Midnight Memories

Two girls who are like sisters go to a one direction concert and one of them is chosen to live with the boys for a month. Lisa is the one who is chosen to live with them for a month. she falls hard for Niall and Niall falls hard for her.
''I love you'' I said.
''to the moon and back'' she said.
''forever me and you'' I said
''forever and always'' she said.
will their cute relationship last or will many complications separate them? read to find out!!!


5. 5.

*one month later*

Niall’s POV:

Today is the last day that Lisa and Anna would be living here with us. Hopefully one day Lisa and I will have a home of ourselves with a Niall Jr or a Lisa Jr. I know, I know I’m getting a head of myself I mean we have only been dating for a month but that is how much I love her so, so much. I woke up next to her beautiful face and I just stared at her for a while when she said

‘’take a photo it last longer’’ and then giggled.

‘’I don’t need to because the camera would break-‘’ before I could finish she hit me playfully.

‘’ouch’’ I said

‘’you calling me ugly?’’ he asked.

‘’no but if you let me finish I would have said ‘’because your too beautiful for the camera’’ I explained.

‘’your lucky your cute, Irish and my boyfriend’’ she said.

‘’but that’s why you love me’’ I said.

‘’yes I-‘’ she began to say but I cut her off by smashing my lips against her and licked her bottom lip for access and she let me in. I then got on top of her and she groaned. Let’s just say that we all know where this leads to. When we were done she took a shower and I went downstairs to get some food.

‘’hey mate it sounded like you too had fun’’ Louis said.

‘’you guys heard us?’’ I asked.

‘’not as bad as Anna and Zayn I swear. Did you use protection at least?’’ Harry asked.

‘’Dude. That’s for me to know and you to never find out. It is personal to me and to Lisa’’ I half yelled so Lisa didn’t hear me.

‘’sorry mate’’ he said.

We went out the back and kicked the football (soccer ball). When Lisa came out wearing jeans, converse and a nice shirt.

‘’Pass the ball please’’ Lisa said to Louis who passed the ball. She did some tricks with the ball and I was impressed when she passed the ball back.

‘’you’re pretty good with the ball Lisa’’ Louis said.

‘’thanks. I used to play when I lived in Australia with my brothers, sister, mother and father when I was 15 years old and I stopped playing when I was 18 when we moved over here last year’’ she replied trying to hold back her tears which meant something happened to them.

‘’oh wow’’ I replied.

‘’anyway do you guys want to play a game?’’ she asked.

‘’sure’’ I replied.

‘’alright Zayn, Liam, Lisa on one team and Niall, Harry and I on the other team’’ Louis said.

‘’alright just don’t take it easy on my guys just because I’m a girl’’ Lisa said and we all nodded in agreement.

Lisa’s POV:

We started the game. I went up to getteh ball of Niall and I did with success. And we scored. About 30 minutes later Zayn, Liam and I scored 5 goals and Niall, Louis and Harry scored 3.

‘’last goal wins’’ Niall said.

‘’you’re on Irish Blondie’’ I replied and laughed.

We started the last round and I went to get the ball off Niall when I tripped over him and he fell over me and landed on top of me.

‘’I’m sorry babe’’ Niall said then we heard Liam say


Niall looked over confused and defeated. He got up and helped me up.

‘’you’re so cheeky do you know that?’’ Niall asked.

‘’of course I do just think as it as pay back for calling me ugly this morning. I’m joking. That’s why you love me’’ I replied and everyone laughed. We shook hands and I was limping. I looked down at my ankle and it was a bit swollen. We walked inside and I sat on the lounge and Niall brang me an ice pack.

‘’here babe are you sure you don’t need to go to get an x-ray?’’ Niall asked.

‘’no it is just bruised or sprained. Trust me I’m in my last year at collage in nursing and plus these things happen when I play anyway’’ I replied.

‘’how so?’’ he asked.

‘’well when I played the first time at training I ran into the goal post because the lights were off and hurt my knee. The next year I got takled by a big girl and I hurt my ankle. My third year I went to score and I almost did before I got tripped and hurt my ankle and knee. I took a year off so I could rest and work to earn some money working at KFC. When I went back the year after I re-hurt myself and I broke my arm two years ago and played all season with Glenda fever (the kissing bug). Then I got tripped over last year and I hurt my head, had a massive graze on my back and almost broke my knee’’ I replied.

‘’wow you are an accident prone’’ Niall said.

‘’yea I am so this isn’t you fault so don’t blame yourself.  So I have really bad knees just like you Ni’’ I said.

‘’yea just like a match made in heaven’’ he said and everyone laughed. When it was 4pm the welling was gone and I packed my bag ready to go home and start school next week. I took my stuff downstairs and out it near the door. I said bye to the boys, El, Safa and Anna then made my way to Niall.

‘’thanks babe for letting me stay’’ I said.

‘’it’s fine. I will miss having you around all the time. Call me when you get home ok?’’ he asked.

‘’of course I will babe. After all you are mine’’ I replied and we kissed which felt like forever but only lasted for a couple of minutes before I said

‘’I love you Boo Bear’’.

‘’I love you more princess’’ he replied waving bye to me.

I got out of the car and walked to the flat that Mel and I have. I walked up to the door and she almost killed me.

‘’Mel I missed you too but I cannot breath’’ I said gasping for air.

‘’sorry. I have just missed you so much’’ she said.

‘’I know you did’’ I said and we walked inside.

‘’so tell me how are you and Niall? You guys are all over the news lately’’ she said.

‘’we are fine. I miss him already which reminds me I have to call him I’ll be back’’ I said pulling out my phone from my pocket and dieled Niall’s number. After two rings he picked up

(Niall=N Me=M)

N: hi princess

M: hey Boo Bear

N: so you got home alright?

M: if you define alright as almost being suffocated by your room mate.

‘’hey I heard that. Niall don’t listen to her’’ Mel said.

M: that is my roommate Melanie. She is a huge fan of you guys. Her fav is Harry.

N: he would love to hear that.

We both laughed. ‘’hey don’t talk about me now get your but off the phone and come down for dinner you cheeky monkey’’ Melanie said.

M: I’ll call you later babe mel is cooking dinner and I have to supervise before she burns the place down.

‘’hey I heard that’’ she replied. Niall and I laughed.

N: ok princess. I love you.

M: I love you more.

N: no I love you more.

M: nah. I love you more.

N: nope I love you more.

M: Don’t agruge with me Mr or it is the last thing you would do. I said joking.

N: Alright. I’ll call you later.

M: Alright bye.

And just like that we ended our phone call and I went down to the kitchen.

‘’Smells good Mel’’ I said.

‘’thanks. You and Niall are so cute together’’ she said.

‘’thanks Mel. I have to set you up with Harry since he is the only one single in the band now’’ I said.

‘’really?’’ she asked.

‘’yea Louis has a fiancé now, Liam has a girlfriend who have been dating for one year. Zayn is with Anna who was the winner with me and Niall is with me obviously’’ I replied.

‘’true. Now let eat before I starve’’ Mel said and I laughed.

‘’your just like Niall. What are we watching tonight?’’ I asked.

‘’I’l accept that and I was thinking the heat?’’ she asked.

‘’perfect’’ I replied. We finished our food and watched the movie when my phone went off. It was an unknown number.

I’m back so you better watch your back love. I still want you. I know you will eventually leave the blond Irish Fuck for me. I’ll see you soon Nathan xx

I was shocked and through my phone next to me.

‘’Lisa what is wrong?’’ Mel asked.

‘’nothing I just um. I’m going to go to bed night’’ I said and ran up to my room.

‘’Lisa please you can tell me. I’m your best friend please. I hate seeing you like this’’ she said. I grabbed my phone and headed to the door.

‘’this is my problem’’ I said and showed her my phone.

‘’Li, I’m so sorry. I thought he was in Jail after what he did to you know’’ she said trailing off.

‘’me too but obviously not’’ I said trying not to cry.

I went to sleep and I had another bad nightmare.

‘’Nathan please leave me and Niall alone please’’ I begged. ‘’no chance you are mine and only mine. I’m not sharing you with anyone. Especially someone who is in a guy boy band’’ Nathan said. ‘’he is not in a gay band he is in an awesome one and I will also never love you after you killed my family you psphco path’’ I replied. He got mad and through me on the ground and repeatly started kicking me and bashing me. He then pulled Niall out who was bashed and stabbed several times. ‘’I’ll leave you two alone until he dies’’ Nathen said and left. I crawled over to Niall because I couldn’t walk and held his head in my lap. ‘’babe I love you. You know that?’’ Niall said. ‘’No don’t you give up on me please’’ I replied crying. ‘’take care of our unborn child. I know I never miss. I love you so much’’ Niall said. ‘’babe no please, please don’t give up’’ I cried. ‘’kiss me’’ he said so I did. And just like that he was gone. ‘’NIALL PLEASE BABE DON’T LEAVE ME PLEASE. NOOOOOOOOO. NIALL COME BACK I LOVE YOU’’ I yelled and screamed when Nathan came back in and dragged me away from Niall dead body. ‘’you stupid asshole’’ I said and he just hit me. ‘’you will love me no matter what’’ Nathan said. ‘’no I will not. First you killed my entire family and you killed my husband. You are really messed up’’ I said and kicked him in the balls and tried to run but he caught up to me and stabbed me. ‘’I told you to behave’’ he said before stabbing me again. I shot up and was sweating.

‘’Lisa it’s ok. It was just a bad dream’’ Melanie said.

‘’thanks Mel but I have to call Niall’’ I said.

‘’it is 3am he would still be asleep’’ Mel said.

‘’Alright I will wait till the morning night’’ I said as she walked out the door. When she left I picked up my phone and called Niall.

‘’Hello’’ he said groggily.

‘’I’m sorry for waking you up babe’’ I replied.

‘’it’s ok what’s wrong?’’ he asked.

‘’I needed to hear your voice that’s all’’ I said.

‘’are you ok?’’ he asked.

‘’I just had another nightmare and you were killed’’ I said.

‘’I’m fine baby. I’ll call you later night’’ he said.

‘’night I love you’’ I said.

‘’I love you too’’ he said and we hanged up. I tried to go to sleep but I just couldn’t.


*The Next Week*

Melanie’s POV:

‘’LISA WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD’’ as I through the pillow at her.

‘’Ugh. I‘m up’’ she replied.

‘’good now get ready we have to be at collage in an hour so hurry up’’ I said and she sprung out of bed and got in the shower. I made us some breakfast and she was down. We ate than grabbed our bags and left. We got our new timetable.

‘’this sucks. We cannot go for coffee anymore’’  said to Lisa.

‘’I know. But I get to go home early today. I have Biology, Maths and then Nursing today in tht order’’ she replied.

‘’I have Maths, Bio, Drama and acting class’’ I replied.

‘’sucks to be you alright I have to go se you at home? I’ll get a cab home’’ she said.

‘’alright sounds good to me’’ I said as we hugged each other and headed our separet ways.

Lisa’s POV:

Finally collage is over for today. I called a cab and went home. When I got in the door I put my bag down in the door and walked towards the kitchen when I was grabbed by someone. I turned around and it was Nathan.

‘’what are you doing here?’’ I asked him half yelling.

‘’claiming what is mine’’ he replied.

‘’I’m not yours so get off me’’ I said and pushed him away and ran upstairs to my room but he was too fast and catched me before I could slam the door. He dragged me down the stairs by my hair and lifted me up. he pushed me against the wall and started kissing me.

‘’get off me asshole’’ I said. but he kept going. I then heard the door slightly open and Nathan ran out through the kitchen. I slid down the wall when Mel walked in with Niall.

‘’hey! What happened?’’ Mel asked.

‘’nothing I fell down the stairs that’s all’’ I said.

‘’are you sure?’’ Niall asked.

‘’yea I’m fine what are you doing here babe?’’ I asked him.

‘’I wanted to see you because I haven’t seen you since last week’’ he replied.

‘’oh ok’’ I replied and got off the floor when I heard my phone go off. I looked at it and it was a text from an unknown number

I almost had you. Next time I will do more damage to you. If you tell anyone I will slice you through and then move on to Niall and Melanie. Ta Ta for now Nathan xx.

That asshole I said to myself.

Niall’s POV:

Lisa wasn’t her normal self and Melanie released as well. We sat down and watched movies all afternoon when I saw bruises on her neck like someone grabbed her.

‘’Lisa, why do you have marks on you?’’ I asked.

‘’don’t worry about it Niall’’ she replied and looked scared.

‘’no Lisa tell me. You look scared’’ I said.

‘’Niall I cannot tell you. If I do you and Mel will get hurt so just leave it alone’’ she replied.

‘’I can look after myself Lisa’’ I said.

‘’NIALL. I SAID LEAVE IT’’ she yelled and walked off to her room and left her phone.

‘’Mel do you know what has just happened?’’ I asked her. She sighed and showed me Lisa’s phone. I read the text messages and it was from Nathan her ex. What did he do to her? I asked myself. I walked to Lisa’s room and knocked on the door. I knocked on her door and I heard nothing. I barged in and she wasn’t in there.

‘’Lisa where are you?’’ I said and I heard a whimper from the bathroom. I rushed in the bathroom and saw her against the wall with blood one her arm and a bloody razor beside her.

‘’No babe you shouldn’t have done this. I know what happened. I saw the texts you got’’ I said as I ripped my shirt off and applied pressure to her arm.

‘’y. y. y. you were not meant to see them. Now you know you can get hurt. Y. y. y. you put your life and Mel’s life at risk’’ she said. She felt cold. I stopped the bleeding and carried her to bed and put her down. I cuddled up to her and we both fell asleep.

A/N: I'm not ok with anyone self harming themselves. i want you to kow i'm here for you if you wanna talk!!!!!


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