Midnight Memories

Two girls who are like sisters go to a one direction concert and one of them is chosen to live with the boys for a month. Lisa is the one who is chosen to live with them for a month. she falls hard for Niall and Niall falls hard for her.
''I love you'' I said.
''to the moon and back'' she said.
''forever me and you'' I said
''forever and always'' she said.
will their cute relationship last or will many complications separate them? read to find out!!!


20. 19.

Niall’s POV:

Today was the day Lisa and I move into our new house. The boys have volunteered to help us out and carry the heavy things. No one knows apart from Harry and Mel know that Lisa is pregnant but they know Mel is pregnant and therefore the boys are not letting her pick up anything heavy. We finished getting the last of the furniture in the house and as well as the boxes. Then everyone left because we had a house warming party tonight because we moved in to our new home.

‘’Niall I think I’m ready to tell everyone that I’m pregnant. So I’ll tell them tonight’’ Lisa said.

‘’ok babe not a problem’’ I replied.

‘’I have to go to the doctors today to get an ultrasound done’’ she said.

‘’ok can I come with?’’ I asked.

‘’I was hoping you wanted to come’’ she replied and we both chuckled.

 We got changed and headed for the doctors. When we got there us actually Lisa filled out forms so the doctor could see her and then we sat in a chair. I looked around the room and saw other pregnant people with their partners and they looked as happy as Lisa and I are.

‘’Maison?’’ the doctor called and we got up and headed inside the office. Lisa laid on the table and the doctor put Gel on her stomach and then continued with the unltersound. He or she looked really cute.

‘’do you guys want to know what the sex of the baby is?’’ the doctor asked.

‘’I want it to be a surprise’’ Lisa replied and then looked at me.

‘’I’m happy with what your happy with babe’’ I replied and the doctor nodded.

‘’come back in two weeks and here is a picture of the baby for you guys’’ the doctor said and passed us the photo and we left.

‘’we have to get ready for tonight’’ Lisa said.

‘’ok babe’’ I replied as we got inside the house.

It was 4:30pm and the others would arrive soon. Lisa made so much food it wasn’t funny. The doorbell rang and the others came in. Lisa came in with snacks and drinks for everyone. We talked for a bit and then we had some dinner and then we sat back in the living room.

‘’ok guys there is something I need to tell you guys. I have been hiding it for a month and not even Niall knew about what I’m going to tell you and show you’’ Lisa said as she went to get the photo of our baby.

‘’I’m one month pregnant and this is the picture to prove it’’ Lisa said and handed the picture for everyone to see and they all had shocked faces.

‘’why didn’t you tell us?’’ Liam said.

‘’because I didn’t want anyone to find out in case I lost the baby’’ Lisa replied with a frown.

‘’ok’’ they replied.

Lisa’s POV:

We chatted for a bit and then everyone left except for Mel and Harry.

‘’so what are you guys going to name the baby?’’ Mel asked.

‘’we haven’t really talked about it yet’’ I replied.

‘’maybe we can help you’’ Harry said.

‘’ok’’ Niall said.

‘’so what are the names you guys like?’’ Mel asked.

‘’for a girl Rosie or Anne, or Matilda and for a boy Alexander or Toby or James’’ I replied.

‘’for a girl Roxanne or Rosie or Alex and for a boy Antonio or Niall Jr. or Taylor’’ Niall said.

‘’ok for a girl I would go for Rosie or Roxanne and for a boy I would go with Taylor or James’’ Mel said.

‘’I agree with Mel on this one’’ Harry said.

‘’ok what about Roxanne Rosie Horan for a girl and Taylor James Horan for a boy?’’ I asked.

‘’you’re a genius babe’’ Niall said and kissed my cheek.

‘’good choice guys so it’s Final. Roxanne Rosie Horan or Taylor James Horan’’ Mel conformed and we nodded.

‘’what about names for your baby?’’ I asked.

‘’we have agreed on Elisa Jamie Styles or Daniel John Styles’’ Mel replied.

‘’good choice’’ I replied and yawned.

‘’ok well we are going now lovely house’’ Harry said and walked out.

‘’Bye guys’’ I said and hugged them.

When they left I headed towards the kitchen to clean up when Niall snaked his hands around my waist and turned me around and started kissing me. He sat me on the bench and separated my legs and stood in between them. One thing I hate about my pregnancy so far is my hormones. They are all over the place. At the moment I just want Niall and all of him. He started to wrap my legs around his waist and pulled me up over him.

‘’let’s take this upstairs’’ he whispered in my ear sending shivers down my back.

‘’I’m really heavy maybe I should walk upstairs’’ I whispered back.

‘’you’re not heavy and plus I get to use these babies’’ he said referring to his muscles and I through my head back in laughter.

‘’you get cute every time’’ I said to him making him blush. We continued making out while he took us upstairs. He placed me on the bed and place himself on top of me taking off both our clothes. He then started thrusting inside of me and we both moaned and we fell asleep.

*the next morning*

Lisa’s POV:

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I looked at the caller ID an dit was work.

‘’Hello?’’ I answered.

‘’Hey Lisa can you start work in an hour because we really need someone’’ a man replied.

‘’not a problem’’ I replied and hanged up. I got out of bed and ran to the bathroom. Morning sickness how annoying. I got up had a shower and brushed my teeth. I got changed into my outfit for work and headed downstairs to where Niall was.

‘’Morning babe’’ I said and pecked him on the lips.

‘’morning princess. Why are you going to work?’’ he asked.

‘’because they called me and they needed someone. I am able to work you know. I’m able to work up till 1 month before the baby is due so when 8 months pregnant the I’ll be on maternity leave from then and about a month or two until I can leave the baby’’ I replied.

‘’alright just be careful please bub?’’ he asked.

‘’always hon’’ I replied and walked out the door.

I got in the car and drove to work. I got out of the car when I got to work and walked in people automatically noticed my tiny bump.

‘’welcome back Lisa’’ everyone welcomed me.

‘’thanks’’ I replied. I got given beds 1 – 5 with an assistant nurse.

*8 hours later* (Still Lisa’s POV).

Finally after 8 hours of working I’m exhausted. I never knew how exhausting it is especially being pregnant. When we are pregnant we pick up really strong smell and what I had to deal with today is too much. I got in the car and drove home./ I got out of the car and went inside and Niall was on the lounge.

‘’hi babe how was work?’’ he asked.

‘’hi honey and it was exhausting. I smelt things I never normally would and it was horrible’’ I replied.

He got up and hugged me. I went to bed and feel asleep. Only 7 more months of this.

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