Midnight Memories

Two girls who are like sisters go to a one direction concert and one of them is chosen to live with the boys for a month. Lisa is the one who is chosen to live with them for a month. she falls hard for Niall and Niall falls hard for her.
''I love you'' I said.
''to the moon and back'' she said.
''forever me and you'' I said
''forever and always'' she said.
will their cute relationship last or will many complications separate them? read to find out!!!


19. 18.


*4 months later*

Lisa’s POV:

Today is the day that Niall and I are going to by our new home. I woke up and made breakfast for Mel, Harry, Niall and myself. I ended up making chocolate chip pancakes, blueberry muffins, orange juice and a banana smoothie for me and Mel. I went to go upstairs to wake Mel and Harry when I walked past the bathroom and herd someone being sick. i knocked on the door and someone said go away which was Mel.

‘’Mel it’s me open up the door’’ I said.

‘’no I’m sick go away’’ she replied.

‘’Open this bloody door now or I’ll break it down’’ I said and she opened up the door and pulled me into the bathroom.

‘’is their any chance you could be pregnant?’’ I asked her.

‘’I cannot be because Harry and I have only been dating for 10 months and it is too soon in pour relationship’’ she replied.

‘’I think you are. You have been extremely moody, tired and craving for weird things this past two weeks’’ I said and bent down under the sink and pulled out a pregnancy stick.

‘’here use this’’ I said handing it to her.

‘’why do you have this?’’ she asked me.

‘’I had two but I used the other one last month when I thought I was pregnant’’ I replied.

‘’Wait are you pregnant?’’ she asked.

‘’maybe’’ I replied with a grin on my face.

‘’Oh My gosh you are’’ she yelled.

‘’shhh. Keep it down I don’t want Niall to find out’’ I replied.

‘’sorry but how come you didn’t tell Niall or Me?’’ she asked.

‘’because with everything that has happened in the past months and I feel like it is too soon for us and he might not want a child yet.’’ I replied.

‘’are you kidding me Li he would be happy and at least you have been with Niall for a year and a half almost where harry and I have been together for 10 months’’ Mel said.

‘’ that’s alright too at least you’re not like the teenagers who have gotten pregnant within the first month of their relationships’’ I replied.

‘’well I don’t know yet’’ she said.

‘’well pee on the stick and find out’’ I said and waited outside for her to finish. She knocked on the door for me to come back.

‘’how come your are not showing and how did you cope with the morning sickness and cravings then?’’ she asked.

‘’because you start to show at two months and I have gained a bit of fat not that Niall has realised and wait are you pregnant?’’ I asked.

‘’look for yourself’’ she said and handed me the stick that was positive.

‘’Oh My God. Congratz babe’’ I said and hugged her.

‘’you have to tell Niall and I will tell Harry’’ Mel said as we walked out of the bathroom and Niall and Harry just walked out and said

‘’tell us what?’’

‘’Harry babe I’m pregnant’’ Mel replied and he was shocked and Niall was congratulating Mel.

‘’Harry say something’’ Mel said.

‘’really?’’ was all he said.

‘’really’’ she replied and he picked her up and spun her around.

‘’guys breakfast is ready’’ I said and they all rushed down like a pack of wolves.

When we finished breakfast Niall and I got changed to look at houses.

Niall’s POV:

When Mel told us that she was pregnant I was happy for her but Harry was happier than ever. Today after breakfast Lisa and I went to look at houses. The first house we looked at was a tiny house with a small kitchen. The second house was not much different from the first but still too small. The third house we looked at was just right. It had 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a master suit. A decent laundry and living room. It had a massive kitchen with a dining room in it. The back, yard was an alright size with a pool and a spa and a gym.

‘’we will take this one’’ I said and Lisa agreed.

‘’great you can move in in two days when we get the paper work final’’ the real estate agent said and we nodded. When we were on the way back I could tell Lisa had something to say.

‘’what are you thinking of?’’ I asked.

‘’um how I’m going to tell you something important in our lives’’ she replied.

‘’whatever it is you can tell me and I’ll be 100% supportive even if it is bad I promise’’ I said.

‘’alright if you promise um how do you feel about expanding our family?’’ she asked.

‘’I would really love it actually’’ I replied.

‘’good because I’m a month pregnant’’ she said and I was shocked.

‘’wait one month pregnant? Why didn’t you tell me?’’ I asked.

‘’because I didn’t know if you wanted a child yet and I didn’t want to tell anyone until I was at least two months pregnant in case I lost the baby and with you being in a bad I don’t know when you will go on tour and all’’ she replied.

‘’babe. I’m happy no matter what and I wanted to have a child with you and I’m fine if you don’t want to tell anyone yet I understand and I’m not going on tour for a while and if we did you would be coming with us I promise’’ I said

‘’I’m glad you’re not freaking out’’ she said and I kissed her hand when we pulled up to the drive way and walked inside.

‘’so how did it go?’’ Mel asked.

‘’great we brought a house’’ Lisa replied and I agreed.

‘’so when do we get rid of you two?’’ Harry asked.

‘’why? Want to get rid of us already?’’ I replied.

‘’no I love you guys but we need room for the nursery of our unborn baby’’ He replied.

‘’you have like almost 9 months for the nursery dude’’ I said.

‘’planning a head that’s all so when do you guys move out?’’ he asked.

‘’in a couple of days’’ I replied.

‘’I’m going shopping for kitchen thing for our home I’ll be back babe’’ Lisa said and kissed my lips.

‘’ can I come please?’’ I asked.

‘’of course’’ she replied so we left.

We got in the car and left. She wanted to drive but I didn’t let her.

‘’it’s going to be a boy you know’’ I said.

‘’nope it’s a girl’’ she replied.

‘’no it’s going to be a boy’’ I insisted.

‘’no it’s a girl. Trust me Niall a mother knows best’’ she said.

‘’whatever you say princess’’ I said as we arrived at the mall.

We brought kitchen appliances and kitchen things and then we stopped off at a baby shop and looked at baby furniture and close. We were just looking and not buying anything yet even though we put something on layby and went back to the car and stopped off at a dress place for women.

‘’choose any dress because the boys and I are formally introducing you girls to the world because we have VMA’s awards tonight and you girls are coming’’ I said.

‘’talk about short notice babe’’ she replied.

‘’I’m sorry babe’’ I said.

‘’it’s ok what about the others?’’ she asked.

‘’they have their dresses already’’ I replied so she tried on many outfits.

‘’ok babe how about this one?’’ she asked.

She looked stunning and perfect.

‘’that is the perfect one babe’’ I said and we brought the dress. The dress was a nice turquoise colour long and flowy. Then we headed home.

Lisa’s POV:

When we got home Mel and I took showers and we both got ready. She wore this really nice red dress. We both curled our hairs but mine was up and hers was down and we both did our make-up. When we were finished we headed downstairs to meet Niall and Harry then headed to the boys place to meet everyone there. When we got there Perrie was wear this short black dress with black heels, El was wearing a navy blue dress, Dani was wearing a pink short dress. When the limo pulled up out the front we got in the limo and drove to the show. When we arrived they boys hoped out and helped us girls out. We all got multiple group photos and Perrie went with the group and she had more photos taken. The boys all had their group photos and Niall is such a poser. Then us girls with little mix, then Little Mix, the boys, El, Dani Mel and I as a group then couple photos. We walked inside and took our seats. Perrie headed backstage to get ready for her and Little Mix’s opening act. The show started and Little Mix did their performance of Salute then they sat at their table. It was time for the awards. One Direction most successful band, best single for best song ever, record breaking album and many more. The boys headed backstage and got ready for their performance. They sung Midnight Memories. They finished their song and we headed out towards the paparazzi.

‘’so Lisa how does it feel that the boys won so many awards and does One Direction interfere with your relationship with Niall?’’ they asked.

‘’I’m really happy that the boys won awards thanks to their fans and no it doesn’t’’ I replied.

‘’is there anything you boys want to say to the people watching?’’ they asked.

‘’yes! On behalf of all of us we wanted to thank the fans for voting for us and it wouldn’t have happened without you wonderful people. We also wanted to thank our families for being supportive of us’’ Louis said.

‘’just a massive thanks to the fans’’ Niall replied and we had more photos and we went home. I’m so tired. When we walked in the door I headed straight upstairs to bed.

‘’night guys I’m really tired’’ I said and Niall followed behind me. I took off the dress and got changed in to a pair of sweats and one of Niall’s shirts.

‘’do you know how sexy you look in my shirts?’’ he asked.

‘’no I don’t’’ I replied.

‘’pretty dam sexy’’ he replied.

‘’even though I’m becoming fat’’ I said.

‘’babe you’re not fat, your pregnant there is a difference’’ he said.

‘’I’m still fat no matter what you say’’ I said and he just shook his head. He got down on one knee and spoke to my belly

‘’little one in there night I love you my little baby. Be good for your mommy tonight’’ he said and I just giggled and we snuggled under the blankets.

A/N: If you guys wanted to see what their outfits look like than look below :)


Lisa's Outfit + Hair:

Lisa's Outfit + Hair Style

Perrie's Outfit + Hairstyle

El's Outfit and Hairstyle:

Dani's Outfit + Hairstyle:

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