Midnight Memories

Two girls who are like sisters go to a one direction concert and one of them is chosen to live with the boys for a month. Lisa is the one who is chosen to live with them for a month. she falls hard for Niall and Niall falls hard for her.
''I love you'' I said.
''to the moon and back'' she said.
''forever me and you'' I said
''forever and always'' she said.
will their cute relationship last or will many complications separate them? read to find out!!!


3. 3.

Niall’s POV:

I woke to the smell of a good home cooked meal. I rushed down the stairs to see what and who was making this place smell so good. It was Lisa and she made some, chocolate chip pancakes, blueberry muffins with some fresh squeezed orange juice. I snuck up behind her and wrapped my hands around her waist making her jump.

‘’Morning love’’ I said as she turned around.

‘’Niall you scared me. Good morning’’ she replied and pecked me on the check.

‘’I was wondering’’ I started to say

‘’yes? You were wondering?’’ she asked.

‘’if you would want to be my girlfriend?’’ I asked.

‘’Niall… erm’’ she began to say which meant she was going to say no.

‘’Niall.. erm.. YES’’ she replied and we kissed when the others came in.

‘’What smells so good?’’ Louis and Liam asked.

‘’My girlfriends cooking’’ I replied. I love saying my girlfriend.

‘’what did she cook?’’ Harry and Zayn asked.

‘’Chocolate-chip pancakes with blueberry muffins and freshly squeezed orange juice’’ I said. Lisa looked at me and asked

‘’how long were you standing there for?’’.

‘’not long. But long enough to see you put everything together’’ I replied and she laughed. She has an adorable laugh.

We ate breakfast and Lisa cleaned up. We walked into the lounge room and we watched TV when we saw that a photo of Lisa and I on the news.

‘’the whole world knows about you babe’’ I said and she nodded.

‘’so what do you guys want to do today?’’ Louis asked.

‘’I was thinking just about a day around town?’’ Lisa asked.

‘’like where?’’ I asked.

‘’what about big ben and around there?’’ Lisa asked.

‘’Perfect’’ Louis said.

‘’Good thinking Lisa’’ Liam said.

‘’that’s my babe’’ I said and pecked her on the check.

‘’Let’s get dressed and let’s leave in 30 minutes which would be 12pm’’ Zayn said and we all agreed.

*30 minutes later*

Lisa’s POV:

After everyone got ready and we left the house at 12pm.

‘’guys can we please stop off and get lunch please?’’ Niall asked.

‘’Niall you ate like 20 minutes ago’’ Anna said.

‘’you should know me. I’m always hungry’’ Niall replied. We all laughed when Louis turned to me and said

‘’he is your boyfriend Lisa. Are you sure you want to be with him even though you guys have been together a couple of days?’’

‘’he may eat a lot but that is what makes Niall, Niall. I love him with all my heart’’ I replied. Niall leaned over and kissed me and then we broke apart when the boys go

‘’get a room’’.

‘’never’’ Niall replied and I just laughed.

We got to a restaurant and ordered our food and ate. When we saw two pretty girls walk in. one wore glasses and had black medium length hair nice eyes and the other one had brown long wavy hair. Liam and Louis got up and said

‘’Safa this is Lisa, Niall’s girlfriend, Lisa this is Safa my girlfriend’’ Liam said with his hand wrapped around the chic with glasses.

‘’Nice to meet you’’ I replied.

‘’you too’’ safa said.

‘’El this is Lisa, Niall’s girlfriend and Anna. Girls this is my girlfriend Eleanor’’ Louis said.

‘’nice to meet you’’ the other girl said and we shook hands.

‘’you too love’’ I said.

We continued eating and we left. Liam and Louis went somewhere with their girls, Anna, Zayn and Harry went somewhere else which left Niall and I.

‘’I thought we were meant to be out together as a group’’ I said.

‘’change of plans. I didn’t know Safa and El were gonna show up and yea but I planned something nice for us’’ Niall replied.

‘’oh really like what?’’ I asked.

‘’just put this over your eyes and walk. I’ll guide you’’ he replied.

‘’ok but if I fall over a cliff and die I’m coming back to haunt you for the rest of your life’’ I said and he chuckled.

‘’alright but just trust me’’ he said.

‘’only if you kiss me’’ I said so he did kiss me. We walked for what felt like forever but it was only 20 minutes when we stopped.

‘’ok we are here. Take of the blind fold’’ Niall said so I did and I was gobbed smacked.

‘’Niall is this for us?’’ I asked.

‘’yes just for you and me’’ he replied. He kissed me on the lips and said ‘’I hope you like it’’.

‘’are you kidding me? Of Course I love it. So is this the romantic Niall James Horan coming out as what I’ve heard?’’ I asked him.

‘’of course’’ he replied.

It was a small boat which was lovely. We got on and it sail all around London. Niall and I drank some beer and I was just taking in the beautiful sites. It was getting dark as we started to come back and I was cold.

‘’cold love?’’ Niall asked.

‘’just a bit but I’m fine’’ I replied.

‘’here take my jacket I’m fine’’ he said.

‘’babe I cannot let you freeze’’ I said.

‘’alright fine’’ he said and put his jacket back on and pulled me closer to him so I could fit in there as well. I put my head against his chest and he put his head on my head and we stayed like that for a while. I felt warm and safe in his arms. We soon got to the doc and we got off. We started to walk towards the London eye.

‘’Ni?’’ I asked.

‘’yea babe?’’ he replied.

‘’are we going to the London eye?’’ I asked.

‘’yes. I hear it is really beautiful at night’’ he replied.

‘’alright’’ I said surprised. We arrived and the rumour was right. It was beautiful at night.

We got in a basket and went around. I looked down below us and everyone looked like tiny ants.

‘’enjoying the view?’’ Niall asked putting his arm around me which cause me to snuggle into his chest.

‘’yes I am babe. I haven’t seen London like this before’’ I replied and kissed his check.

‘’good then’’ he replied. After we went around one more time it was 8pm and we went to get something to eat. We got to Nandos and sat at our table when two girls who were prettier than me came over  and asked for his autograph and then left. We ordered coke for our drinks and ordered peri – peri chicken. When we finished our food I went to get my wallet out to pay when Niall caught me.

‘’what do you think your doing?’’ he asked me.

‘’paying for dinner. You have spent enough on me today’’ I replied.

‘’I’m your boyfriend and it is my job to pay for you’’ he said.

‘’no it isn’t’’ I replied. I quickly gave the lady the money for dinner before a Niall could do anything about it and we walked outside.

‘’I said I would have paid’’ Niall said.

‘’well I bate you to it’’ I replied and poked my Tounge out at him and then he kissed me.

‘’you are so checky Li’’ he said.

‘’yes I am but you love me for it’’ I replied and we both giggled.

‘’yes I do’’ he said. we called a cab and went back home. When we walked in the door we saw Zayn and Anna kissing on the lounge.


‘’oh hey guys’’ Zayn said.

‘’where is Liam and Louis?’’ Niall asked.

‘’Liam is at Safa’s place and Louis is with El’’ Zayn replied.

‘’well then where is Harry?’’ I asked.

‘’I’m in here playing Black Ops’’ I heard Harry say.

‘’alright’’ I replied.

‘’o how was your date?’’ Anna asked.

‘’well Mr Horan showed me his romantic side and it was lovely’’ I replied.

‘’yea and Ms Mason over here was a delight’’ Niall said and I blushed.

‘’aww. Someone is blushing’’ Zayn said.

‘’SHUT UP’’ I yelled t Zayn and he just laughed.

Niall, Zayn, Anna and I walked into where Harry was and I grabbed a controller.

‘’hey someone is game’’ Harry said.

‘’do you even know how to play?’’ Zayn asked.

‘’yes I do. I do/did have two twin brothers who were a couple of years younger than me and I played with them all the time’’ I said trying not to cry when I mentioned my brothers.

‘’oh Lisa I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bring up a sore subject’’ Zayn replied.

‘’no it’s alright Zayn’’ I replied.

‘’I’m sorry for asking this but how did they die?’’ Anna asked.

‘’well when I was with my crazy ex he wouldn’t let me see anyone and my brothers were on the way over to try and get me away from him when Nathan my Ex k.k.k.killed t.them’’ I stuttdered and cried.

‘’I’m so sorry Lisa’’ Anna said.

‘’it’s alright. Um I’m just going to go to bed now’’ I said giving Niall a kiss goodnight and walked upstairs when I felt someone grabbing my wrist and I turned around.

‘’I’m here for you babe’’ Niall said.

‘’I know Ni. I just feel like it is my fault that they died’’ I said.

‘’it’s not your fault they died’’ he said.

‘’yes it is Niall. If I didn’t date that asshole they would still be here today’’ I said letting the tears go even more.

He pulled me into his chest and said

‘’babe it’s alright’’.

‘’can you stay in my room please tonight?’’ I asked him.

‘’of course babe’’ he replied. We walked into my room and we both climbed into bed and pulled the duvet cover over us. He wrapped his hand around my waist and pulled he towards him. I felt safe and all my worries went away. He put his head in my neck and we fell asleep.

Anna’s POV:

Safa and El seem nice. After we ate Zayn, Harry and I went shopping and when Harry went because he was tired Zayn and I went around London on like a date. It was 4:30pm when we got back to the house and no one was home.

‘’Anna. I know we only knew one another for a couple of days but would you be my girlfriend?’’ Zayn asked. OMG did Zayn Malik just ask me to his girlfriend?

‘’Yes Zayn of course I will’’ I replied and we kissed. Not long after that Harry came in and played Xbox. Zayn and I watched a movie and then we made out on the lounge when we were interrupted by Lisa and Niall.

When I asked Lisa what happened to her brothers I felt guilty. She was crying. Good one Anna.

‘’I’m going to go to bed now’’ Lisa said giving Niall a goodnight kiss and left the room. Niall went after her leaving Harry, Zayn and I in the game room. After a couple of hours I went to bed with Zayn (Not like that I mean just cuddling and we went to sleep).

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