Midnight Memories

Two girls who are like sisters go to a one direction concert and one of them is chosen to live with the boys for a month. Lisa is the one who is chosen to live with them for a month. she falls hard for Niall and Niall falls hard for her.
''I love you'' I said.
''to the moon and back'' she said.
''forever me and you'' I said
''forever and always'' she said.
will their cute relationship last or will many complications separate them? read to find out!!!


15. 14.

*two months later*

Niall’s POV:

I woke up and turned on my side to Lisa sleeping. I just adored her for a few minutes when Harry knocks on my door

‘’Niall, Lisa get up we have to go. We are going in 30 minutes. Hurry up’’.

‘’ok’’ I replied.

‘’babe wake up. We are going to California today come on get up’’ I said to her.

‘’that is where the snow is isn’t it?’’ she asked.

‘’yep’’ I replied and she shot right up.

Harry, Mel, Liam, Zayn, Louis, El, Zayn’s new girlfriend, Liam’s new girlfriend Lisa and I are going to California for a couple of weeks like a little holiday and we wanted to go while it was snowing. In two days Lisa and I have been together for one year. After 30 minutes we met Harry and Mel in the car and drove to the airport to meet the rest. When we first saw Louis and El Lisa ran and gave El a hug because El has been travelling a lot for her work. When Zayn got here I reconised the chick but I couldn’t remember from where.

‘’Hey guys this is Perrie. Perrie is from Little Mix’’ Zayn said.

‘’hey I’m Niall’’ I said

‘’I’m Harry’’ Harry said

‘’no his name is Harold’’ Lisa said and he gave her a death stare.

‘’I’m Louis’’ Louis said

‘’I’m Lisa. Niall’s Girlfriend’’ Lisa said

‘’I’m Melanie but call me Mel, I’m Harold’s girlfriends’’ Mel said and Harry gave her a death stare as well.

‘’I’m El, Louis girlfriend’’ El said.

‘’nice to meet you. Where is Liam?’’ Perrie asked.

‘’I’m here guys’’ Liam said.

‘’guys this is D-‘’ Liam began to say when Lisa cut in

‘’Danielle?’’ Lisa asked.

‘’Lisa?’’ Danielle replied as they gave each other a hug.

‘’how do you guys know each other?’’ Liam and I asked.

‘’I was studying Dancing and Lisa was studying to become an actress a few years ago’’ Danielle replied.

‘’and we were really good friends back then’’ Lisa jumped in.

‘’you wanted to become an actress?’’ I asked.

‘’yea before I wanted to become a nurse’’ she replied.

‘’ ok’’ I replied.

We boarded the plane. Liam and I sat together while Lisa and Danielle sat together and talked. Perrie and Zayn next then Mel and El then Harry and Louis.

‘’ how cool is it that our girlfriends were close?’’ Liam said.

‘’yea it’s really cool. I cannot believe Lisa wanted to be an actor’’ I said.

‘’yea how cool but’’ he said.

‘’totally’’ I replied.

Lisa’s POV:

‘’so how have you been Dani?’’ I asked.

‘’I’ve been really good. What about you?’’ she replied.

‘’I’ve been really good as well. So how is your dancing going?’’ I asked.

‘’really good and what about your career? I thought you wanted to become an actress instead of a nurse?’’ she asked.

‘’I decided acting wasn’t for me so I picked up nursing and my nursing career is really good’’ I replied.

‘’that’s good. So how long have you and Niall been dating?’’ Dani asked.

‘’one year in two days’’ I replied.

‘’that’s really good. You can tell that the both of you love each other’’ she said.

‘’thanks and what about you and Liam. I didn’t know he was seeing anyone till today’’ I said.

‘’yea um one month exactly’’ she replied.

‘’ok’’ I said and we talked for the rest of the flight. When we arrived in Califronia it was freezing. I’m just lucky that I’m wearing warm stuff. We got to the hotel and got our sleeping arrangements.

‘’ok guys we are on the 4th floor. Dani and El are in room 401, Niall, Liam and Zayn are in room 402, Lisa, Mel and Perrie are in room 403 and Harry and I are in room 404’’ Louis said.


‘what if I wanted to be with my partner?’’ Niall asked.

‘’yea what if I wanted to be with Niall?’’ I asked.

‘’tough. Only because you two spend a lot of time together and you two need to be separated same with Harry and Mel’’ he replied.

‘’no you just want Harry to yourself’’ I replied and laughed.

‘’actually yes because he is my Harold’’ Louis replied.

‘’hey what am I chop liver?’’ El asked and pretended to be mad at Louis.

‘’no babe. You’re not chop liver. I still love you and always will. I just need some time with my bro’’ he replied.

‘’fine’’ El replied and pretended to storm off.

We walked towards the elevator and Niall walked me to my room.

‘’ok we are meeting in 10 minutes to go skiing’’ Niall said.

‘’ok’’ I replied and gave him a peck on the lips.

‘’ok love birds break it up’’ Louis said and I walked into my room and got ready.

10 minutes later we all met downstairs and headed out the door.

Niall’s POV:

 We got to the top of the slope and I was excited.

‘’ok who’s first?’’ Liam asked.

‘’I’ll go you big chicken’’ Lisa said and headed down the slope.

‘’She is a rebel’’ Louis said.

‘’exactly why I love her see ya down there’’ I said and headed down to Lisa. I caught up to her and it was a race between us.

‘’I’ll win babe’’ I said.

‘’no you won’t I will’’ she said and picked up speed. So I did the same thing. I managed to get in front of Lisa but then I tripped and she tripped over me and we rolled down the slope and I landed on her.

‘’ahh’’ she grunted in pain.

‘’I’m sorry babe are you alright?’’ I asked.

‘’I think I am’’ she replied.

‘’well let’s get up then’’ I said as I got up and helped her up.

‘’I’m fine’’ she replied. I looked at her and she had a small cut on her head.

‘’did you hit something?’’ I asked.

‘’I guess I did’’ she replied. Then the others came down.

‘’what happened to your head Li?’’ Liam asked.

‘’Niall tripped and took me with him. We rolled down the slope and I hit my head on a rock. But it is a small cut and its fine’’ she replied.

‘’should we take her to the doctor to fix her up?’’ Louis asked.

‘’nah, just give me a first aid kit when we get back and I’ll do it myself’’ Lisa said and we just left it. We went down again and no one got hurt. We then stayed in The girls room and watched movies.

‘’why don’t we go out for dinner to the restaurant downstairs?’’ I asked.

‘’good idea. We’ll meet down there in 30 minutes then’’ Liam said and we left.

Perrie’s POV:

It was nice meeting the one direction boys and their girlfriends. Lisa especially. She is funny. Lisa was the first in the shower then Mel and then Me. Lisa wore a pair of long jeans with a long white shirt, a scarf and heel boots with a leather jacket. Mel wore long skinny jeans with a nice light shirt, sneakers and a cardigan and I wore my jeans with my heels and a cardigan. We left to meet the others in the lobby to head to the restaurant.

Niall’s POV:

When the girls came down they all looked pretty good. I wrapped my hand around her waist. We got to the restaurant and took a table and ordered food. I was next to Lisa who was next to Dani who was next to Liam. Liam was next to Zayn who was next to Perrie who was next to El. El was next to Louis who was next to Harry who was next to Mel. Mel, Dani, Perrie and El went to the bathroom while Lisa went to get something from the room.

‘’so Niall what are you two doing for your 1 year anniversary tomorrow?’’ Zayn asked.

‘’well if I could get you and Liam would leave the room for a night then I would do something in our room tomorrow night’’ I replied.

‘’done’’ they replied.

The girls came back to the table. We all chatted and got to know Perrie and Dani better then we went our separate ways. Just about when Lisa was entering her room I pulled her arm and dragged her around the corner.

‘’what are you doing cheeky monkey?’’ she giggled.

‘’kissing my beautiful girlfriend without getting interrupted by the others’’ I replied.

‘’fair enough’’ she replied as we were making out when my phone rang.

‘’goodnight Ni’’ she said.

‘’night Li’’ I replied as she walked away.

‘’hello?’’ I answered.

‘’Niall. Where are the boys?’’ Simon asked.

‘’In their rooms why?’’ I asked.

‘’because I need to tell you all that when you get back in two weeks you and the boys are going on a four month tour around America’’ he replied and I sighed.

‘’oh alright! I’ll tell them bye Simon’’ I said and that was the end of the phone call. I walked back to my room and the boys were there so I told them but they already knew.

‘’yea Perrie is going on a five month tour around Europe as well’’ Zayn said.

‘’Dani is gone for 5 months for her job’’ Liam said.

‘’and El is travelling to Paris for a few months’’ Louis said.

‘’that sucks for our girls then’’ Harry said.

‘’yea but Lisa would only pick up more shifts to keep her self occupied’’ I said.

‘’and Melanie would continue being a TV Presenter’’ Harry said.

‘’true. Alright boys I’m going to bed night’’ I said

‘’night’’ they all replied in sync.

*the next morning*

Lisa’s POV:

‘’Wake up sleepy head’’ Perrie yelled in my ear.

‘’ok. Ok I’m up’’ I said.

‘’these were at the door for you’’ Mel said.

I looked and it was a bunch of flowers in a box with a card saying

‘’to my lovely, dearest girl, Happy one year anniversary. We have something special planned for tonight. See you soon. Love Nialler’’

‘’aww. That’s cute’’ Perrie cooed.

‘’it is’’ I replied. I got up and changed and and walked to Niall’s room. I knocked on the door and Zayn answered

‘’hey Lisa, happy one year anniversary’’ he said.

‘’thanks Zayn is Niall asleep still?’’ I asked.

‘’yea but you can wake him up’’ he said and I walked inside and walked over to Niall. I decided that I would gently crawl on the bed and I sat on top of him.

‘’Niall babe wakey, wakey,’’ I said. He lifted up his head and pulled me next to him.

‘’morning honey. Did you get the roses?’’ he asked.

‘’yes I did babe that’s why I came over here to say thanks for the roses and the card’’ I replied. As I was about to get up he pulled be back and kissed me.

‘’guys save it for tonight. Not now please’’ Zayn said.

‘’alright but tell him to let me get up’’ I said.

‘’Niall let her go or I’ll call Harry and Liam’’ Zayn said and he immediately let me go.

‘’we are meeting downstairs and going on the lift for snowboarding today so let’s go’’ Zayn said.

‘’yes dad’’ I replied and left the room.

We all met in the lobby about 10 minutes after I left. We got on the ski lifts that took us to the top of the highest slope. It was Zayn and Perrie in one. Louis and El in another, Harry and Mel in another, Liam and Danielle in another and Niall and I in the other. When we got to the top of the cliff we all skated down and surprisingly I didn’t trip and neither did Niall. When we got to the bottom Zayn and Louis decided it would be fun to through snowball and it hit me right in the face and Niall just laughed so I through one at him.

‘’that’s it you’re getting it now’’ Niall said as I ran for my dear life.

‘’if you can catch me’’ I replied while running. Liam, Harry, Perrie, El and I decided to form a team so we did. Niall never caught me and I snuck up on him and through snow down his back. He turned around quickly and got me. He threw me in the snow and through snow down my shirt as payback.

‘’AHHH. Get off me you baboon’’ I said in between laughing.

‘’not till you say sorry’’ he replied.

‘’Fine I’m sorry Niall’’ I said and he got off me. We decided to continue the fight with each other and then headed to our rooms and have showers. Niall told me to wear sp=something nice and warm so I wore a long sleeve tight white dress with black stockings and me knee high boots then headed to his room. I knocked on the door and he opened up.

Niall’s POV:

It was a fun day in the snow with the others and Lisa. When I opened the door Lisa looked stunning as ever.

‘’come in my lady’’ I said and she giggled and came in. I had a table with candles on it set for two and rose petals everywhere as well as a bunch of roses and I handed to her.

‘’wow I’m being spoiled’’ Lisa said.

‘’it gets better’’ I replied. We sat at the table and I served the food for us to eat. When we both finished our food I turned on the CD I made earlier. When with you by Chris brown came on.

‘’Care to dance?’’ I asked.

‘’sure’’ she replied. We danced and I sung in her ear. When the sing was over we sat back down when I ran into my suitcase and get out a small box and handed it to her.

‘’Niall this is beautiful’’ she said.

‘’I’m glad you like the necklace’’ I said.

‘’can you put it on for me please?’’ she asked.

‘’of course’’ I replied. So I put on her necklace and then kissed her. She turned around and kissed me on the lips. I must have hit her sensitive spot because she is turned on. We were making out walking backwards towards my room then I pushed her on the bed and I was on top of her. My hand started to travel up her thigh and under her dress. I took of her boots and stockings. Followed by her taking her dress off leaving her in her undies and bra. I took my shoes, shirt and trousers off so I was in my boxers. I than pulled down her panties and took my boxers off. I than put the man downstairs in her vagina and she let out moans and so did I. when we were done we were painting next to each other.

‘’hey babe?’’ she asked.

‘’Yea babe?’’ I replied.

‘’This might sound a bit crazy and a big step for us’’ she said.

‘’go on’’ I said.

‘’maybe we should get our own place what do you think? I mean Mel has Harry living with her and then they have an extra room and we would have our own place to ourselves big enough for us to start a family one day. What do you think?’’ she asked. I didn’t think she was ready for this commitment but I was going to ask her later about it.

‘’I was going to ask that later on but sure, it would be good to have our own place’’ I replied.

‘’well that is good’’ she coughed.

‘’uh-oh someone is coming down sick’’ I said.

‘’just a bit’’ she replied.

‘’there is something I need to talk to you about Lisa’’ I said.

‘’yea honey. What is it?’’ she asked.

‘’umwhenwegobacktheboysandIaregoingonafourmonthtouraroundAmerica’’ I said quickly.

‘’all I got from that was that your going on a tour with the boys’’ she said.

‘’yea for four months’’ I said.

‘’it’s fine honestly. It’s your job and I would have Mel and work would keep me busy because Perrie is going on tour with little mix, El is in Paris and Danielle would be traveling for her job so I have Mel’’ she replied.

‘’do you know you are understanding?’’ I asked.

‘’ well I try to be and I 110% trust you by the way because that was going to come up sometime’’ she replied and I kissed her forehead and we went to sleep.

*the next morning*

Lisa’s POV:

‘’Get up guys’’ we heard so I opened my eyes and shooed them out so I could get changed when I felt sick. Great thanks to the snowball fight and snow yesterday I’m sick great. I got dressed and Niall and I walked out to the others.

‘’Lisa you look sick are you alright?’’ Zayn asked.

‘’no I feel like shit. I don’t think I have the energy to walk’’ I replied.

‘’well today you and Perrie are going to be in bed rest because she is also sick so Niall take her and put her in her bed now’’ Zayn said and Niall carried me to my room and placed made on my bed and tucked me in.

‘’well aren’t you a good boyfriend then?’’ I asked.

‘’the best you’ll ever have’’ he replied and winked. He then left.

20 minutes later I heard the door open and Niall and Zayn appeared.

‘’what are you two doing here?’’ I asked.

‘’I’m looking after my baby girl’’ Zayn replied.

‘’and I’m looking after my baby girl’’ Niall replied and I blushed.

Zayn went into Perrie’s room and Niall came to me. Zayn is going to be a good boy to Perrie. They would have cute babies.

‘’do you know how much I love you right now?’’ I asked.

‘’no idea’’ her replied.

‘’I would show you but I don’t want to get you sick’’ I said.

‘’I’m sick without you baby’’ Niall said and winked at me.

‘’cheesy’’ I said and we both laughed. For the rest of the day I could barely walk around so Niall made me chicken soup with Zayn’s help and we laid on the bed and we watched movies all day and I slept for most of it.

*two weeks later*

Lisa’s POV:

Today is our last day here in our own paradise. I’m finally feeling better and I’m not sick anymore. Niall took care of me and our plane leaves in 2 hours.

‘’NIALL’’ I yelled.

‘’coming’’ he replied and ran to me.

‘’I’m feeling better and I’m not sick anymore’’ I replied.

‘’that’s good because I have been dyeing to do this for two weeks’’ he said as he pulled my chin up and kissed me.

‘’Hey guy- AHHH my eyes’’ Louis said coming in.

‘’get over it Tomlinson’’ I said and we laughed.

‘’anyway we have to get going now and you guys can make babies at home’’ Louis said. I gave Louis the stink eye when harry pooped his head in

‘’who is making or made babies?’’ he asked.

‘’these two love birds’’ Louis pointed at us. I playfully hit his arm. When we get back the boys have to pack for their 4 month tour around America and they leave the day after we get back so does Perrie, El and Danielle. I am a bit devastated but I completely trust Niall so it’s alright. We headed to the airport and got on the plane and we left back to England. When we got to the airport we piled into two taxis and they took us home. We walked into the house and the first place Niall went to was the kitchen. I went through our suitcases and washed our clothes. After I put the clothes in the dryer I help Niall pack for the tour.

‘’I’m going to miss you for four months you know boo’’ Niall said.

‘’I’m going to miss you too but we’ll talk everyday’’ I replied.

‘’I promise I will. I just love you so much boo’’ Niall said.

‘’I love you too honey’’ I replied and kissed his cheek.

I helped Niall pack his bag for the morning and we both went to bed.

*the next day*

Lisa’s POV:

Today Niall leaves for four months and so do the girls apart from Mel. I couldn’t sleep and I looked at the clock and it was 3am so I decided to make some cookies and muffins for Niall’s and Harry’s breakfast and make extra’s for the rest of the boys. I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist and he kissed my neck.

‘’Morning boo’’ Niall said.

‘’morning Nialler’’ I replied and kissed him.

‘’smells good down here’’ he said.

‘’thanks and what are you doing awake at 3:30 am? You should be asleep. Your flight doesn’t leave until 6am’’ I replied.

‘’well I woke up to go to the bathroom and saw you were not in bed. I smelled something great so I did my business and came down here to find you cooking’’ Niall replied.

‘’this is breakfast for you and the boys for when I take you to the airport’’ I said.

‘’when I get back we will go house hunting I promise’’ Niall said.

‘’we don’t have to well at least not right away when you come back in 4 months’’ I said.

‘’no but one day we will’’ he said and kissed my neck. I got the cookies and Muffins oout of the oven and sat them on the bench.

‘’do you know what I say about muffins?’’ Niall asked.

‘’nope’’ I replied. I knew what he was going to say but I wanted him to say it.

‘’muffins are just ugly cupcakes’’ Niall said and I quietly laughed. Niall and I ate some cookies and muffins before we had to wake Harry and Mel up. When we got to the airport it was 4:30am and it was freezing. We saw fans and paparratzi. We pushed through the crowd and I saw the rest of the boys. They looked tired and hungry.

‘’hey guys you’re going to love me’’ I said to them.

‘’why would we?’’ Louis asked.

‘’because I brought you boys homemade food’’ I replied and held up two containers.

‘’your right we do love you’’ Louis said as he snatched the food out of my hands with the boys.

‘’Niall where did you find this amazing girl?’’ Liam asked and I blushed.

‘’well in a coffee shop’’ Niall replied and kissed my cheek.

‘’Now boarding the am flight to America is now boarding’’ the voice said through the speakers.

‘’well I guess we have to go now bye Lisa and thanks for the yummy food’’ Liam, Louis and Zayn said.

‘’not a problem I replied as they boarded the plane.

‘’Bye Lisa take care of my girl for me’’ Harry said as I gave him a hug.

‘’and you look after my man for me’’ I replied as he hugged back. Harry than hugged Mel.

‘’Bye boo. I’ll call you when we land, before and after the concerts and our interviews as well’’ Niall said.

‘’ok Ni. I will miss you and I love you very, very much’’ I said.

‘’I love you more and I’ll miss you too boo’’ Niall replied as we kissed one last time before Zayn came out and pulled Niall off me and Liam pulled Harry of Mel. Both Mel and I waved bye to our boyfriends as they went on the plane. Mel and I looked at each other.

‘’this is never going to get easier is it?’’ I asked her.

‘’most likely not. Now let’s go before we get swamped by the crowd outside’’ Mel replied. And we walked out to the car. When we got back to our flat it smelt like the boys. Mel turned to me and said

‘’I know what will cheer us up!’’.

‘’what?’’ I asked.

‘’singing our hearts out and dancing like maniacs to this’’ she replied holding all of the boys albums.

‘’just like old times’’ I laughed and she put the CD’s in.

We sang and danced and had a great time. While doing that we took pics and videos for memories.


‘’Hey Lisa guess what?’’ Mel asked.

‘’you met Harry Styles’’ I giggled.

‘’no but your kinda on the right track. Both albums and they are currently making a third’’ Mel replied.

‘’do you know what this means for a cold raining day?’’ I asked.

‘’yes. Singing and dancing like maniacs?’’ she replied. We both spueled and she put Up All Night CD in first.

We both pelted

It feels like we’ve been livin' in fast forward

 Another moment passing by

 (Up up up all night)

 The party's ending but it's now or never

 Nobody's going home tonight

 (Up up up all night)

Katy Perry's on replay

 She's on replay

 DJ got the floor to shake, the floor to shake

 People going all the way

 Yeah, all the way

 I'm still wide awake

I wanna stay up all night

 And jump around until we see the sun

 I wanna stay up all night

 And find a girl and tell her she's the one

 Hold on to the feeling

 And don't let it go

 'Cause we got the floor now

 Get out of control

 I wanna stay up all night

 And do it all with you


 Up all night

 Like this, all night, hey

 Up all night

 Like this, all night, hey

 Up all night

Don't even care about the table breaking

 We only wanna have a laugh

 (Up up up all night)

 I'm only thinking 'bout this girl I'm seeing

 I hope she'll wanna kiss me back

 (Up up up all night)

Katy Perry's on replay

 She's on replay

 DJ got the floor to shake, the floor to shake

 People going all the way

 Yeah, all the way

 I'm still wide awake

 I wanna stay up all night

 And jump around until we see the sun

 I wanna stay up all night

 And find a girl and tell her she's the one

 Hold on to the feeling

 And don't let it go

 'Cause we got the floor now

 Get out of control

 I wanna stay up all night

 And do it all with you

 Up all night

 Like this, all night, hey

 Up all night

 Like this, all night, hey

 Up all night

Katy Perry's on replay

 (Up all night)

 She's on replay

 (We're gonna wanna stay up all night)

 DJ got the floor to shake, the floor to shake

 (We're gonna wanna stay up all night)

 Up all night, up all night

 (We're gonna wanna stay up all night)

I wanna stay up all night

 And jump around until we see the sun

 I wanna stay up all night

 And find a girl and tell her she's the one (she's the one)

 Hold on to the feeling

 And don't let it go

 'Cause we got the floor now

 Get out of control

 I wanna stay up all night

 And do it all with you (do it all with you)

 Up all night

 Like this, all night, hey

 Up all night

 Like this, all night, hey

 Up all night

When the song finished

‘’you should audition for the X- Factor and you might meet Niall Ms Horan’’ Mel said

‘’no. I’m not as good as them and I’m not Ms Horan. He would probably never know me and marry a tall, good looking super model like the others and plus I have Nathan even though you know’’ I said ashamed.

‘’since he beats you? You should get out of there before it gets worse. Come live with me and leave Nathan’’ Mel said. I sighed and looked at the time.

‘’oh shit. I’m late bye Mel I have to go before he gets home’’ I said and rushed out of the door.

When I got home Nathan was home. Oh shit. I thought to myself. I opened the door and he was waiting for me.

‘’where have you been?’’ he said in an angry tone.

‘’I’m sorry hoiney I was with Mel and I-‘’ I began to explain but then he cut me off.

‘’you’re cheating on me aren’t you? That’s why you were home late’’ he said still angry.

‘’no. I would never cheat on you. I was With Mel and I lost track of time’’ I said.

‘’DON’T GIVE ME THAT BULLSHIT’’ he yelled and hit my face so hard I fell to the floor.

‘’p-p-please b-b-babe i-I never would I promise’’ I stuttered.

‘’THAT’S BULLSHIT’’ he screamed and kicked me in the stomach. He then dragged me by the hair and through me against a wall. I cried.

‘’don’t cry. Only babies cry’’ he said and hit me again. That was when I knew I had to do something. So the next day when he was at the pub I went to the police station and got a restraining order against him. When I got back to our place I packed my bag and headed towards the door and I left the papers and a note on the table so he would see. The note said


I cannot do this anymore. I know you hate me already so here is paperwork saying you cannot come near me within 100 metres or you will be out in jail. I have left and I’m not telling you where I have gone. Bye.

Lisa xx

And then I just left.

*end of flashback*

I had tears in my eyes.

‘’it’s ok honey he is gone for good’’ Mel said when my phone rang

It’s Gotta Be You

 Only you

 It’s got to be you

 (Oh) Only you

 Hey (hey)

‘’Hey Boo’’ Niall said into the phone.

‘’hey Nialler’’ I replied.

‘’we have just landed and on our way to the hotel’’ he said.

‘’it’s good that your safe and sound honey. I miss you babe’’ I said.

‘’I miss you too. I’ll skype you tonight after our concert’’ Niall said.

‘’Hi Lisa’’ the boys yelled into the phone in sync.

‘’hi guys’’ I replied.

‘’ok, ok you guys said hello now let me talk to my girl now please’’ Niall said and they all groaned and I giggled.

‘’babe tell Harry to call Mel now’’ I said.

‘’alright I will’’ Niall said. ‘’Harry call Ms Styles’’ Niall said to Harry.

‘’really Niall. Ms Styles?’’ I asked.

‘’yea. Perrie is Ms Malik, Dani is Ms Payne, El is Ms Tomlinson and you are Ms Horan’’ he replied and I just giggled.

‘’alright babe I better go before Liam does something stupid’’ Niall said.

‘’I thought he was the sensible one?’’ I said.

‘’nah. We have corrupted Daddy Direction but he isn’t as much trouble as Louis trust me oh and if I were you I wouldn’t open up any cans in our pantry because Louis did something to them. I just found out so be careful and I love you and miss you’’ Niall said.

‘’alright I’ll be careful. I love you and miss you too. Bye Ni’’ I said as we ended the phone call.

It was going to be a long 4 months without Niall and the rest if the boys. Mel and I spent the rest of the day watching movies. I went into bed and took my laptop with me so Niall could skype me and I fell asleep. I woke up to a buzzing noise. It was a skype call from Niall. I accepted the call.

‘’hey honey. I’m sorry I woke you up’’ Niall said.

‘’It’s fine. How was the concert?’’ I asked while I yawned.

‘’it was really good. We did some twitter questions and there was one about our girlfriends. It said what are your girlfriends names and what do you love about them? Zayn went first. Perrie from little mix is my girl and I love her cutness. Then Liam went. Danielle is mine and I love the fact the she is a dancer. Louis was next. You all know Elanour and I just love her personality because it is just like me. Harry was next. Melanie is my wonder women and I just love the fact that she keeps me down to earth. I was next and said Lisa is the love of my life and I love everything about her’’ Niall said and I awed.

‘’it’s true Lisa’’ Harry said as he came into focus.

‘’hey Hazz bear. How are you?’’ I asked.

‘’I’m great I wish I could see my girlfriend’’ he replied.

‘’hey we said no girl talk Harry and you have me’’ Louis said.

‘’hello to you too Louis’’ I said.

‘’hi smelly. Where is smelly Melly?’’ he asked referring to Mel as smelly melly.

‘’she is asleep and she doesn’t feel too well’’ I replied.

‘’huh! Fair enough. Now I’m going to steal Harry now bye smelly’’ Louis said.

‘’Bye hairy’’ I replied.

‘’Lisa is that you?’’ I heard Liam’s voice.

‘’yea it’s me’’ I replied.

‘’Lisa help me. Liam is attacking my hair and touching my hair products please help me’’ Zayn said.

‘’Liam James Payne leave Zayn’s hair products and hair alone. Don’t me go all karate chop on your ass when you get back’’ I said.

‘’you wouldn’t!’’ he said.

‘’oh I would’’ I replied and he left Zayn alone.

‘’thanks Lisa’’ Zayn said.

‘’no problem Zaynie. If it happens again just threaten him with me he will leave you alone’’ I said.

‘’alright Lisa Bear’’ he said.

‘’Lisa Bear?’’ I asked.

‘’yea. Instead of calling you Ms Horan Lisa Bear at least it sounds cute’’ Zayn said.

‘’true’’ I replied.

‘’alright I said hello to the lovely one and only Lisa Mason so now I’ll leave you two love birds alone and call Ms Malik so please excuse me’’ Zayn said and Niall and I just laughed.

‘’alright honey. You look tired go to sleep now I love you’’ I said.

‘’you look tired to babe. I love you too’’ he replied.

 We blew each other kisses and ended the call. It was now 1am and I couldn’t sleep so I turned on the TV and the news was on. The headline that cached my eye was

’the known criminal that beated up Lisa Mason and his partner Jason who dated Melanie Watson the girlfriends of former band members Niall Horan and Harry Styles from one direction have escaped Prison late last night. There is no telling where they are heading but all we can say is watch out girls’’ I turned off the TV and ran to Melanie’s room.

‘’Mel wake up please I’m scared’’ I said and she woke up.

‘’what’s wrong?’’ she asked.

‘’Nathan and Jason have escaped Prison late last night’’ I replied and she immediately jumped up.

‘’are the doors and Windows locked?’’ she asked.

‘’yes but let’s go double check’’ I said as we grabbed a bats from her closet. We completed the check and everything was locked up nice and tight. We decided to go into my room and sleep there and locked my door. I got my phone and called Niall.

‘’hello?’’ he said.

‘’hey sorry to wake you but could we stay at the boys house please? We’re scared Niall’’ I said.

‘’why? What happened?’’ he asked.

‘’Nathan and Jason escaped last night and we are scared’’ I replied.

‘’babe it wouldn’t be a problem. Go there now. If they do come for you the won’t find you there so go and protect yourself and we’ll have body guards with you soon’’ Niall said so we ended the call.

Mel got changed into my clothes and we headed towards the boys flat. We got to the boys flat I took the spare key from under the mad and unlocked the door. We walked in and closed the door. I bolted the door shut and Mel turned on the lights. We made sure everything was bolted down and we went into the guest room. Pretty soon we both fell asleep with bats in our hands. I awoke to the sound of my phone ringing and it was Niall.

‘’Niall. It’s so good to hear your voice’’ I said.

‘’your’s two love. Did you guys get there alright?’’ he asked.

‘’yes we did and we locked everything and bolted everything down so no one could come in’’ I replied.

‘’good girls. The body gaurds would be there soon. They would be wearing black suits like the government’s security team’’ Niall said.

‘’ok thanks Niall’’ I said.

‘’I’m just happy your safe’’ Niall said and we ended the phone call with I love you’s. that is when I heard a knock at the door. I grabbed the bat and headed down. I looked through the little peeping whole in the door and it was the body guards.

‘’Ms Mason and Ms Watson?’’ on of the guys asked and we both shock our heads yes.

‘’I’m Michael and this is Luke. We are the body guards sent to protect you from Jason and Nathan’’ Michael said.

‘’thanks come in’’ I replied. The day went on like any normal day.

 *4 months later*

Lisa’s POV:

Niall comes home today and I cannot wait to see him. Mel and I have been at the boys flat for 4 months and nothing from Nathan and Jason. We still had our body guards. We got to the airport and waited for the boys. When I saw a blonde dude walking out. His crystal blue eyes met mine and it was Niall. I ran to him and he ran to me. He dropped his bags as he cuddled me.

‘’I missed you baby’’ I said.

‘’I missed you more’’ he replied and we kissed.

‘’I was so worried about you’’ he said.

‘’so was I’’ I replied.

‘’I have something to ask you’’ he said.

‘’yea what is it babe?’’ I asked.

He slowly got down on one knee and pulled out a small blue box.

‘’Lisa you are the love of my life. I missed you so, so much. I feel like I have known you for my whole life. I love you so much so would you do the honour of becoming Mrs Niall Horan?’’ he asked. I was shocked.


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