Midnight Memories

Two girls who are like sisters go to a one direction concert and one of them is chosen to live with the boys for a month. Lisa is the one who is chosen to live with them for a month. she falls hard for Niall and Niall falls hard for her.
''I love you'' I said.
''to the moon and back'' she said.
''forever me and you'' I said
''forever and always'' she said.
will their cute relationship last or will many complications separate them? read to find out!!!


2. 2.

Lisa’s POV:

When it was time to head back to the concert at 3pm we walked to the arena and constantly kept getting honks. When we arrived it was 3:30pm. There was a crowd around the back. We went to see what everyone was doing when I saw that cute guy from this morning playing with other people. ‘’Mel? Who is that blond dude?’’ I asked her.

 ‘’Niall Horan duh. I thought you were a fan’’ she replied

. ‘’I only like a couple of their song’’ I replied. ‘

’oh yea’’ she replied and I just giggled.

 We walked inside and she brought a whole heap of things and I just brought a key chain. We took our seats and we were close to the stage but not exactly close. We were in the stands. 5SOS started playing and I didn’t mind them. Then when One Direction came on stage everyone screamed. The started with Up All Night. They sung many songs but I couldn’t keep my eyes of Niall, the blond one. When the concert was nearly finished they made an announcement ‘’hey guys before you go there will be a spotlight pointing to two of you and you girls will spend one month with us’’. Everyone screamed. The spotlights pointed to two sections and I was in one of the sections.

‘’now we will ready out your seat numbers. Section 2 row BB Seat 40 stand up and section 6 Row 8 seat 44 also stand up and make your way back stage’’

‘’OMG. LISA THAT IS YOU GO’’ Melanie said.

I was shocked and so I followed the security backstage. When I got backstage I meet the other chick and her name was Anna. We got backstage and we were greeted by the boys. Anna screamed and I smiled.

‘’hey your name is Lisa right?’’ the blond guy said.

‘’yes and your Niall from this morning’’ I replied.

‘’yes I am’’ he laughed.

‘’hi I’m Zayn’’ the guy that tattoos on his arm said.

‘’I’m Harry’’ the curly head guy said.

‘’I’m Louis’’ he said

‘’I’m Liam’’ he said.

‘’and I’m Niall’’ he said

‘’I’m Lisa’’ I said.

‘’I’m Anna’’ she said.

‘’Nice to meet you girls’’ The curly headed person said.

‘’you too. so um how does this work?’’ I asked.

‘’well you guys go home and pack and give us your addresses and we have a car to pick you up I guess’’ Liam said.

‘’cool’’ Anna said.

We got to know them a little better and then we went home. I meet Melanie outside and we went back home. It was 11pm when we got home she help me pack and I went to sleep.

*the next morning*

Niall’s POV:

I was so happy that I got to spend one whole month with Lisa. I think it was love at first sight. She was so beautiful and sexy. It was 9am and I got up. The boys were still asleep. I walked down the lounge room and it was a complete mess. I quickly cleaned up and put stiff away. Then I fixed the spare bed room up for both the girls when the boys woke up at 11am.

 ‘’wow Niall you must really like Lisa huh?’’ Louis teased.

‘’pfft no. we need to look presentable for the girls’’ I said and they all laughed.

We heard a knock at the door and it was the girls.

‘’come in girls. Nice to see you again’’ I said as I opened the door and they came in.

‘’hey guys. Um where do we put our bags?’’ Anna asked.

‘’follow me. Are you girls happy sharing a room or do you want your own rooms?’’ I asked them.

‘’It doesn’t bother me’’ Lisa said.

‘’own room’’ Anna said.

‘’ok this is Lisa’s room’’ I said pointing to the bedroom next to mine. ‘’this is Anna’s room’’ I said pointing to the room next to Zayn.

‘’thanks’’ Lisa said.

‘’you guys have your own bathroom in there. This is Harry’s room, this is Liam’s room, and this is Zayn’s room, Louis room and my room. Downstairs is the kitchen, dining room, laundry, ect’’ I said pointing at each of the rooms.

‘’thanks Niall’’ Lisa said and walked into her room.

Lisa’s POV:

I woke up this morning with Melanie bringing in me a cup of tea and some breakfast.

‘’Morning’’ she said all chirpy.

‘’Morning. ’’ I replied.

‘’I decided to give you breakfast in bed because I felt like being nice today’’ she said.

‘’no. only because I’m spending time with 1D and you want me to call everyday and plus you get the house to yourself for 1 month’’ I replied.

‘’you know me too well but I still love you’’ she replied.

‘’yea I know’’ I replied.

I got up and got ready and waited for the car to pick me up. I hugged her and we left. We pulled up to a giantic house with a nice garden and a long drive way. When we stopped I got out of the car with my bags and met Anna there. We walked up to the door and knocked on the door and Niall opened the door

‘’come in girls. Nice to see you again’’ Niall said as I opened the door and they came in.

‘’hey guys. Um where do we put our bags?’’ Anna asked.

‘’follow me. Are you girls happy sharing a room or do you want your own rooms?’’ Niall asked them.

‘’It doesn’t bother me’’ I said.

‘’own room’’ Anna said.

‘’ok this is Lisa’s room and this is Anna’s room’’ he said pointing to the rooms

‘’thanks’’ I said.

‘’you guys have your own bathroom in there. This is Harry’s room, this is Liam’s room, and this is Zayn’s room, Louis room and my room. Downstairs is the kitchen, dining room, laundry, ect’’ Niall said pointing at each of the rooms.

‘’thanks Niall’’ I replied.

We went into our rooms and unpacked. I have a strange feeling that Niall likes me but I’m not looking for a relationship. When I finished unpacking I walked downstairs and sat on the lounge across from them.

‘’what movie do you guys want to watch?’’ Louis said

‘’TOY STORY’’ Liam shouted.

‘’No. The conjuring’’ Harry said

‘’No. TOY STORY’’ Liam continued.

‘’No. Saw’’ Zayn said.

They all started arguing when Louis said

‘’ENOUGH. We will take a vote then. Raise your hand for Toy Story’’

Liam and Anna raised their hands.

‘’The conjuring?’’ He asked.

Louis, Harry, Niall and I raised our hands.

‘’Sorry Zayn, Anna and Liam but it is the conjuring’’ Louis said.

Liam pretended to be mad.

‘’don’t start the movie yet. I’ll go make the popcorn’’ Niall said.

‘’I will get the drinks’’ Harry said and with that they went into the kitchen.

I went to the bathroom and when I came back I sat on the floor because the lounges were taken. Anna sat in front of Zayn and I sat in front of Niall.

‘’would you girls like to sit on the lounge and let Zayn and I sit on the floor?’’ Niall asked.

‘’yes please’’ Anna said.

‘’I’m right. It is your house so you should sit there’’ I replied.

‘’it is also your’s for a month as well’’ he said.

‘’nah. I’m alright’’ I replied.

Niall swapped with Anna and now he was on the floor with me. I grabbed some popcorn with a drink so did everyone else then we started the movie. I jumped at different parts of the movie but I love horror and scary movies. When the movie finished it was 4:30pm when Niall turned around and asked me

‘’hey I know we only known each other for two days but would you like to go out with me tonight?’’

‘’yes sure’’ I replied.

‘’great go up and get ready’’ he said so I did.

I walked into my room and tried about five different outfits. (I know I said I wasn’t looking for a relationship but I should look my best and I think I’m actually falling for Niall) I decided to wear long jeans with a nice cream colour shirt with nice heels.

Lisa’s Outfit:

And with that I went downstairs to find Niall waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

‘’you look nice’’ he said and I blushed

‘’you don’t look too bad yourself’’ I replied.

We said bye to the others and got into the car and he drove to Nando’s of course I said laughing in my head. We parked and he opened the door for me and we walked in. we were seated and asked what we wanted to drink

‘’coke please’’ I said

‘’make that 2 please’’ Niall said.

‘’and what would you like to eat?’’ she asked.

‘’ Supremo Chicken Burger with Portuguese BBQ sauce with a small chip please’’ I said.

‘’I’ll have the 1/4 Chicken with a large chips please’’ Niall said.

‘’won’t be too long guys’’ she said and walked away.

We talked and ate and when we were done we headed back to the house. When we got there he kissed me. I pushed him off me and ran into my room.

Niall’s POV:

I enjoyed tonight. It was fun and I got to know her a bit better. We arrived at the house we she went to walk inside the house when I grabbed her wrist and kissed her and she pushed me away and ran inside.

‘’great Niall. You dickhead’’ I said to myself. I felt bad so I went to her room and knocked on her door.

‘’Come in’’ she said and when I opened the door she had tears in her eyes. I walked over and sat on her bed when I said

‘’I’m sorry for kissing you’’.

‘’it’s ok. It’s not you it’s me’’ she replied.

‘’then why are you crying?’’ I asked.

‘’b..b..because my ex kissed me like you did on our first date. He cheated on me with this blond bimbo. I have promised myself that I would never fall for someone again’’ she replied.

‘’I’m sorry. I’m not like that’’ I said.

‘’yea I know. I knew it from the day I met you’’ she said.

‘’well I..I wait what? You knew that from the first day we met?’’ I asked.

‘’yes. I looked into your deep blue crystal eyes’’ she replied.

‘’well when I saw you, I thought to myself that this chick has nice beautiful Hazel green eyes. Do you believe in love at first sight?’’ I asked her.

‘’ I didn’t until I met you’’ she replied.

‘’when I first met you I was in love with you and all your little things’’ I said and she giggled.

‘’that’s cute’’ she said and kissed me. I kissed her back and we hugged. We walked downstairs to see that Anna and Zayn were making out on the lounge.

‘’eww. Get a room you two’’ Louis said. We laughed. I swear I don’t know how Eleanor puts up with him half the time. It was 10pm when we all went to bed.

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