Midnight Memories

Two girls who are like sisters go to a one direction concert and one of them is chosen to live with the boys for a month. Lisa is the one who is chosen to live with them for a month. she falls hard for Niall and Niall falls hard for her.
''I love you'' I said.
''to the moon and back'' she said.
''forever me and you'' I said
''forever and always'' she said.
will their cute relationship last or will many complications separate them? read to find out!!!


12. 11.


*3 days later*

Lisa’s POV:

Today I was allowed to go home and just in time for Niall’s birthday tomorrow. When Niall was on tour I brought his presents for his birthday.

‘’ready to go babe?’’ Niall asked.

‘’never been more ready in my life’’ I replied and gave him a kiss on the cheek. We went to walk outside and there were paparazzi. Niall grabbed my hand and squeezed it as I grabbed the bag and we walked out.

‘’Lisa are you ok? Lisa what happened? Niall what happened? Are you both alright?’’ they kept asking.

‘’yes we are fine’’ Niall said as we got into the car.

As we arrived back to our place Harry and Mel were there to greet us and help bring my bag inside. It is a good feeling that Niall and Harry are living here with us because I know we would be safe with them here. My abdomen is still really sore from where I was severely bashed. I ended up reschedule my interview for the local hospital till next week because of what happened. I went to limp up the stairs when picked me up bridal style.

‘’what are you doing? I can walk fine babe’’ I said to Niall.

‘’you need help getting up the stairs plus your too slow’’ he replied.

‘’you would be too if your abdomen was sore’’ I said.

‘’anyway I wanted to’’ he said.

‘’alright’’ I replied. He put me in bed and I fell asleep.

*the next day*

Niall’s POV:

I woke up this morning and Lisa wasn’t next to me so I went downstairs and she was in the kitchen. I snuck up behind her and gave her a hug.

‘’morning princess’’ I said.

‘’morning birthday boy’’ she replied. And we kissed.

‘’Guys where is – ‘’ Mel began to say. We broke apart.

‘’sorry guys’’ she replied.

‘’no it’s fine Mel’’ I said and turned around.

‘’Happy birthday Niall’’ she said handing me a card.

‘’thanks Mel’’ I replied and opened it. It was movie vouchers.

‘’what is that smell?’’ she asked.

‘’banana bread, pancakes and waffles’’ Lisa replied.

‘’oh wow that is a lot’’ Mel said.

‘’yea well the birthday boy eats a lot’’ Lisa replied.

‘’hey not my fault!’’ I said and pretended to be upset.

‘’oh baby I don’t mean it in a bad way. That is what makes you, you and if I make too much you will eat it’’ Lisa said.

‘’You’re cheeky Miss’’ I replied and we kissed.

‘’ok that’s my queue out of here call Harry and I when breakfast is ready’’ Mel said and left. I lifted Lisa on to the counter and we full made out. My hands made their way up her nighty when the boys come in

‘’Hey where is the birthday – ‘’ we heard Louis say so we quickly parted.

‘’oh sorry guys’’ Louis apologised.

‘’it’s alright Lou. I have to finish cooking breakfast anyway’’ Lisa said and then whispered

‘’we will finish this later’’ in my ear.

‘’anyway man what are you doing here at 10 am in the morning?’’ I asked.

‘’well we wanted to wish the birthday boy a happy birthday before I interrupted something’’ Louis replied.

‘’we?’’ I questioned.

‘’yea the rest of the boys, Anna, Safa and El’’ he replied.

‘’oh well then’’ I said a bit awkwardly. We walked into the dining room and Lisa made breakfast for everyone.

Lisa’s POV:

It was 1pm when everyone decided leave, especially Mel and Harry. Mel and Harry said they were going somewhere for a date.

‘’So how about we continue where we left off this morning!’’ Niall said winking his eyebrows at me.

‘’not yet babe’’ I winked back.

‘’you’re really going to make me wait?’’ he asked.

‘’yes. You. Are’’ I said in between kisses.

‘’you’re mean’’ he pouted.

‘’oh we will see. Go get dressed and meet me down here in 20 minutes’’ I ordered him.

‘’yes ma’am’’ he replied and left. I was already dressed and I think I have a really good day planned for him, for his birthday. I planned on being out all day so El and Anna could set up our bedroom and bathroom romantically for Niall and I for later.

‘’I’m ready’’ he said.

‘’good lets go then’’ I replied and we got into the car. I sent the girls a text message saying that they had the place to themselves.

‘’babe put this blind fold on please’’ I said.

‘’yes ma’am’’ he replied and I helped him in the car. It was 1:30pm when we left and we got to our destination at 2pm.

‘’ok now take the blind fold off’’ I said and he did.

‘’WOW babe I always wanted to go paintballing’’ he said.

‘’I knew it’’ I replied and laughed. I actually had no idea at all that he wanted to go paintballing. We put our gear on and loaded up our guns. It was me and him against each other. I made sure the whole thing was booked out so we/ he didn’t get harassed by anyone but me. We played for what seemed like forever but it was only two hours until he said

‘’babe where are you?’’. I didn’t answer because I was hiding. He stopped just down below me. I was in a tree so I hit him with the paintball.

‘’ha-ha I win. I got ya’’ I said.

‘’ok, ok fine you win babe’’ he replied and I kissed him.

I looked at the time and it was 4pm.

‘’come on we have to get going before your next surprise’’ I said and dragged him to the dressing room. We got back in the car and I drove to the cinemas to see Iron man 2 because he really wanted to see it. Even though I hate Iron man I will watch it for him.

‘’are we watching Iron man 2?’’ he asked.

‘’yes we are babe’’ I replied.

‘’I thought you hated Iron man!’’ he stated.

‘’I do hate it but you want to watch it so I will for you’’ I replied.

‘’I love you so much’’ he said and I smiled.

*Skip the Movie*

The movie finished and we walked back to the car it was now 7pm and we got home at 7:30pm.

‘’aren’t we having dinner?’’ he asked.

‘’we are babe but I want to cook something special for you’’ I replied.

‘’oh well then cook away’’ he said and hit my bum.

‘’oh babe can I send you down to the store and grab a few things please. When you get back I’ll make it worth your while’’ I said and his face lit up.

‘’sure just give me the list and I’ll get whatever you need’’ he replied.

So I gave him a list and off he went. I ran upstairs got changed into my baby pink lingerie. Ran back downstairs sprinkled rose petals on the floor, set the table up for two with candles and placed a small box on his side of the table. Then I went into the kitchen to see if the Bombe has set and I was, started cooking the main course and appetiser all in one. Niall came in and I think he was surprised. He wrapped his hands around my waist and said

‘’did I ever tell you, you look sexy in lingerie?’’

‘’no you haven’t’’ I replied. He started kissing my neck and then turned me around.

‘’babe not yet unless you want the food to burn’’ I said and he stopped. I dished up the appetizer which was pumpkin soup. He sat down on his side and I gave him his bowl.

‘’this smells good baby’’ he said.

‘’thanks but it probably tastes better’’ I said and we ate the whole dish. I then got up and continued with the main which was Bacon and Pasta salad. I finished the main course and placed it in front of Niall.

‘’babe you can open the box now’’ I said and he did. He was surprised with what I got him.

‘’a Rolex watch thanks baby so, so much’’ he said getting up and kissing me. He then sat back down at we ate our food. When we finished Niall got up and turned on the stereo  and we danced to many songs. He kissed me and our hungry lips just went at it. The next thing I know Niall is slowly sliding his hands up my dress and then I jumped and put my legs around his torso. He carried me upstairs and into our room. He placed me slowly on the bed and leaned on the top of me. He slowly took off my panties and then I slowly took of his pants. He took off his shirt and I took of the lingerie I was wearing and took off his boxers. He then started kissing my jawline then worked his way down to my stomach then back up to my mouth when he put his ding-a-ling in my woohoo. He thrusted inside of me hard until we both came. He laid beside me and we were both panting.

‘’babe thanks for tonight. I loved every single part of today. My presents, the wonderful food you cooked and paintballing’’ he said.

‘’it’s ok Niall. I enjoyed it to. Happy birthday baby’’ I replied. Niall put on his boxers and I put on my panties and one of Niall’s large shirts. We went back to bed and snuggled until we both fell asleep.

Niall’s POV:

I woke up in the middle of the night and Lisa wasn’t beside me. I went downstairs and looked for her she wasn’t down here. I went back to our room and when I walked in I heard someone being sick in the bathroom. I knocked on the door

‘’go away’’ someone said and it sounded like Lisa.

‘’Lisa?’’ I said.

‘’Niall I said go away’’ she said.

‘’babe what’s wrong’’ I said. I opened the door and she was on the floor next to the toilet and held her hair back.

‘’what if I’m pregnant from the prick? He raped me when I was uncoinious and now I’m feeling sick. What if I’m pregnant she said with his child?’’ she cried. I pulled her into a hug and then I saw a pregnancy test on the floor.

‘’have you checked it?’’ I asked.

‘’no. I’m too scared’’ she replied.

I looked at the test and it came up with a positive.

‘’babe come here’’ I said and hugged her tighter

‘’it’s positive isn’t it?’’ she asked.

‘’yes babe’’ I replied and she cried harder.

‘’oh god. It is his child and not yours. That stupid prick. Niall you can go if you want I will just make up some excuse for it not having a father’’ she said. It hurt me that she said that.

‘’Babe I’m not leaving. Even if it is his or not. I will treat it as my own and when it is born we can get a blood test to see who the father is’’ I said.

‘’it could only be his’’ she said.

‘’not really because we had sex the night before remember’’ I said.

‘ I hope so. I’m just scared’’ she replied.

‘’it’s ok to be scared honey. Remember it is you and me and I love you’’ I said.

‘’to the moon and back’’ she said.

‘’forever in my heart’’ I said.

‘’forever and always’’ she replied. I feel so bad for her, I hope the child is mine oh well we will see in nine months. We ended up going back to bed and she was still crying until she fell asleep.


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