Midnight Memories

Two girls who are like sisters go to a one direction concert and one of them is chosen to live with the boys for a month. Lisa is the one who is chosen to live with them for a month. she falls hard for Niall and Niall falls hard for her.
''I love you'' I said.
''to the moon and back'' she said.
''forever me and you'' I said
''forever and always'' she said.
will their cute relationship last or will many complications separate them? read to find out!!!


13. 12.

*one month later*

Lisa’s POV:

I am one month pregnant and I’m unsure of whose it is. I hope it is Niall’s. I ended up getting the job working as a nurse and then I’m on maternity leave. It is 3am in the morning and I woke up because I was uncomfortable. I sat up in bed and looked down. I saw blood on the sheet and it isn’t normal.

‘’Niall wake up’’ I nudged him and he woke up.

‘’what’s wrong babe?’’ he asked.

‘’take me to the hospital. I’m bleeding’’ I replied.

He shot up out of bed chucked some clothes on and we left. We got to the hospital and they straight away took me into a room. They did some tests. I was so scared. This means I probably have lost the baby. I didn’t want that to be true. The doctor came back and said

‘’Ms Mason and Mr Horan. I’m sorry but you had a miscarry. I’m sorry for your loss’’ and then he left. I started to cry.

‘’its ok honey. It’s ok’’ Niall said as I buried my head in his chest and he rubbed circles on my back.

 I got changed and we left. The whole car ride home was silent. We walked inside and I ran upstairs and locked myself in the bathroom. This is all my fault I lost the baby. If I was more careful with life it would still be here or the fact that I wished I lost it or I didn’t want it. Niall knocked on the door.

‘’babe it’s alright’’ Niall said.

‘’go away Niall’’ I said but he still kept knocking.

Niall’s POV:

We lost the baby and it was heartbreaking especially the way Lisa took it. She was a hysterical mess. We got home and she ran straight to the bathroom and locked the door. I kept knocking.

‘’babe it’s alright’’ I said.

‘’go away Niall’’ she replied.

I kept knocking on the door and she kept saying go away. I decided to stop when Harry and Meal come out

‘’what’s going on?’’ Harry asked.

‘’we lost the baby. Lisa is in there and won’t open the door’’ I replied.

‘’oh Niall. I’m sorry about the news’’ Mel said and gave me a hug.

‘’sorry man’’ Harry said and gave me a man hug.

I decided to walk away with Harry and let Mel talk to her.

Mel’s POV:

It is 5am and I heard Niall knocking on a door. When he told me about the news I felt really bad for them. Niall and Harry went into the kitchen so Harry could try and talk to him and I knocked in the bathroom door.

‘’Lisa its Mel let me in please’’ I asked and she opened the door let me in and then closed it again. I hugged her tightly.

‘’it’s all my fault. If only I was more careful, if I didn’t say I didn’t want him or her. It is my fault’’ she cried.

‘’hey. Shh. It’s ok. It’s not your fault people go through this every day. It’s all natural’’ I said trying to comfort her.

‘’Niall was looking forward to being a dad and I just ruined that for him’’ she replied still in tears.

‘’Lisa. He will be fine. He is just worried about you at the moment that’s all’’ I replied/

‘’Look Mel I have to go. I got work in an hour so I have to get ready’’ she said.

‘’I don’t think you should be working today. You look exhausted and you just had really bad news happen to you. I don’t think you should be working’’ I said.

‘’too late. I’m going to work. I cannot be around Niall at the moment’’ she said and then she left the bathroom got changed and left. Niall tried to talk to her but she just ran out.

‘’where is she going? Why won’t she talk to me?’’ Niall asked.

‘’she is going to work and because she thinks you’re mad at her for losing the baby’’ I replied.

‘’you let her go to work? And I could never be mad at her for that’’ he said.

‘’I tired talking her out of going to work and she thinks you are. Just give her sometime’’ I said and he just nodded.

Lisa’s POV:

I just left and went to work. I couldn’t be at home anymore. Especially with Niall there. I parked at work and went in. I clocked on and started my 9 hour shift.

*9 hours later*

I have just completed my 9 hour shift and it was now 2pm. I cannot go home and face Niall so I drove to Anna’s place. I knocked on her door and she answered.

‘’hey love. You ok? Come in!’’ she said and we sat on the lounge.

‘’what’s wrong Lisa?’’ she asked.

‘’I lost the baby and it’s my fault. I cannot face Niall at the moment because he was looking forward to being a dad and now he can’t because of me and he might be angry’’ I replied and started to cry.

‘’hey it is alright. It happens to people all the time. You’re a nurse so you should know but I’m sorry to hear about that. Niall wouldn’t or shouldn’t be mad because it isn’t your fault it’s a natural thing Hun’’ she said.

‘’do you think so?’’ I aksed.

‘’yes love’’ she replied. I said thanks and then I left. When I got home I didn’t look at anyone I locked my bedroom door.

*one week later*

Niall’s POV:

It has been one week and I feel like everything has turned to shit between Lisa and I she doesn’t talk to me anymore. If I think about it she doesn’t talk to anyone. She goes to work comes home and locks herself in our room so I stay in the guest bedroom. She probably feels like shit and I amit I’m ignoring her too which I have to stop. So I decided to camp outside the door and wait for her to come out. Five minutes later she came out then she saw me and ran back in. before she closed the door I opened the door.

‘’leave me alone Niall’’ she said.

‘’no. not until we talk’’ I said.

‘’about what?’’ she asked.

‘’us’’ I replied,

‘’go on’’ she said.

‘’I miss you, us. I miss seeing you every morning and giving you kisses and hugs when you’re down. Can we please go back to that?’’ I asked.

‘’you hate me so no’’ she replied.

‘’babe I can never hate you and why would I hate you? It’s not your fault about what happened. There will be other chances for us to expand our family?’’ I pleaded and she had teary eyes. Oh god Niall look at what you have done. I said to myself and mentally slapped myself.

‘’Niall. Do you know how much that means to me? I miss you so, so much but I thought that you hated me because I lost the baby!’’ she said.

‘’no it’s not you’re fault. No matter what I love you’’ I said.

‘’to the moon and back’’ she said.

‘’forever in my heart’’ I said.

‘’forever and always’’ she replied and then we kissed just like old times.

‘’so can I sleep in here again please?’’ I asked.

‘’I was expecting you too this past week but you never did’’ she replied.

‘’I thought you wanted space and that you were upset with me’’ I said.

‘’I Amit I was upset with myself. I couldn’t look at you because of what happened but-‘’she began to say before I cut her off crashing my lips to hers to make her shut up.

‘’Hey guys do you-‘’ Harry began to say when he realised what he walked into.

‘’I’m sorry guys’’ he said with a red face. We broke apart.

‘’its fine Hazza’’ she said.

‘’what’s up man?’’ I asked.

‘’two things. Are you two together again? And would you guys like to go out to dinner with the lads, El, Safa, Anna, Mel and myself?’’ he asked.

‘’yes and yes’’ we both replied.

‘’sweet you guys have 30 minutes to get ready’’ he said and left.

Lisa’s POV:

I’m glad Niall and I are together again even though we never broke up. Tonight we are going out with everyone since the bad news. Tonight after 10 minutes to decide what to wear I finally found the perfect outfit for tonight. I decided to wear long skinny jeans, my light brown high heel boots that come up to knee length, a white singlet tee-shirt with a nice white light cardigan. Mel wore a light blue short dress that came up to mid-thigh and black heels. I didn’t bother with make-up nor bothered to do anything special with my hair so I stuck my hair in a messy bun and we left. We got to the restaurant and met everyone there when we saw no Anna and no Safa.

‘’hey guys where is Anna and Safa?’’ I asked.

‘’well Safa left last week because she didn’t love me anymore’’ Liam said.

‘’I’m sorry Liam’’ I said and gave him a hug.

‘’And Anna cheated on me so I broke up with her. But she wasn’t even sorry’’ Zayn said.

‘’oh I’m sorry to hear that Zayn. I really am’’ I said and gave him a hug.

We walked inside and walked up to reception.

‘’do you have a reservation?’’ a lady asked.

‘’yes Harry Styles please’’ Harry said.

‘’yes right this way please’’ she said and we followed her to a table. We sat down and Niall pulled the chair out for me, Harry pulled the chair out for Mel and Louis pulled the chair out for El. We chatted and ate our food. When we were about to leave I offered to pay but Louis bate me to it.        When Niall, Harry Mel and I got home the phone was ringing. Mel answered it and then handed it to me

‘’hello?’’ I asked.

‘’hi Lisa it’s Mark I was wondering if you could do a double shift every day for the next month only because we have staff members that are sick and it is our busiest time of the year’’ he asked.

‘’yea shouldn’t be a problem so what time do I start?’’ I asked.

‘’great and 8am – 11pm’’ he replied.

‘’ok bye’’ I said and then the call ended.

‘’who was that honey?’’ Niall asked.

‘’Mark my boss. He wants me to do double shifts for the next month Monday to Saturday so I get Sundays off’’ I replied.

‘’that’s good it’s extra money for you’’ he replied.

‘’yea that’s why I said yes’’ I said.

‘’wonderful honey’’ Niall said sounding disappointed.

‘’what’s up babe?’’ I asked.

‘’you will be working a lot now which means I will hardly see you’’ he said.

‘’you will have me on Sundays and it’s only for a month’’ I said.

‘’I know babe’’ he replied and then I kissed him and we went to bed.


A/N Sorry for this shitty chapter guys. I'm trying to update when I can and when I have time. thanks for reading guys.

Zoe <3

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