melanie and me tea when I felt someone’s hands on my waist and I thought they were Niall’s and as I turned around my smile tuned into a frown. It was Nathan.

‘’NIA-‘’is all I managed to get out of me before he covered my mouth with his hands.

‘’be quiet you don’t want to wake pretty boy up now do you’’ he said. I bit his hand and made a run and called out for Niall but he didn’t hear me. Niall was obviously in a deep sleep.

‘’I said SHUT UP you stupid BITCH’’ Nathan said and slapped my face and I fell to the ground and he started to kick me. I yelped for help and that is when Niall came down.

‘’Oi, get off my girlfriend’’ Niall said.

‘’oh look pretty boy is up’’ Nathan said.

‘’get out of here before I kill you now and leave her alone’’ Niall said.

‘’oh I’m so scared’’ Nathan said and then kicked me really hard. I felt blood come out of my mouth and then followed by a kick to the head. Everything else was black.

Niall’s POV:

I woke up because I thought I heard some scream my name and I saw Lisa wasn’t in bed then I heard a yelp and it was defiantly Lisa that screamed. I called 911 and ran out to help her. When I got down there he was kicking her badly.

‘’Oi, Leave my girlfriend alone’’ I said.

‘’oh, look pretty boy has just woken up’’ he said.

‘’get out of here before I kill you now and leave her alone’’ I said.

‘’oh I’m so scared’’ he replied and continued kicking Lisa. I saw blood coming out of her mouth and then he kicked her in the head and she was unconscious. I ran up to him and takled him. I punched him several times when the cops came in and took him away. I ran over to Lisa and her breathing was faint. The officers called for the paramedics and they came rushing in the door and put Lisa on a gurney.

‘’can I go with her please?’’ I asked.

‘’are you family?’’ they asked.

‘’yes I’m her boyfriend’’ I replied and they let me in. when I got in there we took off.

‘’Lisa hang in there be strong babe’’ I said when she stopped breathing. We were almost at the hospital and thy managed to keep her stable. I let go of her hand when they rushed to the OR (Operation Therter) and waited in the waiting room. I took out my phone and dieled Melanie’s number after two rings she picked up:

(M=Melanie, N=Niall)

M: Hello?

N: hey it’s Niall

M: what’s up you sound like you have been crying? What happened?

N: Um.. get to the hospital now. Lisa is in surgery because her ex – Nathan bashed her really badly and she. She may not make it.

M: I’m on my way

End of phone call.

I called the boys and told them the same thing. I was crying when Melanie arrived.

‘’Niall. How is she?’’ she asked.

‘’I don’t know’’ I said crying. She pulled me into a hug and started to cry. That is when the boys came.

‘’hey guys’’ I said to them when Melanie looked behind her and she almost collapsed before Harry caught her.

‘’it’s ok. I got you’’ Harry said and she cried into his chest.

‘’ how are you doing man?’’ Louis asked.

‘’my girlfriend in in surgery due to her ex and I cannot do anything about it. I love her with all my heart and I don’t know what I would do without her. She wouldn’t be in there if I heard her scream but no I was asleep. So how do you think I’m doing?’’ I snapped.

‘’mate it’s alright. It wasn’t your fault’’ Liam tried to comfort me.

‘’Louis I’m sorry for snapping but-‘’ I began to say when he said

‘’Niall it’s ok. If El was in this situation would be in the position you would be in’’.

‘’anyone here for Ms Masion?’’ a man said behind me and I turned around.

‘’yes’’ I said.

‘’she is out of surgery now but is in a slight coma. She lost a lot of blood due to her internal bleeding and she hit her head pretty bad. When she wakes up she may not remember anything but it would be short term’’ the doctor said.

‘’how long exactly?’’ I asked.

‘’could be a month or two. With memory loss we can never tell just like we can never tell how long she will be in a coma for. But you just need to jog her memory’’ he said.

‘’thank you. May we see her?’’ I asked.

‘’yes you may see her down the hall room 314’’ he said.

‘’thanks doc’’ I said and ran down the hall. I got to her room and she was hooked up to machines and it just hurt me. I pulled up a chair next to her and held her hand. I rubbed my thumb on her hand.

‘’babe please if you can hear me I’m sorry for everything. If I just woke up you wouldn’t be here right now. Please wake up’’ I begged her motionless body.

*two weeks later*

Melanie’s POV:

It pained me to see Lisa hooked up to these machines. I cannot believe it has been two whole weeks since she has been in a coma. Niall and I pretty much stayed at the hospital all the time and we wouldn’t leave. When Niall or I needed to use the bathroom we would tell each other so one can look after Lisa. Niall will not eat anything and neither will I. Niall fell asleep with his head on the bed and his hand in Lisa’s. I saw Lisa’s leg twitch and I immediately hit Niall and woke him up. Lisa came out of her coma and she couldn’t breath with the tubes down here thought. Liam ran to get the doctor and he took the tube out.

‘’Oh My God thank goodness your awake love’’ I said to her.

‘’Mel who are these people?’’ she asked me.

‘’this is Niall your boyfriend and these are his band mates Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry. You don’t remember them?’’ I asked.

‘’no I don’t I’m sorry guys but what happened and where am I?’’ she asked.

‘’you were attacked by Nathan your ex and were bashed pretty badly and that is how you ended up hear in the hospital and you were in a coma for two weeks’’ I replied.

‘’oh’’ is all she said.

Lisa’s POV:

I woke up in a room full of strange people but I only recognised Melanie. I looked to my left and saw a cute blond dude with crystal blue eyes and his cute nose. He also looked hot. The doctors came in and said

‘’you are able to go home today just have to sign some paper work’’ and I nodded my head. We walked out of the hospital and got in the car. Melanie was in front with the curly head dude who name I think was Harold. In the back there was a guy with loads of tattoos I think his name was Zak and next to him was a guy who looked a couple of years older who I think was Liall. Next to me was the guy who Mel said was my boyfriend Niall and next to him was a brown headed guy named Liam I think. The car ride was pretty silent. When we stopped outside a house I think it was Mel’s and my house we went inside and sat on the lounge. Everyone showed me photos of them and me and then I think I fell asleep.

Niall’s POV:

I was completely shocked that she didn’t remember anyone but Mel. It hurt me so much. When we got to her house she fell asleep on the lounge for a couple of hours. Then she woke up and I knew a way to get her memory back.

‘’guys we’ll be back. I have an idea on how to get her memory back’’ I said and walked out the door with her. I made her put a blind fold on and we drove. I took her to the place where I taught her how to ice skate. We got out of the car and walked inside.

‘’what are we doing here?’’ Lisa asked

‘’trying to bring back your memory. This is where I taught you to ice skate’’ I replied.

‘’so you are a romantic person then?’’ she giggled.

‘’that’s something always say to me’’ I replied and she giggled. We got the skates on and we were on the ice. She was holding on to the railing until I went over there and grabbed her hand and she skated with me. After we did a few laps around the rink she went off on her own and I chased her. I ended up catching her but I tripped and I brang her down with me and Lisa landed on top of me.

‘’you look prettier down here’’ I said.

‘’ well thanks Niall’’ she replied. She leaned in and we kissed.

Lisa’s POV:

I fell on top of him and then I kissed him. It was a passionate kiss and it felt right. I pulled away.

‘’I’m sorry’’ I said.

‘’no it’s fine. Do you remember anything?’’ he asked.

‘’no I’m sorry. I’m trying but I cannot. I’m really sorry’’ I replied.

‘’no it’s fine. You will in time you will remember’’ he said.

‘’are you always understanding?’’ I asked him and he chuckled.

‘’I try to be’’ he replied. Niall helped me up and we left and we went to a coffee shop.

‘’what would you like?’’ the lady asked.

‘’I’ll have a vanilla Chai Latte please’’ I replied

‘’flat white please’’ Niall replied. The lady looked at us and turned to Niall

‘’are you Niall Horan from One Direction?’’ she asked.

‘’yes I am’’ he replied.

‘’I love you guys’’ she half yelled.

‘’thanks’’ he replied and she got our coffee’s and we left to go back home.

‘’so how did it go?’’ Melanie asked.

‘’alright’’ Niall said.

‘’alright?’’ Mel replied with a confused face.

‘’I don’t remember’’ I said.

‘’oh’’ she replied. I sat down on the lounge and we watched a movie before I fell asleep.

*the next morning*

Lisa’s POV:

I woke up this morning and I went down to make myself a cup of tea when I felt someone touch my shoulder and I jumped like 10 feet in the air. I turned around and it was Niall.

‘’shit. You scared me’’ I half yelled.

‘’I’m sorry Lisa I didn’t mean to scare you’’ he said. I looked down at his hands and he ahd a photo in his hand.

‘’what is that you have in your hand?’’ I asked he showed me.

‘’this was our official first date. I took you-‘’ he begain to say before I cut him off

‘’you took me around England on a boat. It got could and I refused to take your jacket so you wrapped me in your arms. We went to London eye and it was a really romantic date Ni’’ I said. He looked at me in shock and then he half yelled

‘’you remember’’.

‘’yes I do and I love you for trying to help me’’ I said before wrapping my hands around his neck and kissed him passionately and he wrapped his hands around my waist when we were interrupted by Melanie.

‘’Hey Guys- oh I’m sorry guys’’ she said.

‘’it’s alright Mel’’ I said and I went back to making tea for everyone.

‘’she remembers everything’’ Niall said in excitement.

‘’really?’’ she replied.

‘’yes’’ I stepped in and she hugged me.

A/N: Sorry for the crappy ending of the story.

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