Midnight Memories

Two girls who are like sisters go to a one direction concert and one of them is chosen to live with the boys for a month. Lisa is the one who is chosen to live with them for a month. she falls hard for Niall and Niall falls hard for her.
''I love you'' I said.
''to the moon and back'' she said.
''forever me and you'' I said
''forever and always'' she said.
will their cute relationship last or will many complications separate them? read to find out!!!


16. 15.

Niall’s POV:

’Lisa you are the love of my life. I missed you so, so much. I feel like I have known you for my whole life. I love you so much so would you do the honour of becoming Mrs Niall Horan?’’ I asked and she was shocked. At this point I knew she was going to say no.

‘’Niall I would love to become Mrs Niall Horan’’ she replied and I slipped on the ring and hugged her and spun her around. That is when the paparazzi rang over. Shit bad timing Niall.

‘’so you two are engaged now? How do you feel about this Lisa? Niall what about the chick at the party?’’ they said. When they asked the last but Lisa was getting mad. I pulled her into the car and she didn’t talk to me. When we got to our [place with Harry and Mel Lisa ran up to our room and I followed her.

‘’What did they mean by the chick at the party Niall’’ she asked in an angry tone.

‘’nothing’’ I replied.

‘’don’t give me this bullshit ‘’nothing’’ otherwise they wouldn’t have said it’’ she said practly yelling now.

‘’we went to a party and I got drunk and this chick who looked like you came up to ma and started to kiss me. That’s all we did is kiss. I’m sorry’’ Niall said.

‘’and what you were not going to tell me after we were engaged or after the wedding or even never?’’ she said still yelling.

‘’I was going to tell you late today but I missed you so much. Please I’m sorry. I won’t happen again please’’ I replied.

‘’I just need some time to calm down’’ she said and walked out.

‘’babe please don’t go’’ I said but it was too late. What have I done now?

‘’Niall. You kissed another girl while you were with Lisa? This is what she was afraid of you cheating’’ Mel yelled.

‘’I didn’t mean it and I mean it was only one kiss’’ I replied.

‘’just let her cool down and she’ll come back but now she is out there all by herself. What if Jason or Nathan are waiting for her somewhere?’’ Mel said which made me feel worse.

‘’i-‘’ I began to say when the door opened and it was Jason.

‘’what are you doing here?’’ Mel said as she hid behind Harry and i.

‘’I’m still claming what is mine. Nathan has his girl’’ he replied and my mood turned to angry.

‘’where is Lisa?’’ I yelled.

‘’right here’’ Nathan came into view with Lisa on his shoulder.

‘’LISA’’ we all screamed.

Nathan then threw her on the floor and she was unconscious.

‘’Mel run’’ I said as I went to punch Nathan and Harry hit Jason. I than ran to Lisa.

‘’baby wake up’’ I said but nothing. When I got knocked out.

Lisa’s POV:

Niall kissed another girl! I let him explain and then stormed out. I grabbed the keys and went for the car when I was grabbed by someone gaged me and put a cloth over my face and I passed out. I woke up in a room with Niall, Harry and Mel tied up against the wall next to me. Not again I said to myself.

‘’Niall’’ I whispered yelled and he lifted his head up.

‘’I’m sorry about getting mad at you for something you did when you were drunk’’ I said.

‘’it’s ok honey. I still shouldn’t have’’ he whispered back.

‘’ I love you honey’’ I said.

‘’I love you too’’ he replied when Nathan and Jason came with smirks on their faces.

‘’oh look they realised that they are sorry for each other’’ Nathan said.

‘’how pathetic?’’ Jason stated.

‘’not as pathetic as you two’’ I said.

‘’what was that bitch?’’ Jason asked.

‘’Lisa don’t’’ Mel and Niall said.

‘’I said not as pathetic as you two’’ I repeated.

Jason came over to me and hit me to the ground.

‘’is that all you got pansy?’’ I said.

‘’Lisa please stop’’ I heard Niall say before Nathan dragged us into different rooms and I just released that we were not at home like last time. We were in like a warehouse or something like that. My sides and stomach hurts so much I should stop being a smartass. When he dragged me into a room I hit the wall and he tied me up and then left. Minutes later Nathan came in with Mel and tied her up to the wall.

‘’now you too be good girls or god help you’’ Nathan said and then left.

‘’Mel are you ok?’’ I asked.

‘’I’m fine just a bit sore and how are you?’’ she replied.

‘’sore and I just want Niall to hold me in his arms’’ I replied.

‘’it will be ok. The others will find us’’ Mel said.

‘’I hope your right’’ I replied.

Liam’s POV:

It feels good to be at home. I feel sorry for Niall and Lisa. Lisa finding out that Niall just kissed a girl but nothing more. I pulled him away and set him straight. I’ll go over there now to help him out also because Lisa could use a hug. I left the flat and made my way to their flat. I got there and the door was wide open I started getting worried. I called Mel she didn’t answer, I than called Niall he didn’t answer then Harry and Lisa neither of them answered I started to panic. No one was home but their cars where here. I called the boys in a group call.

{L=Louis, Z=Zayn}

L: what’s up mate?

Z: Vas Happening?

M: something has happened to Hazza, Mel, Niall and Lisa. I’m at their’s and they are not here. Their cars are here and the door was wide open.

L: again

Z: could it be them as in Jason and Nathan?

M: Probably but I’m scared. What if something bad has happened to the girls or Harry and Niall?

L: I’ll call the cops and I will meet both you and Zayn at their house in 10 minutes.

Z: sounds like a good plan.

M: see you boys soon

*end of call*

I was pacing around until the boys came.

‘’the cops said they will be here in 2 minutes to check things out and help find the four of them’’ Louis said.

‘’I hope we do’’ I replied.

The cops showed up and they searched the place for fingerprints and anything suspisious. When they were done they came to us and said

‘’we did find some evidence that it was in fact Nathan and Jason who kidnapped your friends. Any idea why?’’ one of the asked.

‘’Jason because he was Harry’s girlfriend’s ex and Nathan is Niall’s girlfriends ex who beat her badly’’ Louis replied.

‘’I see. Thank you guys and we will be in touch’’ they said and walked away.

‘’I’m going to call Simon’’ I said as I left the boys.

{S= Simon, L= Liam}

S; Liam what’s up?

L: Harry and Niall are missing along with Melanie and Lisa. We called the cops and they have two leads. Nathan and Jason who escaped prison 4 months ago.

S; I see. Thanks for letting me know and we’ll set up a search party

L: thanks Simon

S; Liam?

L; yea?

S; they will be fine

L: ok Simon, let us know when you have a search party ready

S: No problem

*phone call ended*

I walked back over to the guys when we were greeted by Danni, El and Perrie.

‘’what did management say?’’ Louis asked.

‘’Simon said he will set up a search party and we go with them along with a few cops’’ I replied and gave my girlfriend a hug and a kiss.

‘’hey Li we will find them’’ Perrie said and I just nodded.


A/N: sorry that I haven't posted in a while. been really busy with work and school. I'm now in holidays and I'll try to update more.

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