Midnight Memories

Two girls who are like sisters go to a one direction concert and one of them is chosen to live with the boys for a month. Lisa is the one who is chosen to live with them for a month. she falls hard for Niall and Niall falls hard for her.
''I love you'' I said.
''to the moon and back'' she said.
''forever me and you'' I said
''forever and always'' she said.
will their cute relationship last or will many complications separate them? read to find out!!!


21. 20.

*two days later*

Lisa’s POV:

It has been two days since I had Roxanne and I’m allowed to go home. So Niall grabbed the car and we made our way down to the entrance. Because Niall is in One Direction there were fans and paparazzi crowded outside. Niall grabbed the bag, Paul pushed the crowd back. The paparazzi were asking questions like

‘what is her name? is she yours? Niall how do you feel about being a father? Lisa are you a good mother?’ all the way to the car. We finally get home and we are a family. Niall grabbed the bag out of the car and I headed inside. Niall closed the door behind us and we both walked to Roxanne’s room and put her down. I grabbed the baby moniter and Niall and I headed donstairs.

‘’babe do you want to watch a movie?’’ I asked.

‘’sure. What do you want to ask?’’ he asked.

‘’what about-‘’ Niall began to say before his phone went off and he walked out of the room to answer it.

Niall’s POV:

My phone rang and it was management

‘’hello?’’ I answered.

‘’good Niall you answered. How is the baby?’’ they asked.

‘’she is fine sleeping. What’s up?’’ I asked.

‘’you and the boys are going on another tour and this time it will be for three months and you leave in two weeks. Rehearsals start tomorrow’’ they replied.

‘’really? I just had a baby with my fiancé’’ I said.

‘’look Niall I’m really sorry but you have too it is your job’’ they replied.

‘’alright’’ I said and hung up. How am I going to tell Lisa?

I walked back to the living room where I left Lisa.

‘’who was that honey?’’ she asked.

‘’management’’ I replied.

‘’ok. When do you leave? How long do you leave for? When do you start rehearsals?’’ she asked so many questions.

‘’ok, ok one at a time. In two weeks for 3 months. We start tomorrow and I’m really sorry I will not be here’’ I replied.

‘’I know you cannot help it but do you know how hard it will be without  little help around here with Roxanne’’ she said.

‘’I know babe I know’’ I said and comforted her.

‘’so tonight I’ll look after her I promise’’ I told her.

‘’you will be tried for tomorrow so don’t worry about’’ she said.

‘’ok babe’’ I said and we watched TV when she fell asleep so I carried her to bed. Guess I will be looking after Roxanne tonight.

*the next morning*

Lisa’s POV:

I was really tired but I didn’t wake up to take care of Roxanne. I’m happy that Niall was home. I woke up expecting Niall to be next to me but he wasn’t. I looked around for him and then I found him in Roxanne’s room singing to her little things. I leaned against the door frame and thinking how much I will miss him but at the end of the day it is his job and he provides and income at the moment and it is what he loves doing. He finished morning and turned to me.

‘’morning babe’’ he said.

‘’morning babe’’ I replied and kissed his cheek.

We both walked down to the kitchen and I made us both breakfast.

‘’so when do you start today?’’ I asked.

‘’in an hour’’ he replied.

‘’what in an hour. Your not even dressed and it takes 45 minutes to get there Ni’’ I said.

‘’I don’t want to go. That means I leave you and Roxanne’’ he said.

‘’I’m not thrilled about you going either but you have too. It’s your job’’ I said.

‘’I don’t care you just had our baby and I cannot just leave you and trust me I will be cracking the shits to management when I get there’’ he said.

‘’you’re going and that is final. I’ll call Mel and see if she and Elisa want to come over’’ I said.

‘’alright’’ he said and finished his breakfast and ran upstairs to get changed.

‘’bye babe. When Roxi wakes up give her a kiss for me’’ Niall said and kissed me goodbye before rushing out the door.

‘’Bye love you’’ I yelled.

‘’I love you too’’ he yelled back.

Today is going to be exhausting and boring. I really wish he didn’t have to work but in about a two months I will be back at work. I got my phone and texted Mel for her and Elisa to come over.

‘already beat you too it. I’m at your door lol’ she replied. Od how I love her sometimes.

‘’Hey Melly bear’’ I said.

‘’hey Lisa boo’’ she replied and hugged me. I looked down to see Elisa sleeping. Mel sat down on the lounge and put Elisa in the little playpen to sleep when I heard Roxie crying so I walked up the dreaded stairs and collected her.

‘’say hello aunty Mel’’ I said to Roxie.

‘’hey Roxie’’ Mel said to Roxie. I fed Roxie and then burped her. She stared at me with her big blue eyes just like her father’s.

‘’so how do you feel about the boys going on their three months tour in two weeks?’’ Mel asked.

‘’to be honest I’m upset that Niall is leaving me with Roxie but it is his job that he loves doing plus in two months I will be back at work. What about you?’’ I asked her.

‘’I’m disappointed that Harry is leaving but I will pull through. I mean we have to get used to it right? Plus like you said your back at work soon and so am I’’ she replied.

‘’exactly’’ I said as I put Roxie in the play pen with Elisa. We ate lunch and talked a bit more. When it was about 4:30pm she left to get back home before Harry. I picked Roxie up and we layed on he lunge and I watched friends before I fell asleep.

Niall’s POV:

‘Phew just made it’ I said as I walked into the arena.

‘’what took you so long?’’ Liam asked.

‘’I didn’t want to leave Lisa or Roxie but Lisa told me I had to’’ I replied.

‘’well she is a good women then’’ Liam replied.

‘’yea one that I don’t deserve but’’ I mumbled under my breath.

‘’ok let’s get going shall we?’’ Zayn said.

*Hours later* (still Niall’s POV)

Finally time to go home. I got into the car and headed home. I got home about 5pm and I walked in the door.

‘’I’m home’’ I said and nothing. It was quiet. I walked into the lounge room and saw Lisa asleep with Roxie in her arms so I decided to take a picture of them and saved them as my lock screen and home screen. I headed upstairs to have a shower to I was fresh and clean for when Lisa woke up. When I got out of the shower and got change I heard Roxie crying. I walked downstairs and Lisa was awake and feeding Roxanne.

‘’hey babe’’ I said.

‘’hey when did you get home and why didn’t you wake me up?’’ she asked.

‘’about 30 minutes ago and because you looked so peaceful and cute with Roxie in your arms’’ I replied.

‘’good boy’’ she replied walking over to me with Roxie in her arms and gave me a kiss then handed me Roxanne. She went into the kitchen and I played with Roxie. I put Roxie down in her cot because she was tired and headed downstairs to my beautiful fiancé. She was at the stove cooking dinner for us. I snaked up behind her and snaked my arms around her waist and kissed her neck.

‘’after popping out a watermelon you are still very beautiful’’ I said and I could feel her blushing.

‘’thanks Nialler bear. How was today?’’ she asked.

‘’the same old, same old. Dancing even though I suck really badly, singing and I couldn’t keep my mind off my beautiful fiancé and daughter the entire time’’ I replied.

‘’aww your too sweet’’ she replied and pecked me on the lips.

*Two Weeks Later*

Lisa’s POV:

Today was the Day that the boys were leaving for three months. Mel, Harry and Elisa came over so we could leave the kids wih a babysitter while Mel and I took Harry and Niall to the airport. I figured if the boys leave there will be paparazzi and fans everywhere so it was best not to bring the babies with us.

‘’are you too ready yet?’’ I asked Niall and Harry.

‘’yea, yea we are coming just saying goodbye to our children’’ they replied coming down. We left when the babysitter got here. The whole car ride was silent. We got to the airport and parked the car. Paul met us outside and guided us in. it was time for the boys to leave. Niall kept saying he didn’t want to leave but I made him. He gave me one last kiss and then boarded the plane. When there plane was gone Mel and I went back to mine and relieved the babysitter. Mel ended up staying the night.

*three months later*

Lisa’s POV:

It ha been really hard without Niall these past three months but I am slowly getting the hang of it. I was back at work and so was Melanie. We put both our kids in the same day care centre. The boys come back tonight and I cannot meet them at the airport because I don’t finish work until 5pm this afternoon. Niall kept texting me and skyping me every chance he got. I woke up had breakfast, got changed , fixed Roxie up and took her to day care. Roxie is three months old the same with Elisa. I got straight to work and started to work. I’ll tell you something. Working as a nurse is hard being away from your baby at such a young age especially when you see families with cute little babies.

*hours later* (Still in Lisa’s POV)

Finally I can go home and get my baby and then see Niall. I walked out of the building with a couple of co-workers when I saw a familiar blonde headed guy who I haven’t seen in three months. Niall.

‘’oh there he is Lisa go and get your man’’ Amber said.

‘’alright I will’’ I replied. I casually started to walk towards Niall and he was walking towards me. I couldn’t stand it anymore so I ran to him and he ran to me. I basically jumped on him and kissed him like no tomorrow.

‘’Babe how id you get here if I have the car?’’ I asked.

‘’I took a cab to come and meet you after work and before you ask how I knew what time you finished I asked Amber and she told me’’ he replied.

‘’I love you and missed you so much babe’’ I said to him as I got off him.

‘’I missed you too baby. I brought you and Roxie things from the tour. Where is she anyway? She wasn’t at home with a sitter’’ Niall said.

‘’that’s because she is in childcare’’ I replied.

‘’alright then lets go get her. Is she big?’’ he asked.

‘’yes she is’’ I replied. We got into the car and I drove to the day care centre. Niall came in with me as I collected Roxie.

‘’hey Lisa Roxie is ready for you’’ the receptionist said.

‘’thanks so much’’ I said as I got handed Roxie and Niall and I left to go home. We got home and he carried her inside.

‘’hello my baby girl. Did you miss daddy?’’ he asked in a silly voice and I just laughed. Finally our family is complete.


A/N Sorry it took so long for an update and I know it is pretty shitty but here it is. The second last chapter. I hope you enjoy reading this book. If you are also interested go on and read The story of my life, Our new Life, Pretty Please, You again or Rock Me. These are my other stories. Thanks guys


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