Midnight Memories

Two girls who are like sisters go to a one direction concert and one of them is chosen to live with the boys for a month. Lisa is the one who is chosen to live with them for a month. she falls hard for Niall and Niall falls hard for her.
''I love you'' I said.
''to the moon and back'' she said.
''forever me and you'' I said
''forever and always'' she said.
will their cute relationship last or will many complications separate them? read to find out!!!


18. 17.

Niall’s POV:

‘’I have some bad news’’ The doc said.

‘’ok’’ I said on the verge of tears.

‘’is it all bad news?’’ Perrie asked.

‘’not all of it no’’ the doc replied.

‘’will Lisa be ok?’’ Perrie asked.

‘’let me explain. Lisa is in a coma due to her injuries. She had bleeding on her skull and also had internal bleeding. She has a few cracked ribs and a broken ankle’’ the doc replied.

‘’may I see her please?’’ I asked.

‘’yes you may but you have to keep it quiet’’ he replied so I wheeled myself in there. When we all got in there Liam wheeled me over to her bed and I held her hand.

‘’hey baby. I’m right here so are the others’’ I said to her and I just cried.

*two months later*

Niall’s POV:

It has been two months since Lisa has been in a coma. My ribs are heeled and so is my leg. Lisa’s ribs, ankles and scars have heeled we just need her to wake up.

‘’Lisa honey please wake up I need you. Squeeze my hand please’’ I said crying. I just want to see her beautiful eyes again. I really miss her. She squeezed my hand and slowly opened her eyes.

‘’Lisa your awake’’ I said excitedly.

‘’hi Ni’’ she said in a hoarse voice. I stood up and kissed her.

‘’how are Harry and Mel?’’ she asked.

‘’they are fin they are outside. I’ll go get them’’ I said and I walked out.

‘’ guys she is awake and wants to see Harry and Mel first’’ I said and Harry and Mel walked inside.

Lisa’s POV:

I squeezed Niall’s hand like he said and he was right there. Mel and Harry came in and Mel had tears and came running up to me.

‘’are you ok Mel?’’ I asked.

‘’I’m fine what about you?’’ she asked.

‘’I have a bad headach that’s all’’ I replied.

‘’well you did have bleeding on your skull so that could be why’’ she replied.

‘’that makes sense’’ I said and the others walked in and hugged me.

‘’how did we get out?’’ I asked.

‘’um the cops found a signal from your phone and tracked you that way. We looked in so many warehouses and we found you. Zayn got shot in the process. We found Harry and Niall and Mel then Perrie went looking for you and found you’’ Liam said.

‘’thanks Perrie’’ I said.

‘’it’s not a problem’’ she replied when Mark the doctor came in.

‘’your awake’’ he said.

‘’yea I am. When can I go home?’’ I asked.

‘’in a week. You are still quite weak to go home’’ he replied.

‘’Mark what am I going to do about work?’’ I asked him.

‘’the board has given you three months with pay off’’ he replied.

‘’really?’’ I asked in shock and he shook his head and left.

‘’you know him?’’ Perrie asked.

‘’yea he was my old boss who now is a doctor’’ I replied.

‘’oh ok’’ she replied. We spent the entire day talking and then everyone left. It was Just Niall and me in the room.       

‘’Niall can you join me on the bed please?’’ I asked.

‘’I thought you would never ask’’ he replied.

He got up on the bed and sat next to me under the blankets. I rested my head on his chest. And that is how we fell asleep.

*the next morning*

Lisa’s POV:

*Click* I heard that woke me up. I opened my eyes to see Harry and Mel with their phone out taking photos of Niall and me.

‘’what are you doing?’’ I asked.

‘’it’s going on twitter’’ Harry said.

‘’I don’t have twitter’’ I said.

‘’yes I made you one last night’’ Mel said.

‘’why there is no point. I’m just going to get hate from the boys fans because I’m engaged to Niall’’ I said.

‘’no they won’t and too late its up already on twitter with you and Niall tagged huh’’ Mel replied and stuck her toung out. Mel than took my phone and got the twitter app on it and signed me in. I looked at the picture and Niall and I do look cute. The post was

@Mel_lover this is Niall and his fiancé Lisa in the hospital don’t they look cute? @NiallOfficial, @Harry_Styles and @ Lisa_Niall’sprincess.

‘’really Mel @Lisa_Niall’sprincess?’’ I said.

‘’it’s true. Your name is Lisa and you are Niall’s Princess’’ she replied and I blushed.

‘’she is right you know’’ Niall said.

‘’I thought you were asleep!’’ I said to him.

‘’nah I pretended’’ he replied and I gave him a kiss on the forehead.

*one week later*

Niall’s POV:

Finally today is the day Lisa gets to come home which is good because we will be in our own bed instead of a stiff bed. She needs plenty of rest the doctors say.

‘’ready to go honey?’’ I asked her.

‘’OMG yes I am’’ she replied. We walked out to the car and drove home.

‘’I missed you Niall’’ she said.

‘’I missed you too and I’m sorry’’ I replied.

‘’for what? You did nothing wrong’’ she replied.

‘’for not protecting you against them’’ I said.

‘’it’s not your fault for what happened a whole ago. It’s mine because fro dating him’’ she said.

‘’it’s not! You didn’t know he was like that before you met him’’ I replied.

‘’it’s no one’s fault alright then?’’ she asked.

‘’ok’’ I replied. When we got in the house we opened the door and she was surprised.

‘’what is this?’’ Lisa asked surprised.

‘’this is a welcome home party that Perrie and Mel put together for you’’ Liam replied.

Lisa’s POV:

‘’thanks so much guys’’ I said and gave them a group hug.

We talked and ate the food Mel made and it was yummy. I met the rest of Little Mix as well. Everyone started to leave around 5pm which only left Mel, Harry, Niall and me.         

‘’so what are we going to do tonight?’’ Harry asked.

‘’I’m a bit tired so I’m going to go to bed’’ I replied.

‘’I will look after Lisa’’ Niall said.

‘’Niall don’t worry about me I’ll be fine. If you guys want to go out than go I’m fine. I promise’’ I said.

‘’are you sure?’’ Niall asked.

‘’I’m positive’’ I replied as I started to walk upstairs Niall picked me up bridal style.

‘’you are weak so I’m carrying you up to our room’’ Niall said.

‘’alright. I’m not complaining’’ I replied and giggled.

He took me upstairs and put me on the bed and then he walked out of the room.  Minutes later I heard Mel say

‘’we will be home by 9pm’’ from the bottom of the stairs.

‘’ok have fun guys’’ I said and snuggle down into bed when the door opened. I looked to see Niall standing in the door way with some food.

‘’I thought you were going with them’’ I said.

‘’nah. I want to spend time with my gorgeous soon to be wife’’ Niall said.

‘’your too cute and too sweet’’ I said and he came over to the bed. He crawled under the blanket and cuddled with me. He grabbed his phone out and said

‘’say cheese’’ so I did.

‘’this is a good one that is going on twitter’’ Niall said and I nodded. I’m really tired. My phone lit up from notifications from twitter. I opened my twitter app and people have commented on Niall’s tweet. I read to see what it was and it was the photo he just took of us with the caption

‘’@NiallOfficial looking after @Lisa_Niallprincess when she is sick. I love you babe <3’’

People have commented nice things like

‘’you two are cute’’

‘’I’m glad to see that you guys are happy’’ and some mean ones like

‘’you ugly whore go die’’

‘’you don’t deserve my Niall’’ but I have ignored them. We watched movies after movies when Niall decides to kiss my neck and make me moan. He knows my weak spots that turn me on and he turned me on. I turned around and kissed him. He was laying down and I put my knees either side of his torso and started taking his clothes off and he started taking my clothes off as well. When he decide we were ready he flipped me over and he was on top and thrusted into me. After we were finished we fell asleep.

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