Midnight Memories

Two girls who are like sisters go to a one direction concert and one of them is chosen to live with the boys for a month. Lisa is the one who is chosen to live with them for a month. she falls hard for Niall and Niall falls hard for her.
''I love you'' I said.
''to the moon and back'' she said.
''forever me and you'' I said
''forever and always'' she said.
will their cute relationship last or will many complications separate them? read to find out!!!


17. 16.

*two days later*

Niall’s POV:

It has been two whole days since we have been kidnapped and Harry and I have seen the girls. Every now and then we hear them scream in fright and sometimes we would hear Mel say ‘’Lisa wake up’’ or the other way around. I hate to think what they are doing to the girls. I hear the door open and I immedatly yell at Nathan

‘’what have you been doing with my fiancé?’’

‘’nothing that concerns you. Let’s just say her and Mel are in worse condition to you two boys’’ he laughed.

‘’I swear I will kill you’’ I spat at him.

‘’oh pretty boy. You don’t know half the shit I will do to her and her pretty friend’’ he replied with an evil grin and left.

‘’LISA’’ I screamed but nothing. The next thing I know Jason dragged Harry in and threw him on the floor and left.

‘’Harry are you alright mate?’’ I crawled over to him.

‘’Niall’’ he replied.

‘’yea mate what happened?’’ I asked.

‘’I got myself free and I went to try and find the girls. They are in the next room tied to a chair each. Mel looked better than Lisa’’ he replied.

‘’come on mate let’s sit you up’’ I said and helped him up. Then we heard what sounded like Lisa scream in pain.

Lisa’s POV:

‘’AHHHH’’ I screamed in pain. The torture is too much too bear. Nathan sat both Mel and I in a chair and tied us up. He got a hot iron rod and put it to my skin. It burned like hell. All I wanted was to be in Niall’s arms saying that it will be alright.

‘’LISA’’ I heard Niall scream.

‘’NIALL’’ I tried to scream in a hoarse voice and I looked over at Mel who had burns over her as well. After I tried to scream Nathan punched me in the face and I fell backwards and slammed my head really hard. I heard Mel scream my name and everything went black.

Perrie’s POV:

It has been two days since Niall, Harry, Lisa and Mel have disappeared and I’m really scared for them. We all ended up staying at the boys flat. I was staring out the window of the kitchen when someone wrapped their hands around my waist.

‘’Babe they will be fine especially Lisa because she is a fighter and will fight for all them’’ Zayn said.

‘’I know but I really miss them and I want to see them again’’ I replied and almost cried.

‘’I know babe so do we’’ he said pulling me into a hug and we walked into the living room with the boys and Liam was on the phone. When he got off the phone he came over to us and told us some good news.

‘’guys that was the sergeant in charge of our case and they have a lead on Jason and got a tracking signal from Niall’s phone. They are in the woods somewhere in an abandon warehouse’’ he said.

‘’well that’s good news but what the bad news?’’ I asked.

‘’well there are 6 abandoned warehouses’’ he replied.

‘’oh well let’s ‘start searching then’’ I said and they all agreed. We got our jackets and flash lights for when it got dark and we left. It has been a few hours and we have searched 5 warehouses and we even called the cops to help us and 1 left. It is know this one they are in and it is the only one we haven’t looked in. I heard screaming which sounded like Lisa and Mel saying ‘’LISA’’ so is Niall. The cops entered before us and tried to catch Jason and Nathan but they had a gun and shot Zayn whoi was protecting me.

‘’ZAYN’’ I yelled then the cops cached them. Liam, Louis and I split up and looked in all the rooms. I opened the door and it revealed Niall and Harry in one corner.

‘’Harry, Niall’’ I said and ran over to them.

‘’Perrie’’ they both said in sync.

‘’thank god you guy are alright’’ I said and hugged them

‘’ow’’ they both said.

‘’I’m sorry guys’’ I said to them.

‘’Liam and Louis I found Niall and Harry’’ I yelled out and they ran in and help them up. Niall looked like he had a broken leg and Harry looked beat up pretty bad with a busted arm.

‘’Were is Lisa and Mel?’’ Niall asked.

‘’Mel is right here but we don’t know where Lisa is’’ Liam said and pointed to Mel who was on a stretcher. Harry ran over to Mel and they hugged.

‘’LISA?’’ Niall yelled but no answer.

‘’Niall sit here and let them fix you up and I’ll keep looking for Lisa’’ I said to Niall.

‘’I’m not leaving without her’’ he replied.’

‘’you are so stubborn did you know that?’’ I asked.

‘’yes. I just want my fiancé with me’’ he replied. That was cute. I left off to find Lisa. She wasn’t inside so I decided to look outside for her. I found her phone outside the door then I saw a body lying in the grass and I ran over to the person and it was Lisa. I turned her over and she was bad. She had cuts and bruises all over her face and from what I could see her body as well.

‘’LISA WAKE UP! SOME ONE HELP’’ I yelled and the ambulance officers came over and put her on a stretcher.

‘’ok this patient is uncoinious, with multiple wounds. She also has been tortured by the looks of her skin. She also has internal bleeding so we need to get her out now’’ they said and rushed her to the back of the ambo’s car and they allowed Niall to go with her.        

Lisa’s POV:

I came out of my black out and I was off the chair and I was untied. I looked around and saw Mel in the corner. I crawled over to her because it hurt me to do anything else.

‘’Mel I’m here’’ I said.

‘’I cannot move. I’m so sore I can barely lift a muscle’’ she said.

‘’ok I’m going to try and get help ok?’’ I asked and she shook her head.

‘’ok stay here in the corner and no matter what I love you so much’’ I said as I hugged her and left. As much as it hurt me to walk I walked outside before Nathan saw I was missing and came after me. I dropped my phone and ran as fast as I could because he had a gun. I fell down just as he shot me. He was coming closer when he heard cops and he ran back inside and left me to die.

Niall’s POV:

When Lisa and I were rushed to the hospital they took Lisa straight into surgery and I was looked at by another doctor.

‘’Mr Horan you have a broken leg and some cracked fractured ribs which should heel soon. You are going to need to stay in here until your looking better. You have to use a wheel chair because you cannot use crutches due to your cracked ribs’’ the doctor said and I just nodded I wheeled myself into the waiting room to the others.

‘’Oh My God Niall’’ El said.

‘’yea. Broken leg and some cracked ribs. I’m here for a while’’ I replied and looked to Harry.

‘’hey man how is Mel and how are you?’’ I asked him.

‘’Mel has bruised ribs, broken hip and she is also in here for a while. I’m alright. Just a busted arm’’ he replied.

‘’that’s good any work on Lisa?’’ I asked and they all shook their heads no then Perrie spoke up

‘’she had internal bleeding and she had been shot and tortured by the look of the burns and the cuts on her’’ Perrie said and I just got mad.

‘’they shot my princess and tortured her?’’ I said in an angry and a sick tone and she replied with a head nod. I’m going to kill the son of a b*tch.

By now hours have passed and still no words on Lisa. I hate seeing her like this. I was just hoping that she did die or I just might.

‘’Mr Horan?’’ I looked up and saw the doctor.

‘’I have some bad news’’ the doctor said.

A/N: Cliffhanger!!! now I need help. comment if you think Lisa should Live or die? and give me your opinion of the book so far :)



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